Classic Astra Militarum Weapons

Having started with a 40K astra militarum mini-army just a while ago, I noticed that some common weapons that are available in the tabletop are missing.
I’m talking about the bolt-pistol, plasma-pistol and power fist. And maybe also the melta, though that one is more anti vehicle…
I’m curious, what weapons are you hoping for. Having played Vermintide 2 I know that weapon packs are a possibility.


There are plenty of weapons that the game would be great to have.

What’s odd though is that there is stuff related to the game that involves a Long-las sniper, only for it not to actually be available. The Mcfarlane “Artist Proof” Guardsman figure has one (and the figures have the outfits we can’t get, too…)


haven’t seen the figure, so I didn’t know. but yeah I get it


none of those are common weapons, they’re only provided to decorated officers. we are mostly getting line trooper weapons (with the exceptions of the bolt and palsma guns which are specialist gear, and the power sword, which we’re only issued a broken one that won’t stay on) so i’m not really expecting them.


I, too, look forward to getting a long-las. It would seem, however, that Fatshark is moreso concentrated on releasing new weapons marks for existing weapons than creating news.

In contrast with my previous statement, a double-barrel shotgun with three different variants was discovered in the files over a month ago. Similarly, a singular bolt pistol mark is currently in the works. Finally, zealots will most likely acquire power greatswords in the future that are similar to the powerswords used by scab captain bosses.

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don’t use files in the game to assume they’re coming. there were weapons found in VT1 that never appeared in either of the two vermintide games, fatshark just leaves crap in their updates sometimes in case they change their mind later.

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For my own part, I try to keep some things in mind when thinking about weapons.

Darktide plays at a very “low” scale in the 40k universe, a scale where basic Guard lasguns are actually highly effective weapons, and where the “monsters” are what tabletop considers to be heavy infantry, stuff like Spawn and Ogryn, and nothing has power armor so the best armor save anything is sporting is a 4+ equivalent. A lot of weapons that are commonplace on tabletops aren’t really so appropriate or useful on the scale Darktide plays at, Meltas for example are great at killing tanks at point blank range, but against guardsmen equivalent infantry or chaos spawn, they’re not anyone’s weapon of choice.

Additionally, the Rejects aren’t Guardsmen, they’re not part of a Chamber Militant, nor are they Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. The Rejects are the grunts of an Inquisitor’s private army that is supplied, equipped, and operated autonomously from other Imperial forces, and is portrayed at many points as being logistically limited on weapons supplies. Weird abundances or shortages of various weapon types makes sense in such a situation. The Inquisition may have great powers, and Grendyl may have built an insanely huge organization, and I’m sure Rannick can get whatever weapons he may please for himself, but for the basic grunts, I’d expect the armory to be more limited than what a Guard regiment may have on hand.

Within that context, I think a Veteran Grenade Launcher able to toss Frag/Krak grenades would be both amazing and pretty ubiquitously lore-appropriate.

The Longlas sounds like it’d be cool…but what would it do that a MkIII Helebore wouldn’t? Maybe be less headshot reliant and just hit way harder on body shots?

A Powerfist might be cool, but that would depend entirely on how its implemented and I’ve got no ideas on that.

As cool as a Heavy Bolter would be, I’m not sure what purpose it would serve alongside the Heavy Stubber, though maybe that’s a failure of imagination on my part.

I don’t really see many of the heavy weapons coming in, but some sort of Ogryn two handed beat stick would be nice.

Pistols I’m not terribly interested in, but that’s mostly personal preference.

Hellguns/Hotshot-Lasguns could be cool, dramatically spiked ammo consumption in exchange for better armor pen could be fun.

Unfortunately the crafting system really kills the buzz on anything like this, it’s hard enough trying out the existing weapons, much less thinking about trying new things.


The only issue with the Long-Las at the moment is that the Director would NOT play nice with Long-Las builds. If the Director gets a few tweaks, the Long-Las would definitely be a force to be reckoned with. I personally look forward to a Triplex Lasgun for Veteran the most :wink:

Human 2× Kickback? :flushed::flushed::flushed:

In terms of Shotguns, I actually want a Shotcannon (the one that Scab Shotgunners use) most of all because… well… drum mag Shotgun.

Yes. I’d also love a Power Sword & Storm Shield for the Zealot, similar to the Ogryn’s Battle Maul & Slab Shield. My Zealot would make a very good Crusader :kissing_heart:

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if that the case, then why are Guard sergents (the 2nd Lowest rank in the guard) {Trooper, Corperal and Sergent} so if that the case then why can they have access to them? Plasma-pistols, Bolt-pistols. Power swords, Mual and axes these arn’t decorated Officers these are the Basic Leader of a Combat unit.

Power fist and Such were reserved for the Platoon Commander (7th and 8th). the Lieutenant the most Basic out of Schola Officer. as seen in the Imperial guard Infantry Man’s Primer. it details the basic Battle order as layed out.

meltaguns,Plasma Guns Flamers, Grenade launchers are available to common troopers.


The same thing as Bolter to Braced Autogun.

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The question is how far did our Veterans get in the Astra Militarum before they were arrested by the Inquisition? They seem like Corporals or maybe even Sergeants, but I’m not sure!

Here’s the list of ranks for anyone who’s interested:

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it depends as on your Background, as Some backgrounds make you ending in a quite High training or Placement. while other haves it lowly. for example Schola Progenium training was typical not given to the ordinary soldier. even failed Soldiers are made Sergeants or Junior officers if they fail and are alive. while i know my Veteran is trained in Schola, did the “Prospective Officer” or whatever it called, so it depend. but the fact that we are given Power swords which is a Sergeants weapon would give us a Fair Summarization that we are at least that rank or if not then were with enough experience to become sergeants. in Lesk’s Novels Spoiliers bewarnd

Lesk was Promoted from trooper to Corporal to Sergeant to Lieutenant to Captain across a extremely Short Life span the Average soldier in Most western Militaries it takes about 3-4 years to reach 6 years in to reach sergeants and a further promotion roughly each Six years or so based on performance and ofc Connections. lesk ability to be promoted basic once every Novel is quite amazing given the fact the novel takes place ~10 years while i accept combat promotion the fact that she became commander of a Company without going through officer training ie a Schola does indicate even a basic trooper can become a Leader of a Company within quite a short time. while it falls down to the Writer, in Cain’s Novels they dicuess various promotion of junior officer People going from NCO to CO over a Course of a Tanna Tea. what does this say about our Characters.

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A lot of that was also promotion by attrition. Being chewed up and spat out by Tyranids tends to do that to regiments.

Yes but why didn’t they bring in New Officers directly form the Training academies from Vahalla as they have referred to officers trained there at the Schola’s. so that why i said i accept that Combat promotions are a thing but still taking Direct NCO to CO is quite a Leap in responsibility and in order ie Issuing them and managements the administrations. a lot of Military Instructions spend upwards of a Year doing the Tactic’s, administration and Responsibility an officer has compare to his troops as is said a Officer Commands a Soldier Obey, a Officer has to understand the Overall Tactical and Strategic environment that they are Operating and how to go about achiving their set objectives. this is something you can’t really learn while a Coperal, a Sergent has always been known as the backbone of the army and typically knows what are about on the how to get to said objective. the is a Difference between the what, the where, the When. the how and the why. the Sergent’s typically are masters of the how and when and the officers are their for the why. the Campaign Director’s ie Generals and the Strategist. there is a reason a NCO is Typically a Deep specialist in there Field and officer is typically a Generalist they are trained to fit into a Required role, they can jump from command to command and those command can be very different things while a NCO isn’t likely to be jumping between commands unless they specify themselves for a transfer.

please note that we shouldn’t apply really life Logic to warhammer. it just doesn’t quite work

Their are a lot of common weapons the astra miltarium. but we are missing quite a few.

Common ones that should be available to everyclass (Bar Ogyrn) these are universal, Classes Specific one and Branch Specific Ones as that makes alot of sense as FS did in V2 with locking behind. for this you can lock it to ultimate, Aura or Ability all 3 are Good Places to lockdown weapons.

in addition second range weapon slot for pistol like weapons (auto-pistol, Las-pistol, Hotshot Las-pistol, revolver), these weapons don’t get any form of ammo bonues that a class bring it there as a Backup weapon or a quick draw when it would take to long to shoot a special.

Universal Range:

Triple X Lasgun:with 3 settings with Special action switching between the modes. with Normal (in-between MG-LA and MG iv) interms of Damage, with a button Press you switch to Persicion mode which Increase Damage to Slightly above MGXII (320ish) a possible 3rd option of a Overcharge mode which is greatly increase damage (~400) but at the cost of extremely limited Shots.



So take a Between a Lasgun MG-la and a las-pistol increase Fire-rate, Stability and Accracy but reduce Range, Damage stagger with ethier a Bash or a Flashlight as special action. Your Damage should 120 give or take (20 points of damage below that of a MG LA); but ammo Reseverse are higher with option like Burst on No ads and Single Shot on ADS. with it 1k shots. You got 2 variants the Lock pattern which you could make a Greater emphasis on a Particular aspects of the weapon such as suppression or accuracy . Or the Mk4 Catachan Jungle Fighters.


Yes I do Realize a Carbine does typically carry less ammunition and has a Slower fire rate then the a a main Battle rifle. The issue is that the current lasguns are slower then anything and you basically have to spam left click to achieve or get a marco.

Ripper pistol

The is only one and he behind you…. ;

taking from the Only war Rule book your looking at something akin to the Poision Bow from the V2 Kit, with a Single Target armour Piecing shot that deals Toxin damage to the Target, so low base damage, but Toxin damage that should have a added Effect of slowing down Targets. Soa Direct Damage of Just around 60-80 with a tick of 80 for per tick (Max ticks of ticks 30) each shot places 3 Ticks 15 rounds a Mag, with Special Actions switching a Burst round with 3 Rounds (5 bursts).

Duel Pistol you double your ammo and rate of fire you significant reduce stability and aim and special ability is just bash. (this is a Main weapon)

Bolt-pistol and Plasma pistol. take the full sacle reduce ammo and damage,
Universe Melee

Most of these weapons ethier have, or can Have a Powered, Chain or a Normal version.


Take Kruber’s Helbard in v2 add a Aqullia’s Head and Bang a Bong. With a Special ability of interrupt/Stagger.

Force and Power Axe. With got normal and Chain.

Oggies Specific.

M34 Autocannon is the heavy weapon, slow Firing heavy hitting heavy stagger, FS could do 2 Patterns a M34 A autocannon and B. A fire AP Slugs. That have a infanite Cleave deals a lot of Damage and staggers those it hits but can’t Penerate Cover nor does damage to those around the Projectile (accray is key). While explosive pass through a few Heretics before exploding like a Boltgun it deals suppression and damage in the sphere around the explosion a double the radius of the boltguns. As with the boltgun you can shoot through cover. Damage significant something along the lines of 300-400 for explosive and 400-500 for AP. Unyielding and Carapace does take less damage due to their armour. But it should only be 25% at the most. Your ammunition so be between 75-150 rounds with Drums of 25. Special action should in my view be a bash/Smash or a Bracing increasing accuracy.

Mutli-laser (you can’t use it as a club). Something a kind of a Heavystubber but with las rounds instead. a heat system.

Oggies Pistol Drum based Semi/full automatic Slug Base Pistol. As seen in the Skulls for the skullthrone Show case.

Two handed Weapons for Oggy: Hammer and Axes. With a Chain Variant possible.

Class specific


Two handed Sword you can have 2 Variants executioner and Normal rip and Replace from v2.

Sword,Flail and Mace and Shield like V2, but this instead of a the shield is a Stormshield it has a Charge/heat/perils Meat on with C activating it protection allowing you to Capture Projectile around you but you build up charge and can’t use it again till it reaches Zero. On 100% it Shunts and needs cooling down. Shunting the energy capture emits a Shockwave staggering/Stunning all who are close 0-10 meters within the shields 45degree arc.

Twin Daggers for those who preffer playing deathcult assassins, their Paired Catachan blades. With a Combination skill sets. Rather then a punch a Block would be cool.

Zealot Range weapons:

Hand Flamer: Minture Flame

Inferno Pistol. Miniture Meltagun does bugger all damage outside Close range. More limited ammo and a should have a Heat Period with changing Mags/Canister remove heat like Plasmagun.


Pskyer more difficult apart from ripping weapons from V2 such as a Beam Staffs ,Crowbills, or a force Dagger. we are kind of limited in our Psyhic Power selection I would preferred to see more Power available to select from the tree with the ability one as they are with 2 others either on the bottom of the Skill tree that don’t cost or to the side. with the Special ability when wielding them switches them from one another. Such as Jinx, Gaze of the Emperor, Warp speed, Iron arm, Frenzy, Confusing, Maledictum, Vortex of doom (more of a Ultimate tbh), with other more radical option likes Psyker familairs, or Demonic enhancements.

Navigator for example with his 3rd eye just visable.
Veteran (Branch Specfic) tempestus scion/Stormtrooper/Karskin

Veteran melee

Shock/Command stick that staggers targets think of a Watered down version of the Powermual

Powerfist. Charge Up and Smash them, with Power cycle as a Blessing to select. With a Focuses on armour you are going to struggle with Hordes but that a cost you are going to bear. To be looking so cool.

Veteran Range:

Because I am lazy and it nearing 12 Midnight. Due to there really no easier way of explaining this I am just going to copy and paste my one of my 2 Previous essay.

For those who don’t spend too much time on the Forums. You might have miss this but i been told it good essay for a mediocre thread. So I will a edited version it here (probable a another mediocre thread in the long run, sorry Op. but that how it goes in forums)

There are a number of hotshot weapons:

The Voss/Cadian Hotshot lasgun

The Scoped Ryza Hotshot lasgun

The Long-las Dedicated Variant

The Long-las M35 lasgun modification with XC 52/3 Barrel

The Hotshot Marksman rifle.

The Hotshot Pistol

The Hotshot Vollygun.

While not a Direct weapon as such more a kin to a ultimate An outcast engineer style of doing the Ultimate with a recharge rate Up of a Period of time like 1 seconds every 3 seconds and you have 20 seconds of Firing with a 60 cool down. As the Ultimate with Talents could modify how the weapon itself works or which weapon it could be like a Heavy Stubber. But I would think that of the two, the Heavy Stubber is the other option similar to the Psyker dome or two shields. You have to option on how to use it. Hotshot Vollleygun accuracy within an aim box like a Agripinaa Mk VII Combat Shotgun while ADS focusing reduces the weapon’s spread by 75%, it has Suppression but is minimal compared to the Heavy Stubber and does penetration of Armoured Targets (Flak, Infested, Unarmoured, Manic). It can’t over penetrate carapace but it can Stagger them with enough time. While the Heavy Stuber is not very accurate, a large Firing Volume – More Bullets with a High Spread High Suppression, Low Damage. ADS is more akin to a Bracing of the Weapon then True ADS. Tightening the accuracy. You can change what type of ammo you’re firing from Explosive Rounds that Stagger to Rippers that Shred lightly armoured (Infested, Unarmoured). In total, 30 seconds of Constant Firing. With this Ultimate, you can just whip it out whenever you have any form of Charge. With Choosing how the ones effect on which weapon you are locked in to such as choosing Hotshot Vollygun you are locked to Hotshot Weapons, choosing Single Barral heavy stubber your allowed to use your common weapons but not Hotshot.

Multiple Variants such as Voss/Cadian. Scoped Ryza and Scoped Lucius. While you can throw in Pistols such as a Ryza Hotshot Pistol, along with a Hotshot Marksman Rifle with its sister being the Long-las. Their are minnimal problem with creating this as the Components for the weapons are in the Game. The Base Models have the art work showing them for the Skull Throne Event of around 2022, showing them with a Scoped Ryza Hotshot Lasgun. With this as Branch specific Weaponry, I don’t see why you don’t change how it operates once you select a Branch for the Ultimate. Your Weaponry option is restricted if anything, it increases how engaging the game is you need to play with weaponry that you otherwise can’t access like each Class in v2 which doesn’t have access to the full range of weapons; why should each Branch of a Class have access to the full range of weapon?

To me it should Aim to be a something akin to a MG LA or a MG XII. With how Damage works with an upper limit of 250 and a Lower limit being 120. With the states of Stability, AMMO, Penetration/Collateral. (In this instance, it’s about Overpenetration on a Number of Targets [Lower end 1 at 10% while 8 at 80%.) Since Hotshot ammunition in itself is basically packer punched Las Shot it has penetration for most forms of Armour Category in this game except for Carapace, Unyielding. While ammo is Unique here rather than using the current system of bags, cans and crates. We switch to using the energy cells from Medi-packs and Heal station with Medi-packs healing a 75% Normal rate for 1 Shot per second and if you take Field Improvisation it heals at 150% and a 3 Shots Per seconds. While the Heal station heals you for 100% for 25% ammunition or a 50% for 100% ammunition (i.e. 50% of total HP pool) to ensure Balance and making of Sensible and Smart play of using something that is otherwise Quite Powerful. It makes you think about when you shoot and when you need to Heal. It adds a layer of tactical thinking to your game-play such as where the Next Heal station is to replenish ammo? Do I need to shoot or can I run with my Melee for awhile? Questions that people don’t ask themselves when playing the game due to the Abundancy of Ammunition and a Abundancy of Abilities that let you ignore ammo completely with some builds being almost 100% ammo efficient. For Hotshot Lasgun’s Ammo their isn’t really a Magazine as the Big Battery/Generator/High Discharge Capacitor, connects to the HotShots Lasgun via Cables. So in sense you can keep firing till the Energy is run out, which does work due to how Low amount of ammunition you have.

For those put the above in the TLDR category, the Basic Break down of the Various Hotshot Based Weapons:

All scoped weapons (Ryza, Dedicated Long-las, MGXII Long las, and Hotshot Marksman Rifle. all should have Range Finders so you can see how fair your Target is.

Scoped Ryza Hotshot lasgun (Base MGXII):

  • Damage 125-275
  • Penetration/Collateral 3-10 over penetrations (Base Line Like most Weapons is about 2 Targets)
  • Ammo – 125 shots to 250 shots
  • Stability. (self evident)
  • Mobility. (Self evident)

No ADS: Semi-Automatic
ADS: Semi-Automatic
Special. RYZA Wrath: Increase Damage By 50% but at the cost of increased ammunition consumption by 1 so one shot takes 2 rounds.
Notes: Ignore armour on Manic, Unarmoured, flak and Infested. While Carapace and Unyielding take 75% of Damage and full damage, respectively. The Ammo Regn from Heal kits and Healing Station apply to the Scoped Ryza Hotshot Lasgun.

Voss/Cadian (base MG LA)

  • Damage 125-200
  • Ammo- 250-500 total
  • Stability. (self evident)
  • Mobility. (Self evident)
  • Stopping Power

Non-ADS: Full Automatic
ADS: 3 Round Burst
Special action Cadian’s Fire: each shot Sets a Burn stack at a Cost of 2 ammo per shots

Notes: Same Rules as above in regards to Penetration but unlike the RYZA the Voss/Cadian pattern Hotshot Lasgun does not Over Penetrated Many Targets but instead Staggers significantly. Same rules about ammo as above.

Long Las can have about 3 Variants Long-las Dedicated, Long-Las M35 Base. Hotshot Marksman

Ammo, the Problem with the Long-las in Lore and In Narrative is people being to disagree with what type, and Amount of Ammunition each Mag/Clip seen in Guants ghost it changes between stories from each mags a Shot to each mag hold 5 shots. While in Long-shots it says it 20 Shots per magazine. While again in the only war it 40 Shots a Clip. With an Overcharge mode. To be Fair and balance I would say 20 Rounds a Magazine with an Overcharge mode using 5 but with increase damage.

Expect for the hotshot Marksman rifle which has a 10 round Mag but it’s version of Overcharge uses the Full MAG.

Long-las Dedicated

  • Damage 200-400
  • Stability self evedent
  • Ammo 20/200 (10 Mags of 20)
  • Penetration: 85% damage on Carapeace and unwieldy while 90% on Manic
  • Collateral. Suppression due to it being a Sniper and Traditionally if your squad is shot by a sniper they being to cower and start to panic. It makes sense to it to trigger suppression around targets

ADS: Single Shot
Non-ads: Single Shot
Special: Brace, if you Brace your Movement speed is reduced by 75% but your Stability is increased by 75% and your weak spot damage is increased by 10%


Long-las M35 Base

  • Damage 200-300
  • Stability
  • Ammo 40/200 (5mags of 40)
  • Penetration
  • Finesse 1.25-2.5 Critical damage

ADS: single Shot
Non ADS: Single Shot
Notes Overcharge increase Damage by 25% but each Overcharge shot uses 8 shots (1/5th of the Mag).

Hotshot Marksman rifle

Damage: 250-500
Stability : self evident
Ammo 10/50 (5 Clips/Magazines of 10)
Stopping Power/Stagger

ADS Single Shot
Non ADS Single Shot
Special. Snipe/Full charge. Use up all Ammuntion Minnium is 5 round left to increase damage by 10% for each shot left in the Mag this Shot ignore Cover and Armour. Over penetration all forms of Targets.

Unlike the other Hotshot weapon’s this ammunition is gain from Normal Sources. Your limited in your ammunition but to compensate your given a greater damage.


  • Damage 100-200
  • Mobility
  • Penetration/Collateral: 2-4 Targets
  • Stopping Power
  • Ammo: 100-300.

Non ADS: Semi-automatic
ADS: Semi Automatic
Special Push/Bash
Note: Penetration of Unarmoured, Flak Armour and Infested. Manic 25% DR and 75% DR for Carapace, 50% DR for Unwieldying. While ammo is the Medi- kits and the Heal station.

Other eassy,

Cheers for reading to the end hope it makes sense. if you would change anything what would you change.

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Navigator aren’t Psykers, though we might see cosmetics that are inspired by them, it would make no sense as part of the Rejects

And Daemonhost aren’t left to roam when made by the Inquisitions, and they are already in game

We’ve not just getting Line Trooper weapons. Bolters, Plasma Guns, Power Swords, Chainaxes, even chainswords are not the sort of gear a standard trooper would be given. We’re getting weapons that would be given to a role closer to officers or Veteran Guardsman, because we’re playing as an Inquisitorial Killteam.

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