Archive of weapons "missing" from launch

Just a small collection of weapons that were either advertised or leaked prior to release, primarily to ensure accountability and inform users on what is “missing”

Will split it up between what was advertised and what was leaked. Would like a comment from the developers explaining things to us for both.

Italicised entries could just be a bit more of speculation


A power Maul for Ogryn - seen during the Ogryn class spotlight and on the key art of the game.


A Long Las Rifle -

A Melta Gun-

Two Handed Power Sword (?)-

Two Handed Maul (?)-

Two Handed Chain Axe-

There may be even more, but it’s a bit too hard to differentiate some without actual comments from Fatshark.

Also an important disclaimer I probably should’ve added is that the leaked ones obviously weren’t officially advertised, showcased or even seen as functional. The main push for me to make this post was the promise of 70+ weapons day one with a leak that validated this, but come release and were conveniently missing a handful of weapons that’d push our arsenal to 70+. Some of these are fan favourites and very unique weapons of the 40k setting such as the Melta gun.
It feels like this might be a repeat of Vermintide 2’s launch where the wrong version of the game had been shipped and it took devs a good while to realise this, so this is more a proactive shove to try and get answers while informing players.


Coming to us via the premium store as a special weapon expansion no doubt.

You forgot the pistols… bolt and plasma

Will we get a comment on these today I wonder?

thats wishful thinking, I think we’d be lucky if they addressed this at all, and instead just stuck their head into the sand and then release them as part of a DLC later like it was always planned to be that way

Psyker 2h force sword. Can be seen in the pysker promotional video at around 1:08


Oh, you don’t have to worry.
They’ll arrive in the premium store and they’ll all be powercreep weapons, superior to the rest so people feel obliged to buy 'em.

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Are you sure that’s a force sword and not just a heavy sword? I do understand it’s weird that they’d be using a weapon that wasn’t accessible to them, but there is a heavy sword variant with that crossguard design.
There is however this insignia that I’m not sure about that could be a two handed forcesword, it’s scifi rainguard(?) looks like it’s much more chunkier than what was shown in the trailer:

Would you happen to have pictures of them? They didn’t show up in the insignia glitch or any of the promotional material that came out closer to launch that I could find.
The assassination target can get their own pistol, but that doesn’t inherently imply that we would and (this is more of an assumption and a spoiler) Rannick doesn’t use a bolt pistol for the execution despite his revolver having explosive ammo with a very similar effect to the bolter