New las-weapon

Will they add the heavy lasgun that the Kasrkins carried in soulstorm?


the ones above are hotshots, really powerful, often require a backpack to power.

The one below is a melta gun, basicly a beam that melts armor and other hard things.

I know early leaks we saw an icon for a melta gun, but the hotshots are often given to a select few, but we could potentially see them appearing. They’ed easily be power weapons for sure since those types of guns can mess up even space marines.


It would be possible to make the backpack an Achilles heel, which will miss, for example, 1.5 additional damage from heretics as payment for impressive firepower

Was just about to say that, Would be cool to see those weapons in darktide tho

I didn’t recognize Melta, well, she’s not really in demand. At the moment, a plasma cannon is quite enough

It took model makers that work for fatshark almost a year it seems to figure out how to put a tube on a gasmask model which is not hard at all I don’t think we getting backpack powerpack anytime soon

To make this even more well known on how easy it is my friend made a kriegsman with a gasmask tube and all a full year before darktide add them to the game with out tubes on any of them

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Now show us how it would work when you have the helmet added to a random chest?

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I can ask him when he wakes up he watched a video on how to do it with blender or something like that, I have no idea I was just the head dev for a gmod 40k server back then and only knew him as the model maker at the time, We became friends after we both agreed on how bad the owner was at running it

I couldn’t care less. Many headpieces look stupid with the wrong chest piece.

I agree - the way this game handles tubes and backpacks make hellguns very unlikely. Noit impossible - but they’d require special effort which they won’t be getting.


It’s fully possible one of the Npcs in game already has both a hellgun and powerpack for it just don’t remember the name but it’s the guardsmen with the 3 green eyes helmet

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It has a gun better than a hellgun it even has the one that is even more rare in lore a volley gun


The Scab Gunner? I don’t think enemies count - they don’t have to work with the cosmetic setup of the game - and they don’t switch to a melee weapon.


Wouldn’t take much work if they can make it work off an npc then it could work for a player with some bone rigging and as for it fitting on other models fallout 4 had a thing were it would make them bigger or smaller so it could fit with the player

What’s the problem? Put some belts to this box so it will make sense the way it’s attached even to shirtless.

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It will look ridiculously clumsy, but I don’t think that such a chance is unlikely.

Even if they don’t add the box they could add the tube the same way they added it to the steel legion they to used a box thing for it in lore but in darktide it’s on the back of the helmet

This is rare, but in this story we are exposed not only as enemies who have the right to pardon, but also as complete cretins who pick up weapons from the corpses of our allied soldiers

And yes, this weapon will not be in our arsenal with a much greater probability

It’s just funny to think that all of them have volley guns which is like having two hellguns taped to each other already and they spawn in such high numbers, So like were did they get all of these guns as a hellgun is a rare sight in 40k but a volley gun is much much more rare as I don’t think they can even make them anymore after 30k

And as for us getting them I don’t think we will get them not for them being rare in lore but because of how much power they would be and we already have a few guns in game that take their place as full auto lasguns

The moment when we just run around the atom, and the heretics collect all the weapons of the killed comrades

otherwise, I cannot explain where so many of them come from, which is comparable in power to a local war

the hotshot could work as an ability , they already got the outcast engineer with a gatling gun in VT2 and it’s pretty dope. Who knows where the game will be in a year or two? it could be possible that the “story” we got right now actually makes progress and our reject veteran becomes an Inquisitorial stormtrooper.