Here is the likely truth behind the melta gun

There is a reason we aren’t getting new weapons despite the fact that datamines have shown complete models and more for new weapons. It’s likely we will get the first weapon pack dlc next year with mostly fan favourites that we as a community have been asking for months now and they are listening not to increase the roster of the base game weapons for some renewed life in game, no instead they are listening to see what they can make the most money on like they did with the rogue trader and krieg outfits which were much requested fan favourites that they knew they could get away with premium prices.

Ultimately what I am saying is don’t expect much more big free content that is meaningful and expect some real scummy stuff next year.

Not for fatshark if you prove me wrong I will apologise but for now I see you as greedy scum.


I mean, yeah. That seems like something Fatshark leadership would do in a desperate attempt to get more money since they’ve already hit rock bottom with a badly implemented cosmetics store.

They’ll probably ship with the newly datamined Cadian gear if that isn’t what comes out on the next couple store rotations.


I’ll be blunt, I’m not sure the Meltagun is really appropriate to Darktide, and that may be part of the issue.

Meltas are extremely short ranged heavy anti-tank weapons. They’re clumsy and awkward.

As is, nothing in this game involves hunting tanks or even proper monstrous creatures. The Rejects aren’t ambushing armored convoys and cracking Leman Russ tanks or fighting Daemon Engines. The biggest foes we have are enemies tabletop 40k considers large infantry (Spawn, Plague/armored Ogryn, Chaos Champions), none of which are units that Meltaguns historically are particularly efficient at dealing with relative to weapons we already have in the game. I’m not sure a properly representative Meltagun would really be fun or useful in the context of the conflict the game presents, though I guess we’ll see what happens.

Except no model of the Melta has been found afaik

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If I can ask, where can I see the datamined materials? Thanks

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You can find and look at models through the custom weapons mod.

This is exactly what vermintide 2’s troll hammer is which is a dlc weapon which just dunks on groups and bosses.

True but a banner for it was found and also mentions within the code plus fatshark have not shut it down as weapon which will never come.


what about hellguns? lol i remember the kasrkin squads using those babies in dawn of war and they were ridiculous. i’d be happy with either, but i think the hellguns would be a nice addition as well :crossed_fingers:


It has weird overlap in a way with a shotgun. In space marine the melta essentially functioned as a shotgun.

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Don’t think so, that’d be contrary to everything they said thus far.
Gameplay won’t be gated behind Paywalls, that’s why the Premium shop has extreme premium prices.


they said Maps were Free content but i am going to go out on a limb and say that Classes and weapons are going to be payed as this games Price is High for what it has and it was even higher for the Pre-orders. i do think they will Paywall Classes and weapons since people are actively not using the Currency Shop due to the prices for Cosmetics and also the Xbox Debacle. also the number of refunds and lost of player count on the steam i would say theirs maybe another 8k worth of players across game-pass and Xbox. so 20k all up call it 1/5 of all players are buying cosmetics once a week that like with 54k USD a week, while yes it respectable it doubt it is enough to please the sharehold who is what FS legal and Moral obligation is. even if it only 25USD for a new class and all the weapons for them so long as they throw in a neat Skin most people will buy the DLC packet. on the other if you want to increase the number of players using MTX start selling’s the Regimental skins such as Eyslian Drop troopers, Mordian Ironguard, Vostryan, Vahallan, Tempestus scion (give that a Branch in veteran),Karskin, Red Skunks, War hawks, Talleran Desert Raiders, Voploane, Roane Deepers.


They specifically made sure to never promise that they wouldn’t sell weapons, or red weapons. Just vague wording about ‘we would like to’ etc.


Selling weapons could be counter productive, as they could release them for free then sell cosmetics for them.

Same thing for new branches and new Archetypes, but for the later I think the weight of the work that is needed for the new VA would mean it needing to be paid


Even tho right one looks like hellgun - i highly doubt we will get any heavy weaponry. Because heavy weapons require a backpack with ammunition.
And we already have cosmetic backpacks. Which are complete waste of space and money.
So it’s more likely a heavy caliber sniper rifle.

There is, indeed, meltagun. A psyker sword that we already have. And new Chain Axe that was added in recent updates.

There also power mallets for ogryn. Boltpistol. Another variant of plasmagun. New force/powerswords.


Darktide Drakegun

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WE STILL WAITING FOR THE HELLGUN WITH THIS ONE!!! :speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head::fire::fire::fire::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::100::100::100:



I’d go onto the Darktide subreddit for them. Pretty much all of the datamines that I’ve seen have come from there.

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Pyroblast staff for psyker…thug shot for Ogryn, his other 2 grenade gauntlets…I’m about at my wits end for these barely dolled up additions to the bloated weapon list. I guess I’d take another catachan dagger, since its always going to be the best weapon in the game even if one is better than another.

But deliver the 2H chain axe, where is the Sturmdrang. And whatever Ogryn’s 2H ugly beater bar is supposed to be. Add it.

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I super strongly disagree with this. First of all Melta guns are and always have been Assault 1. Meaning they can be easily fired on the move. Second they are and always have been excellent choices for firing into heavily armored high toughness high wound infantry like Crushers, leaving alone their value against Chaos Spawn and Plague Ogryn or Beasts of Nurgle.

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I just want a proper sniper rifle. I know we have the stubby equivalent of it in the revolver, but I mean a proper one shot one kill any part of their body (on humans) sniper.

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