Hotshot lasguns a way to do it

a way to put them into the game, is to Hotshot lasgun has a medium amount of damge 80-200 per shot, pens all armour full over-penning flak, in compsenation to this it has no suppression and ammo is limited to about 1/2 that of a MXII (~250-500) so not over power it compared to the other lasgusn. your ammo is also unqiue as it not filled up by ammo boxes or Bags but instead by Heal stations and medi packs you get an option to heal 50% and recharge to full ammo or heal full. and healing packs heal you half ie rather then 1 hp per secounds it .5 per secounds. but you reacharge 2% of ammo per second. your special is rightous fire you deal increased damage (1.5-2.5 depending on Hotshot lasgun model) inaddtion deals Dots of burn. but at the expense of Increased ammo consumption.
Ryza and lucius (Type XIV Lasgun Heavy (DKOK)) pattern lasgun has scopes. cadian issue one doesn’t but instead from a full auto a 3 Rounds burst on ADS.

hotshot marksman rifle is a a limited weapon it can Fire 10 shot you got 50 shots total 10/40 you can exhange to a single super shot that pens everything and cover. your also get a scopes.

Hotshot pistols - like above. but increase shot ammo amount. and no righteous fire instead bash, Stab, Flashlight or something else.

Hotshot vollygun,a ultimate. along the line where you can wipe out it for 15 seconds of fire. and you suppress and stagger everyone and thing. not really accurate at range but is closed enough and has a low damage per shot but alot of shots 45-60 seconds cool down. augments can be like armour Pen, suppression applies after weapons has stopped firing for 5 secounds. or Beam rather then a Spray.

to address people concern about we can’t use it. i point to the background we can be schola progenium as this is a place where Scions, Commissars, before SOB take them, scribes are trained.

how would you introduce it into the game would you?

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I think, just my personal opinion, that your approach is somewhat complicated regarding using the healing Servitors for both healing and ammunition replenishment. I am guessing you’re thinking of the Hellgun (sorry, old school on terminology) battery pack regenerating ammunition as you go along but at a slow rate. I would instead suggest changing it to deployed ammunition packs recharging the battery pack fully, whilst small ammunition pick-ups increase ammunition replenishment of the battery for a few seconds.

If it were I, then I would only start with the Hellgun. For its basics it would be a hard-hitting las weapon equal to the Mk XII or even more powerful. Hipfire would be fully automatic, aim down sights single shot, much akin to the Bolter. With the Hellpistol it would be effectively a more powerful but slower firing laspistol. I like your idea that they do a fair chunk of burn damage. I would also base them around an overheating mechanic.

At it’s heart, this mechanic would be different to the Psyker’s Peril or the Plasma gun’s overheating. Instead of harming the user, the overheating causes the weapon to lose accuracy, slowly at first and then rapidly with sustained fire. If you’re at range you need to pace your shots more, but up close when dealing with a horde you can go full Ogryn at them and worry about the cooling later. Pauses between fire reduces heating a little, but when not firing for a prolonged period the cooling process would accelerate, gathering pace the cooler the weapon gets. Then on top of that the ammunition recharges slowly; I will not even try to work out a sensible way to do it because I cannot, but it would be viable to get a few shots recharged whilst fighting melee. Then you could add Blessings for them specifically that cause you to get ammo back for killing Specialists/Elites or what have you.

Also, we would need proper Inquisitorial Stormtrooper uniforms in red and black, with the correct Carapace armour, because forget Kasrkin and these Tempestus Scion people, second iteration Stormtroopers are the way forward. The OG ones will always be the coolest though. But that is an aside.

However, FS decides to implement them, I hope they’re damned fun to use because it is the one range of weapons I currently long for to equip my Veteran.

to address people concern about we can’t use it. i point to the background we can be schola progenium as this is a place where Scions, Commissars, before SOB take them, scribes are trained.

I would not worry about that. The Inquisition’s fortresses across the galaxy ensure there is a ready supply of elite Stormtroopers available to the Ordos, as they make excellent pinpoint strike forces to deal with threats the Inquisition has discovered and needs neutralised. Whilst we work for the Ordo Hereticus, there is no reason why Grendel wouldn’t have Stormtroopers; there are already ‘Guardsmen’ in red and black on the Mourning Star hub, so why wouldn’t they have these elite Stormtroopers and their equipment around as well?


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