What weapons/guns would you like to see?

i was chatting with someone on reddit about guns and melee weapons we would like to see and got ourselves hyped up about them so i got curious and thought what would you like to see?


added to the game i mean

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For existing classes:
Bolt Pistol
Hotshot Volleygun
Hotshot Lasgun/-pistol
Lascannon (for Ogryn obviously)
Heavy Bolter (for Ogryn Obviously)
Needlerrifle (for more Death Cult vibes amongst zealots)

Shock Maul
Combat Shield
Brute Shield (the other Bullgryn varient)

For new class (Ad-Mech based):
Radgun/pistol (+new poison/radiation DoT)

Transsonic blade

That’s the quick’n’dirty answer :wink:


Hot-shot lasgun, pistol, volleygun
Plasma pistol
Heavy stubber for the Vet
More heavy weapons for the Ogryn: heavy bolter, autocannon, maybe a heavy flamer…

Dual power fists for the Ogryn
A shield + powerable power maul instead of the current special ability
Two-handed chain axe (like the Maulers’), ideally for the Ogryn


Perhaps some heavy duty tools like ogryn sized sledgehammers as “improvised” weapons for Ogryns.


With the existing gear acquisition and crafting system, I have enough trouble trying to experiment and try out the existing weapons, often taking many weeks or months to viably grind a single “good enough” weapon. Until that changes I find it very hard to get excited for any new additions.

That said, a lot of often suggested weapons I don’t think fit terribly well in Darktide due to the scale the game plays at, for example, Meltaguns. These are extremely short range heavy anti-armor weapons meant to be used against huge things, and Darktide doesn’t feature that really, the Rejects aren’t fighting traitor Russ tanks in the streets. Meltas are clunky and awkward and short ranged, even the smallest versions are still portrayed as bigger than Bolters, their lore descriptions against smaller targets often come with caveats, such as in Dead Men Walking where Krieg guardsmen must sacrificially charge and hold Necrons in melee for their Melta-equipped comrades to have enough time to actually recharge and fire between volleys as they try to awkwardly individually blap Necron Warriors.

The biggest and meanest enemies and bosses in this game are what tabletop considers to be big heavy infantry, stuff like Carapace-armored or Plague Ogryn and Chaos Spawn or Traitor Captains, stuff that’s T4/5 with 3-5 wounds and 5+ or 4+ armor saves, not T7/8 with 10 or more wounds and 3+ or 2+ armor saves. Melta weapons aren’t typically the most efficient against such foes in tabletop 40k or most RPG’s, yeah they can oneshot these enemies, but they can also fail to do so, and have a stunningly short range and low rate of fire, usually you want weapons like Plasma Guns or Heavy Bolters to engage these threats, they can do so at twice or thrice the range and with twice or thrice the rate of fire, and can penetrate any armor they might be wearing (if any) just as easily as the Melta can.

For a reasonably lore-accurate Meltagun in Darktide, I basically imagine it would be like a Plasma Gun that can only ever fire on Overcharge but can’t Overheat, that does it’s charge-up time after (not before) the shot (making it a bit more responsive to immediate threats) and that does even more damage and with a bonus to shots under 8m, but that takes even longer to fire again and suffers crippling damage fall off beyond 15m. That would be a very niche weapon that doesn’t sound like it’d be much fun or useful in most games (at least to my mind) given the scale the game is built at, the targets they’re designed to be used against just don’t exist in Darktide.

Some other weapons face different issues. How would a Plasma Pistol differentiate itself from the current Revolver in terms of gameplay niche? Not sure how much utility most Hotshot las weapons would bring without negating normal Las weapons, added armor pen at the cost of more ammo consumption maybe? A Volleygun as a support weapon would be cool without stepping on toes of the normal Las weapons.

If we really wanted to break the game however…the humble (and often painfully overlooked) Grenade Launcher is probably the best option :grinning: Imagine a Veterans with a Cadian style drum-fed Grenade Launcher with 5 Shredders or Kraks on tap and an ammo reserve :joy:


Bolt pistol
Plasma pistol
Heavy Bolter
Grenade launcher for non-ogryn
Some sort of beam staff


Secound Ranged Weapon Option

Scoped Ryza Hotshot lasgun,
Scoped Hotshot Marksman
Scoped Long-las
Hotshot Las-pistol
Hotshot Vollygun as Ultimate for a Veteran Branch

Auxiliary Grenade launcher Special action’

Plasma Pistol
Mk II Solo Boltgun (Single Shot Boltgun)
Triple X lasgun

Voss Pattern Automatic Grenade launcher
Hades Assualt Flamer

Melee weapons
Power Fist
Power Axe
Power dagger
Sword/Mace and Stormshield
Two handed Great Sword
Two handed Axe
Twin Blade
Force Axe
Force Helbard



My favorite weapon in BF4 was the M240B I’d love a big slow firing equivalent LMG.

Hell, with the way that chunky boi worked it would not be out if place at all in 40k.

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Combi-weapons (flamer/plasma/shotgun/grenade/hotshot/melta/etc.) which necessitates an attachment system that at least allows you to swap underslung attachments.

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powerfist for who :rofl:

Not for who but for what - for powerfisting


I’d love some punchy weapons. There’s a huge possibility for a combo system in there for different scenarios, and it’d be awesome to see.

Here’s my list for each Archetype, further separated into Melee and Ranged categories for easier reading!


•2-Handed Power Sword
•Cavalry Sabre (Class-Specific)
•Power Axe
•Power Fist
•Shock Maul
•Trench Mace (Class-Specific)

•Bolt Pistol
•Double-Barreled Shotgun
•Grenade Launcher (Class-Specific)
•Hand Cannon
•Heavy Stubber
•Hellgun (Class-Specific)
•Hellpistol (Class-Specific)
•Long-Las (Class-Specific)
•Plasma Pistol (Class-Specific)
•Ripper Pistol
•Rotor Cannon (Class-Specific)
•Solo Boltgun
•Stub Pistol
•Stub Rifle (Class-Specific)
•Triplex Lasgun (Class-Specific)
•Volley Gun (Class-Specific)


•2-Handed Chain Axe (Class-Specific)
•2-Handed Power Axe (Class-Specific)
•2-Handed Power Sword
•Akimbo Chain Axes (Class-Specific)
•Akimbo Combat Axes (Class-Specific)
•Akimbo Daggers (Class-Specific)
•Akimbo Tactical Axes (Class-Specific)
•Chainflail (Class-Specific)
•Chain Glaive (Class-Specific)
•Dagger (Class-Specific)
•Electroflail (Class-Specific)
•Mace & Storm Shield (Class-Specific)
•Power Axe
•Power Fist
•Power Halberd (Class-Specific)
•Power Sword & Storm Shield (Class-Specific)
•Shock Maul

•Assault Flamer (Class-Specific)
•Bolt Pistol
•Double-Barreled Shotgun
•Executioner Shotgun
•Hand Cannon
•Hand Flamer (Class-Specific)
•Heavy Flamer (Class-Specific)
•Heavy Stubber
•Needle Pistol (Class-Specific)
•Needle Sniper Rifle (Class-Specific)
•Ripper Pistol
•Solo Boltgun
•Stub Pistol


•2-Handed Force Sword (Class-Specific)
•Akimbo Force Dagger
•Force Axe (Class-Specific)
•Force Dagger (Class-Specific)
•Force Hammer (Class-Specific)
•Force Halberd (Class-Specific)
•Force Spear (Class-Specific)

•Bolt Pistol
•Hand Cannon
•Pyrocast Staff (Class-Specific)
•Ripper Pistol
•Stub Pistol


•2-Handed Axe (Class-Specific)
•2-Handed Battle Maul (Class-Specific)
•2-Handed Bully Club (Class-Specific)
•2-handed Hammer (Class-Specific)
•2-Handed Power Maul (Class-Specific)
•Akimbo Axes (Class-Specific)
•Akimbo Cleavers (Class-Specific)
•Axe & Brute Shield (Class-Specific)
•Axe & Slab Shield (Class-Specific)
•Bully Club & Brute Shield (Class-Specific)
•Bully Club & Slab Shield (Class-Specific)
•Cleaver & Brute Shield (Class-Specific)
•Cleaver & Slab Shield (Class-Specific)
•Hammer (Class-Specific)
•Hammer & Brute Shield (Class-Specific)
•Hammer & Slab Shield (Class-Specific)
•Power Maul & Brute Shield (Class-Specific)
•Power Maul & Slab Shield (Class-Specific)

•Autocannon (Class-Specific)
•Automatic Grenade Launcher (Class-Specific)
•Heavy Bolter (Class-Specific)
•Multi-Laser (Class-Specific)
•Punisher Cannon (Class-Specific)
•Lascannon (Class-Specific)
•Thugshot (Class-Specific)

Edit 1: I added brackets to indicate which Weapons are Class-Specific!

Edits 2-10: I added new weapons!


40K Carl Weathers is canon and no one can take that away from me.

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Hi ofc heavy stubber for humans! And radium weapons.

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I hear this is in the works but I would like an option when it comes to weapon sights. Whoever did the sights for the Helbore lasguns deserves to be turned into a servitor.

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Whoever designed the Helbore’s pullout time deserves a death so brutal that only the Drukhari themselves are cruel enough to dream it up.

I also would like to see a heavy flamer for the Ogryn.