Weapon MKs and others

Im not mad or anything, i know that they are coming, i’m simply curious as to whether or not we’re gonna get any updates or feedback from fatshark about when the rest of the weapons are coming.

We know from the trailers and the weapon skins that pretty much every weapon we can get our hands on that doesn’t have another MK variant, has 2 others waiting to get released along with a couple other weapons that had been confirmed and saw in the trailers (me here patiently waiting for my shock maul)

I’m really excited for the rest of the MK variants to come out, especially on the melee weapons and a few of the guns (the autopistol most importantly) cause the variants actually do lend themselves to some nice changes in gameplay and style of attack and i think it’d open up some more opportunities for us rejects.

So uh yeah anybody know?

As far a i’ve heard there will be no new weapons in the near future. But i can’t really pinpoint where that was said but yea.