Why is there still no word on the missing weapons?

It has been two days since the game entered full release and a new hotfix was just dropped, yet for some reason there still hasn’t been any official statement about where the hell the missing weapons are. Where is the ogryn power maul? Why are weapons that were shown in trailers and the title screen art not in the game yet? The lack of communication going on here isn’t even funny in how bad it is anymore, it’s just insane.


I recently had a horrendous thought. You know how one of the missing weapons is a long-las, a weapon that is generally associated with snipers in the Guard? And how they’re constantly referencing ratling snipers in the voicelines?
FS has in the past said that the new classes they plan to introduce will likely cost money. We already know that classes have unique weapons. What if the weapons that got cut did get cut because they plan to put them in as future DLC, part of the classes that aren’t in?

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