Darktide Wishlist

A thread - I currently have over 50 hours in Darktide, and I absolutely love the game! A few things I’d like to see in the future tho:

  • some emotes to engage with team

  • legendary weapons that look and feel legendary. (Effects like diablo)

  • modifiers to make missions harder if legendary weapons are too strong.

    • legendary armor pieces.
  • nurgling pets!

  • a mission where you can assist a space marine

  • a room aboard the mourning star that you can decorate and craft decorations for trophies of Bosses and what not.

  • plague marine optional boss like daemon host

What do y’all think?

" mission where you can assist a space marine"

What kind of assistance would a Space Marine require from the player characters?


ammo supplies. hold off waves while he fights a boss for a cool looking battle going on in background

  • 3-4 sub classes (for starters)
  • Weapon attachments, different from traits and perks (ie Scopes, Laz Battery backpacks etc, long barrles/short barrels, magazines). Weapon attachments affect sliders, giving opportunity to go past 80% base weapon stat
  • armour pieces that directly affect toughness, or damage reduction to certain damage types. (much like the AI mobs have)
    -night vision (preysight) perk or attachment

this is awesome! i’d love to customize my weapons!

6:30AM in Sweden right now, so…oh well

  • Zealot Crusader, featuring all the kit that’s already so well described on various wikis (power sword, suppression shield that shocks the bash target, full carapace armor), but throw in a bolt pistol that gets wielded with the shield in the off-hand, because reasons.
  • Ratling sniper, with a long las that has nearly the same audio and effects as the enemy sniper’s long las (differentiated however necessary as to not trigger teammate’s PTSD with every shot).
  • Weeklies, items, currency, resources all made account wide, with weeklies earning Aquilas, scrapping Melk’s shop entirely (Who actually uses this? Why would this matter after crafting is fully out aside from crafting fodder that is SLIGHTLY better? Why are good rewards here instead of tied to mission rewards based on performance?).
  • The live story we were promised actually starting instead of absolute radio silence.

But in the grim darkness of the year 40,000, none of the above is happening


I think that we have not yet received crafting system.


also twitch mode pretty please

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When they Advance the Seasons and we get more Lore and Progression of the Story.

Inquisitor Grendyl might Send down a Space Marine from her Retinue to Investigate something Specific.
Ordering Interrogator Rannik (The Guy we actually Serve right now) that this Space Marine is to be given a Team to Escort him down into Tertium to Fulfill his Investigation.

This would not be that Strange either.
A Space Marine in the Retinue of an Inquisitor would Generally be used to Cooperating with other Agents of that Inquisitor.

For Example.
The Space Marine could be a Grey Knight. And the thing to Investigate might be a Chaos Artifact that would Render most Normal Humans Insane by just Looking at it.
Thus Inquisitor Grendyl deciding to Send down a Grey Knight which is Explicitly Trained to Withstand such things.
With our Team mostly being an Escort Team to Clear out the Chaff and Secure the Perimeters while the Space Marine Carries out his Investigation and Possibly Secures the Artifact.

So There is a few Options for this.

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