The longer we go without word, the more it seems that the 'itemization update' will be bad

See title.

Look. I get it. Some gamers said some mean things about your product and so you’re afraid to say anything because your words will be taken to mean what they say and then when you don’t tell anyone you mysteriously changed your plans you’ll be called liars.

But Fatshark, you need to put on your big boy pants and actually tell us something. The longer you delay on telling people what to expect from both ‘Secrets of the Machine God’ and the itemization update, the worse it looks.

Because the only reason to remain silent is if you know that it will either be underwhelming, or that it will be player-hostile and fail the stated goals…just like the original crafting devblog compared to the system you put out.

If that isn’t the case, if you actually made things work how the community wants…tell us.

If you think it’s not 100%, now’s the time to gather feedback, while you still have time to make adjustments. Don’t rely solely on the small circle of Discord playtesters. Get the opinions of the community at large.

But the longer you fail to say anything, the less hope anyone has.

You’ve essentially burned all the goodwill over a year and eight months of cosmetics greed, lackluster slow updates, and constant lying. You have essentially one shot left, and it’s this itemization update. You cannot afford to not tell us things.

But hey, I’m just screaming into the void here. After all, you guys are all busy with Vermintide, where your priorities clearly lie.


Being excited for Darktide updates have burnt me in the past so I can’t believe that the update will be good.
Would love to be proven wrong but I’ll just end up being burnt once more for believing in 'em.


I’ve gradually concluded that once Fatshark completed their contractual obligations to Microsoft for the Xbox version they decided to strip most of the game’s resources and experienced devs for VT2 Versus.

It’s the only thing that explains why we’ve gotten so little for the past six months.

Darktide is pretty clearly second or third on the priority chart, because Fatshark will happily abandon games that have too many problems for them.


They like posting stuff at Fridays or just before the update, so it’ll probably come this or next Friday.
It may be at Saturday for some people, depends on the time zone.



Sounds like some big time zone difference. From what I remember it was always on Tuesday or Thursday for announcements and blogs, with some info being revealed right before the update drops whenever that is.

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It somewhat random, but I usually wait for the Friday


Sir Humphrey… Is that you? :heart:


Erm, V2 has a different CM than Darktide. Quickpaw = V2. Strawhat = DT.

I get the frustration with the lack of comms, but you can’t really throw the V2 CM under the bus for doing the job he’s assigned to do.


Probably should have gotten some info last week, but if we don’t get an update tomorrow (2 weeks from update), there is something going wrong, but I’m not going to worry too much until then.

“B’aaaawwww! fatshark isn’t telling us things, they must have forgot us!” FFS, you should have figured out how they work by now. they’ll tell us something when they have something to tell. they don’t need to push their dev cycle for you, and as someone who played plenty of vermintide believe me when i tell you you do not want fatshark to rush things.


Lol, Yes, Minister. One of my all time favorites.

The High Lord of Terra somehow wrangled a win out of that one though.

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I was under the impression that Strawhat was part time and also juggling V2 comms.

I’m not sure about Strawhat as I don’t see them doing V2 comms very often, but Quickpaw does most of the V2 posts


I wouldn’t read too much into anything. FS seems to just announce and talk about stuff out of nowhere. The huge class tree update last year was announced by a gaming websites article if I remember correctly. No heads up at all

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Clearly it’s wrong that anybody thinks the CMs have total control over what they do and say, but I can’t help but notice that Fatshark does appear to have communication inconsistencies which align with shifting resources towards other projects or towards features that leave other parts of the project in a lurch.

I think chief amongst them is the typical “Oh no, we’re totally still working on content, we absolutely aren’t just shifting all our resources towards console ports because we didn’t make our original release window” only to abandon any content launch schedule for the sake of focusing on getting the ports out at the expense of content.

The problem here is a simple lack of trust in what FS says because, frankly, they’ve proven that they can’t follow through. If Fatshark says “We totally haven’t just shifted resources around, we promise,” I’m inclined to believe that’s exactly what they’ve gone and done.


Building on this the glass door reviews don’t exactly paint a pretty picture.

The word mismanaged seems to be thrown around a lot.


Fatshark are RNG junkies, they clearly think that is good for their games. Why? It beats me and everyone else. It doesn’t introduce more replayability, or a satisfying sense of game progression.

RNG obscures, at least initially, that the vast majority of those perks and blessings are pointless space fillers. A ruse which makes very little sense, unless you deal only with total newcomers to the game. Those extra “options” to offer anything of value would need more work and rebalancing. Then assuming those options offer more gameplay variety, they might actually serve a purpose, beyond just inflating the amount of tries before you end up with what is considered one of those few “perfect” perk/blessing combos.

As you can guess I have very little expectations around the incoming itemisation/crafting revision.


The stench of bad management just wafts off of everything Fatshark touches. No well run business with their number of employees should be even close to as inefficient they are. I’m sure they lose tens of thousands of work hours to useless meetings every year.

On the other hand, how many places have positive glass door reviews? :sweat_smile:


Ding ding ding!

Fatshark lies. It lies constantly. If it wants trust, all it needs to do is communicate without lying.

That they’ve chosen to be silent instead makes me suspect they know they can’t go without lying and still look good.