Darktide Community Suggestions

In the Grim Dark future of the 41st Millenium there is only war.

This is an area for community suggestions for things they would like included in the newly announced Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

Try to keep suggestions within reason and as succinct as possible.

Bare in mind at current time virtually nothing is known about the game.


For me personally I’d like for Lasguns to have multiple fire settings (Low, Medium and High) which would have different chargepack drain rates.


I’d like to see some Xenos weapons appear - so long as they’re not infused with Chaos or something, I can see a soldier taking one up in desperation. It would give a lot more interesting variety to available kits.


I’d like to see free exchange of weapons for those dropped on the battlefield (probably not any tainted by chaos though like Salp said, unless it causes your HP to drain steadily over time or w/e).

I’d also like to see the weapons have real weight, both in sound and the way characters handle them, especially bolt pistols and anything like that - the rounds should have a really visceral impact, both as they tear into the enemy and when they explode. Heavy ordinance should affect your movement especially while firing (seeing as these are guardsmen not space marines).

It’d be neat to have abandoned heavy bolter and auto cannon emplacements here and there too though I don’t necessarily expect it.

Less likely: I’d love to see some weapon modding in the form of exchanging scopes, power packs and other weapon parts.

Getting even more unlikely: It’d be amazing to see some vehicles show up, like hiding from a chaos-infused leman russ patrolling the streets while you have to snipe out its crew / melta the tracks and/or engine.


The Inquisition is very xenophobic, but they do work with xenos if the need arises.
I’d like there to be at least one playable eldar. I wouldn’t hold my breath for any farseers ( :cry: ), but a howling banshee, a ranger or an exodite would be rather cool.

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Not really a specific suggestion, but looking at the trailer i am looking forward to it, but at the same time i am reminded of space hulk: deathwing.
I don’t want to mudden the waters and i’m not saying that darktide is like that game, but it was also a coop 4person fps/meele shooter with levels designed around tight spaces set in the 40k universe and it failed very hard, so maybe the devs from fatshark could take a look at it and see where that game went wrong, if they haven’t done so already.
Nonetheless i’m very excited for Darktide!


I reckon one of the reasons why Deathwing failed was because of that bloody muzzle flash.
Took them too long to add a muzzle flash slider, and by that time it was already too late.

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Very true, I think that Fatshark will avoid the same pitfalls as they have two pretty damn good warhammer co-op games under their belt, I mean I know we’re on the Fatshark Forums so there’s a more than a slight bias on my (and likely many others) part(s) here.

Fatshark seem to do a good job of enemy diversity which imo is one of the biggest failings of Deathwing. They should however also look at the good things in Deathwing such as the environments and details, obviously their own direction should come first though and they already do good environments, although I feel V1 was better than V2 for environments and Wizard’s Tower was one of the best missions I’ve played in a game.

I also feel like Deathwing had to follow some of the kind of feel of older Space Hulk games so it was a bit deliberately clunky.


I’d rather have a necron this time, considering we already have an elf in VT2

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This idea might get some negatives. But I would not mind seeing a Felinid option as a character or as a design option if we get more personal character design choices.

OOOh you got some good ideas!

YES! I like that idea!

Very exciting. I would like more custom choices for character design would be fun to make characters that looks like us instead of story ones. Not that I don’t like the vermin tide personalities. But it would go a long way for DLC in the future as well as steam workshop options.
A more open game might give more room for player choices in their design. IF not I would like to at least have the option to have the option to play a class I enjoy even if another member of the team is playing it already. So if we all wanted chain swords and charge in we can or lazguns. And I can see things like other imperial units like Psyker or commissars and assassins.
My personal choice for a DLC later on might be Sisters of battle options. My GF and I would love it!

Good luck on game can’t wait to see what you do with it!


I would assume they’ll do combat differently from Vermintide. Heavier emphasis on gunplay?

I only have one wish: Guardsmen: Deathkorp of krieg = Shovel master


They said as much on their Discord:

Q: So guns then, it’s a true shooter?
A: Guns of course, but melee is still going to be a big part of the gameplay.

I imagine it will be a lot of what they accomplished with Melee in Vermintide will be ported over but the focus will be on gunplay.

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There is one other advantage to a custom set to work from. IT opens up a wide range of playable story lines. Example a Eldar DLC can do the same story, but as Eldar play threw. IT would open a wide range of DLC options and custom maps, mods and custom builds.
Though Drakonhammer does make a great point about the banter that is fun in VT1&2.

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While i think enemy and map design are critical to the success of a game like this i fell longevity comes from the depth of gameplay mechanics (namely defensive ones like dodge/block). Taking deathwing as an example its immersive and atmospheric but one could experience its full depth in about a week of playing with friends. At the end of the day games like this can quickly fall into the shoot everything before it gets close type of gameplay.

So to avoid that i would like to see deep vermintide-esqe melee /defensive mechanics. Other options could be class ability/skills and builds (something deathwing wing attempted but IMO didn’t deliver on depth or breadth), auxiliary gear/tools/gadgets, or even making the shooting mechanics more realistic and difficult to master (like mil sim shooters such as squad or arma as getting good in those is less about raw aim and more about organization, communcation, awareness, working as a team…)

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Hopefully they don’t release the game in a broken, imbalanced state like they did with VT2.

Also hope they don’t make promises that they cannot keep like Dedicated Servers and a Map Editor.

My biggest worry would be their programming because it seems like any update to VT2 usually comes with a number of setbacks in that regard.

Please dont repeat the loot grind of VT2.

A HUGE barrier to introducing friends to VT2 is the sheer number of hours they need to put into grinding levels and gear to be able to play legend with me, meanwhile I cant really ‘downlevel’ to play easy difficulties with them.

Not to mention, these are people who have played a lot of similar games, so skill-wise could absolutely handle themselves at high difficulty if they had the gear for it.

Left4Dead survived without the arbitrary quest for higher numbers, your game can too.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu