Premium Currency Shop, issues and ways to improve it

First off, yes the devs need money for keeping up the servers and updates. But this isnt about “oh please give us stuff for free”. Its about pointing out the BS it is pulling and how to improve it.

Premium Currency instead of real-money price

I know it, you know it. Its there to put up a barrier between how much money you spend. If you hand a person 50€ you gonna notice it in your wallet. But if you just swipe your credit card for 50€ you dont really realize it that quickly. And premium currency at a core, is exactly doing that.

How do we fix it?
Removing it and implementing real-money-prices. But I know that wont happen so lets continue.

Pricing + Bundles

Ah yes. The good ol’ “costs 2400 but no bundle that gives me the exact amount so I have to spend more money than I want”.
The price also went up, a whole premium skin (not including weaponskins) costs 2800 for all 3 individually pieces. thats 13.95€ at the base price (using the 500 Aquilas bundle, calculated the price of 1 and multiplied by 2800).
How much does a Vermintide 2 skin cost? 10.28€. An increase of 3.67€ by baseprice. And it gets better.
How much does a bundle cost? 8.19€.
How much does a DT bundle cost? 11.96€. an increase of 3.77€. Yes, the bundle includes 2 weaponskins, and at times a little charm. So that the bundle costs a bit more, is fine. but not by 46% of the price.

And an Ogryn Knife skin apparently costs 900 Aquilas, 4.49€. For a SINGLE WEAPONSKIN.
It aint an knife that looks like the Doomslayer sword, or looks like a funky awesome weapon no. Its a paint. A paint that covers half of the blade. 4.49€ for that. The Ogryn skin bundle right next to it costs only 800 (3.99) . So what the hell?
The weaponskins are not worth more than 100 Aquilas (0.50€) at best.
Oh and a charm is 300 Aquilas (1.50€). Yes those lil things you can stick on your gun.

How do we fix it?

  1. Fix the weapon-skin pricing. Make them 100 Aquilas each. And the charms should not cost more than 50 Aquillas (or just add the charms to the Gold-Shop).
  2. Get the base-price of premium-skins back to the V2 standard. If youre not delivering in quality then I wont pay for extra much, easy as that. (Ogryn premium legs is just the Brute’s Big Armor as a reskin…)
    Price for a Premium-skin bundle (ONLY the skin, no weapon-skins included!) would be 8.19€ (~1645 Aquilas). Price of the normal-skin can stay as is.
  3. Dont use weaponskins to artificially hike the price, thank you.
  4. Give an option to buy any amount of Aquillas, if I want 400 I dont want to pay for a 500 bundle. I want to pay for exactly 400. So basically put in “<Price of 1 Aquilla> x = ”. Pretty much what I did. (And well you can just start at 100 Aquillas if there wont be an item below 100 Aquillas).
    5.Normal Helmets should cost 400 across the board, not 700 in some cases (a single helmet nearly being as expensive as a chest and leg piece? really?).

Timer, no ability to buy a single piece from bundles, cant look at the skins whole

Basically, a timer. What it doin? FOMO! There is literally no reason besides that as to why there is a timer. We had timers for Vermintide 2, but we at least got a SALE for that. Here, we get the opportunity to buy overpriced cosmetics! Wuuu.
What happens when the timer runs out? Very likely the front will be wiped and new skins will appear, when will the old skins reappear? Dont know. there also isnt a catalog of all real-money-items so you couldnt even see if one would come soon or is just straight up gone.

You cant buy any single items in the bundles. So if you want an item from that you HAVE to buy the bundle, another part of ‘encouraging’ you to spend more money than you want.
Why cant we do that, when we were able to do it in Vermintide 2? Money.

And for the last, you cannot see a character with the skin equipped. You can investigate the individual pieces, but you cant just demo-wear the outfit yourself.
You cant combo it with other things until you buy it, and there aint a refund option.

How do we fix it?

  1. Gone with the useless timer. Give us a whole catalog of all real-money-items. Make a sale-rotation like in V2 if you want to keep the timer.
  2. Make it availible to buy individual pieces from bundles and reduce the price of the whole bundle accordingly, if you own X piece reduce it by some pre-determined amount. Just like Steam Bundles do.
  3. Give us the option to demo-wear the real-money-outfits. It shouldnt be that hard to implement it. Make a “Demo” button appear when inspecting a piece. It gets temporarly added to your inventory to wear, but will be replaced with the standart gear if you leave the Opperator menu. The “Demo” button will appear on individual inspections and bundle inspections (if you inspect a bundle, you get the whole set).
    4.How to make number 3 foolproof: “If Demo item equipped = disable mission-board, meat-grinder, and be kicked by the server when trying to join a game with other means with a unique message”. And when the demo item was for some reason not deleted after going out of the opperator menu “If Demo item exists = 10 real minutes until self-deletion”. There we go, no way to get the fancy look accidentally into a misson. You could get it on accident into the hub. But that issue I got no idea (and I dont get paid for this, I wish I was).


Real-money price instead of premium currency (wont happen, I know that).

Bring prices back in line to V2 standards (DT has hiked them up).
Bring Weaponskin (100) and charm(50 or gold-shop) prices down to an reasonable level (some are 400, some even 900, that for RESKINS).
Stop using Weaponskins to hike bundleprices.
Option to buy the wanted amount of Aquilas (instead of bundles, just 1 to whatever amount you want, if a skin costs 300 you get 300. Not buying a bundle that gives 500).
Normal Helmets brought in line to all cost 400 (some already do, some others cost 700, 100 less than a whole normal-skin bundle).

Remove the timer, add a catalog for ALL Real-money-items. If timer has to stay, make it for a sale like in V2.
Let us buy individual pieces from bundles (you currently cant), and adjust the bundle price if you own stuff in the bundle (like Steam Bundles do).
Demo-Wear function. (For detail scroll a bit up). Basically, press a button while inspecting real-money items and you get a demo-version in your inventory. It is only to test it with other cosmetics you have. (cant bring it on missions).

Thank you for reading, lets hope something will change but we all know none of this will happen : )
(Why would I write it regardless? I was bored, thats why.)


all good suggestions

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it can happen we just have to send a boatload of emails, you’d be surpised how effective a full inbox can be. Totally didn’t just make a thread on that point.

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Do not say that!
They did a normal shop in Vermintide 2, so it is possible to do here again.

Also, if they bring e.g. an option to buy the Aquilas one needs for a skins (exact amount), we would have almost “real money” prices again, because -at least when buying them- we would see also the price in real $ money.
Still, I do not think it is out of the window, they would only need to add Darktide to their Vermintide 2 shop system. BANG. We would be able to see prices in real money and pay the same way.

Plus all the other points are SPOT ON.
Removing the timed skins and add back sales like in Vermintide 2 should be -even with Aquilas- no big deal and easily possible, so I hope that they do it in the near future, too.

Can not really add something meaningful what was not already said, so:
I second this.

FS, I know you can do it!

Fantastic suggestions, I really hope FS takes these into consideration! I honestly think this would go such a long way to regain some of the lost trust.