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Would love to see an Eldar exile as a replacement for Kerillian and/or an assassin or imperial death cult specialist of some sort. I imagine the Eldar exile to play similarly to Waystalker and the Assassin to play very much like shade. The option of a melee only character could still work well with the inclusion of riot/storm shields and multiple grenade slots.

Wouldn’t mind seeing some of the weapon patterns from Vermintide 2 being carried over. Could definitely see the 2handed hammer with slower attack speed and more damage work as the thunder hammer.

As for alien weapons, we could have alien characters, the inquisitor could use some and we could see a rogue trader character. No reason an inquisitor and trader wouldn’t team up to recover some artifacts from the hive.

I thought this idea warranted separation from my other post because it would really ease the player experience. There should be a rogue trader who acts like Lohner’s Emporium in addition to straight up selling new weapons and trinkets (or whatever they want to call them, if they go down that route)

In order to purchase them, instead of just getting a levelled chest at the end of the level with random loot inside, a certain number of these crates at the right level of rarity could be traded for a specific weapon of a specific rarity. The downside being that you’d get far less loot overall and you don’t know what you could have gotten but if you seriously need an upgrade or just want a specific weapon then you can bargain for it.

If this is unpopular then perhaps the Vermintide 1 bounties should be brought back. Although I also like the idea of doing a deed modified level in order to get a specific piece of gear.

I think something that would spice the game up would be to add minor friendly npcs that help you temporarily (probably significantly weaker than PCs and not very sturdy health-wise), like maybe some hive gangers that have held their own and will help you out of a desire for survival.


Would actually make for really cool and involved escort quests. If you could heal them the same way as your teammates and they were given decent AI and the same level of weaponry then they’d actually be of help to you. Could even incentivise helping them by increasing the level of loot at the end or having them lead you to tomes and grimoires or supply caches with ammo and healing items

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There is a possibility for Chaos Induced Weapons. There are Radical Inquiuisitors that use that kind of thing. Also it is not obvious from the beginning that it is Chaos based. Since Chaos even is worshipped by Xenos Filth through the Stars.
Dont forget the Anathame that was used to wound Horus for example. Was found on a Xenos Planet, but was a Chaos Weapon!

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Im not surte if we really are a Detachement of Inquisitorial Order. Could be, must not!
Inquisitor can claim Men for themselves to work for them. So they are not directly Inquisition. Since we are on a Hive World in a Hive City, ther are IMP’s stationed for sure.
I feel IMP’s and Mechanicum need more Love in Games, as much as i Love “Mawheens”

Class Idea:
Grey Knight( Since this is Ordo Malleus, we need one)
Mechanicum Protector(Skitarii) Please, with Mechandrites
Electro Priest

Mechanicum probaly has some Business there aswell, it needs some Protection from Plundering Hive Gangs this is why Skitarii and such

Well the voice (most likely our Inquisitors superior) who replace Lhoner said that we were an Inquisitors Retinue. That mean we are not Inquisitors but we are their acolyte/bodyguard/expert and other qualification.

We are not an Inquisitorial Regiment (Scion) as those are not considered a Retinue because they are not attached to one Inquisitors in particular


Forced Labor i call that, Sir

At least you don’t become a Servitor

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Hotshot Lasgun for me baby!

What do you expect. Terminators, dashing like in V2?!

No its definetly good they didnt do that. Fans would have been outrageous. I spent alot of Time playing Deasthwing, at it was so mucxh Fun. I played since release and after of course with all the goodies, which made it even better!
We had a lot of Debate about making Deathwing more like V1/2 in terms of Crowd Control and such. The thing is, Terminators, Astartes i General have such devastating Weapons it would have been a bit on the funny side.

IMP’s is much more fitting for something like that. Even if their Weapons are devastating aswell, you can f “Forgive” it playing IMP’s!

Dont think, we ever see Necrons working with Imperium officially. So no Necron Ally i reckon!

Well for a Necron to work with anyone it would already need to be a noble, maybe aLord would have enough personality but anyting lower wpuld be like having a Battle automata who doesn’t have any need to keep you alive

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A servitor character with the brain kept intact. Now there’s an interesting concept. Could do a lot in terms of skill trees with different cybernetic augmentations

Ah, thanks, I don’t really know 40k lore that well. The focus on boring, plot-armored Space Marines always kills my interest.

hahhaa, Plot armor is verywhere my frined. If you ever read Warhammer they die like flies aswell.

I can only speak of Horus Heresy, but beleive me, Mawheens die a lot aswell. But of course you need some Characters that drive the Story onwards, so you cant let anyone die, can you. But some truly cool Characterrs die on the their Storypath along the way!

Not sure the Enemy uses a lot of Ranged Weapons. If they do, you probably dont want to pick it up. Freom the picture and short Intro weve seen, they seem mostly Melee oriented. At least the Nurgle Zombies.

We probably use Ranged to thin the Horde, then change to melee for the most part.

However, there is a Sniper, so hes probably weaker in Melee. But for that we have a Ogryn at hand. There Weapons are made to be used in Melee aswell as in Ranged. Ogryns are not the smartes, they use Ranged Weapon to Club everyone to a Pulp.


Well in place of Servitor we could have a Skitarii or a Techpriest, that would give a different point of view than the other character and we could have a Crimson Exemplar career


make lasguns realistic (not red)

Interesting looking enemy types that do not follow the same death metal mutant zombie aesthetic seen in dozens of other games. Do Orks, Necrons, Dark Eldar, other elements of Chaos, etc.

Oh, and a more rewarding crafting/lootbox system that isn’t just a grind. Or maybe no crafting/lootbox system at all.

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