Suggested Weapon Packs

Hello all (and hopefully Devs),
I’m only about 70 hours in the game, and I’m loving it to be sure, but as a 40k superfan, I’d like to humbly suggest some weapons that I feel should probably be in the game.
Disclaimer, I’m a veteran main in DT and an Astra Militarum main on the tabletop

Pistol Pack!

  • Laspistol, non-heavy
  • Bolt Pistol (The Commissar’s best friend!)
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Hand flamer

Rifle pack!

  • Long Las
  • Hotshot Las
  • Meltagun
  • “Sniper rifle”

Melee Pack!

  • Psyker Force Ax or Force Hammer
  • Ogryn Brute shield
  • Veteran Chainsword & Laspistol (Sergeant!)
  • Zealot Storm Shield & Power Sword (Crusader!)
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While we don’t know how they will introduce new weapons, those weapon packs seem flawed, for example 2 of them have nothing for the Ogryn, now for the individual

Give the ogryn the sniper rifle and pray.