The new ogryn premium

(Someone on the subreddit pointed this out. Dont know if im allowed to put names here so i wont but he/she will be easy to find on the subreddit for those who want to check the post out.)

Darktides skin prices are already bad and then they just go and pull this stunt on us? wtf???
Some of us want to support darktide and the dev team but we dont want to get scammed by the very game we want to support.

I love darktide, V1 and V2 but they are shiitting so much on us players right now.
There have to be a better way to monetize the game and not loose good faith with the community


them’s some expensive-ass goggles. more to the point, it raises the question of what system they’re using to determine pricing and asks if the higher-ups in fatshark have asked to look into it.

if it turns out there’s a bonus for making a certain amount in sales for the artists and they just try to gouge their way to it it’s pretty funny though.


Do like me… don’t buy until they change their policy and give us the possibility to recolor.

If we all stop buying their cosmetics, they would have to question their way to get money from us.

What they sell is not worth the price they ask.


lol, they sell tons of cosmetics to kids and console players. they will never have to change a thing. they should probably give the people setting prices a closer look though, this is a bit silly.


How you can tell it’s the exact same set with a palette swap (which this entire rotation just proves they can easily implement a dye system) is the horrendous clipping on the pants.


Classic fatahark greedy c*ntery. It’s all so tiresome.


Fat shark im disappointed in you. Implement for the drip officially and allow people to buy skins or dye packs.


Horrible. This sort of thing really shows contempt and how low an opinion of the players there is. A 3x price increase for a slight recolour and a set of goggles just feels so scummy, even more so than the recent price increases for sets like the Krieg and Rogue Trader stuff.


Not the first time…

That will be 1400 Aquilla’s please



I thought the camouflage would be atleast a bit different but looking at these pictures it is the exact same.

Lazy and greedy, the perfect combination.


the shop is just fraud, just avoid it and stop feeding the shark


So a 3-fold increase for what is arguably the exact same skin. Funny they changed the name though.

I guess enough people are buying that they feel comfortable being blatantly greedy now, because there’s zero repercussions … Such a shame.


If you are buying cosmetics.
You are part of the problem.

Games with a pricetag should not have cosmetics as expensive as half the game.
Moreso if they aren’t finished on release


i do understand why they raised the prices and that is they realized that people can afford them. apart from that it boarderline insane to do that to your community given the fact yes. we like your skins, but no we want them built properly not just reskins. serriosuly FS something you do just hurt the community, wether or not you realize it or not. triple prices for skins, madness, Refusing to talk and egange with the community madness. your a good cmpany FS but your doing things that are pitting you vs your community and it going to end only in 1 way. your player number will be down to a few hundred and your would be lossing money. (according to vigninsight)

if you do the 24 hour peak divide over the Number of unit sold your down to 0.481% of your player base left. less then a percent of people who have paid for your game is playing it. which is said.

the fact that comes to mind is yes your only obligation is to generate profit for the Shareholder and yourself and ethics don’t ever need to come near it, but doing it in an ethical fashion will actually make you more money then doing it this way.
if there are 3 things one could beg fatshark to do it would be:

  1. keep prices where they orginally were skin set cost 800 to 1.2k at the most. hats and weapons skins 300-500 tops. remove this rotation and apply a overall shop front ie show all items and the new stuff first, the stuff you will discount by 50% and then the rest of the items at full price. this will generate you more money in the long run, and will show your willing to include players who can’t or won’t pay the high prices for your cosmetics it a zero sum $20 for another reskin is not good vaule.

  2. Removing a block on high level joining low levels. in v2 a level one and a level 30 could play together while if your a level 22 and a level 30 you can’t what this means when you hit about level 12 or so your being to run out of people who can actually join your games if your solo. that makes the leveling up process much more harder then it has to be, if you want enable a check box to make the power level of a level 1 and reward 20% rewards for player who are willing to go and help new players, as the way it desgin till you hit level 30 a majority of the community is locked out. there are people deleting lv 30 character so they can go and play and help with lower levels. and they repeat this process. i think while yes that is way to playing with new and low level players it not a way to fix the problem where the community is divided in such a manner. especially given that alot of low level players get to about Malice sometimes even heresy then just stop because ethier no one has showed them the tricks and tips or the difficult celling they have reached. had a game yesterday in Dam high insty Shocktrooper. and with a person who hasn’t encountered a DH before, nor knows that you can push PoxBursts. they are level 30 telling the Team " this is my first damantion". now if this is true then something has failed here. as to make level 30 it takes between 15-30 hours of games. we then need to ask some basic question how wide spread is this, how have they no encountered a DH, and why don’t they know what the push button is? solutions are above. let high level player play with low level players at a matching power then you can play without threte nor fear that the low level players are going to be stomped abused or bullied by high level players. (though there also a risk).

  3. Introduction of regular content or Communication about up coming Content. if you guys has stuff then share it build up the hype and excitement to it. why do we need to rely on Datamined and “leaks” images to see new cosmetics or new possible weapons.


Why does the above need to leaked, rather then your CM talking about it. i am dam sure i am going to buy it. but i am not happy about finding out via leaks. other items you should possible either talk to the community about is what weapons they would like to see and whether or not that is possible. going from the Artshowcase that you guys showed us.

Stormtrooper/Karskin/Tempestus Scion. with scoped Ryza Hotshot Lasgun. where is it?
why isn’t there a Hotshot Marksman rifle, Long Las, Scoped Lucius Hotshot Lasgun, Hotshot Pistol or an Outcast Dawi Engineer like Ult with the Hotshot Vollygun?


Cadian issue Flamer? (Back pack Fuel-Tanks)

Two handed melee/maul and pistol Slug/Shot Pistol?

these are all awsome and exllent concepts but they haven’t been implemented at all, which is sad as when people saw this they though they are getting it i was hyped for the Tempestus scion with the scoped Ryza Hotshot Lasgun, but i just have to wait till you actually release it.


once again, the community’s lamest trolls are butthurt that concept art is not required to be the final product.

also that ogryn’s holding a ripper gun, it’s just got foreshortening.

It’s inflation lads

Must cut in my expanses… guess the first one I have chosen…

It was easy, it is not worth the price cause they sell that the price of a dlc without even the functionalities to allow you to use, like you want, what you have bought.

When I see an advertisement on the launcher about the cosmetics, I tend to think that it doesn’t sell like they would like…
But, that’s entirely their fault. No possibility recolor, lazy work (recolor sold at full price), overpriced products… Unless I see something clearly valuable, I won’t buy anything from them.

Welcome to the veteran store experience
Veteran had a streak of nothing but reskins and re-releases for 2 and a half months not too long ago


Once again the community lamest shills are getting butthurt over people having basic expectations fatshark themselves set.


I agree. I’m pretty sure Producers saw game numbers rise rapidly after the Xbox deal and they are trying to make as much money as possible before numbers decline - not realizing that usually numbers decline when Game Companies make very bad and often “scammy” decisions like this one.

People are not stupid. You (FS) think you are all GENIUSES right now but you will soon realize it was never you… the market just gave you a period of favorable conditions.

You are selling off your entire Company’s reputation for the years to come just to make a quick buck for the Producers of this particular project (Darktide)