Ever since the vet ammo aura nerf

I get much more triggered by Ranged Zealots braced gun enjoyers or Gun Psykers that have 0 interest in the ammo economy of the team. They come in, blast through their whole ammo reserve in 2 minutes and from then on they run while we’re still fighting to be able to snatch the ammo bags to sustain their degenerate behavior regardless of team ammo status. I only play Auric so you’d expect people to know how not to behave, I’m not exaggerating with these examples, I’m not talking about the guy that presses his click 30% longer than they should. I’m talking about Rambo. I have some sympathy for the guys that are still farming their penances on Ogryn. Yes it’s less than half of the games, probably around 20% where you get a dude like that, but it still sucks especially if you’re playing a more ranged focused build. And no I don’t mean a build that is designed to do the same thing that I’m describing. For instance, now I mostly play Melee vet with heavy las pistol just to proc my Melee specialist and only shoot when I really have to, killing most elites and specials in melee, so basically a shittier Zealot but with Shout which is still an insane skill.

Guess it’s time to go back to psyker and never watch the team ammo status so that I have happier times while playing.

P.S I was one of the proponents for nerfing the Vet aura somehow, but now I feel that the scale has moved in the opposite direction way too much.


Gun psykers and gun zealots in general need to karkin’ stop. Legit handicapping the rest team and team performance as a whole instead of using veteran.
Theres only a tiny amount of Gp’s and Gz’s that actually cook.
90% of these goobers are cooked.
Funniest part is many of these goobers are controller players :rofl:


The survivalist nerf was very poorly considered.

People who play gun-based builds want to use their guns. Restricting ammo in this way just makes people compete for it, which often means unintentional speedrunning and/or super risky behaviour in the interest of not being the person who doesn’t get to use their gun.

The fact that it scales negatively with the difficulty ladder (ie, it gets weaker as the difficulty gets higher) is a huge red flag for the quality of the design and testing process.




Should Gun Pyskers stop even if they’re a strong contribution to the team?

That’s actually pretty based. tips hat

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I agree, i dont mind the nerf to the aura itself, it is the players who do not care about sharing or conserving ammo that annoy me. Like, if i mark an ammo stash, it is for the guy with 10% ammo left. Not you, dumb guy, who is still in white.


Is it real? I play gunpsyker (now im laspistol enjoyer) and i see only that veterans take ALL ammo. Even with 5% ammo spend.

Maybe it is not build related?

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the way i deal with it when it happens to me is to just accept my fate and stop shooting for a while, if they don’t get overwhelmed they get away with it, but if they do i just savor the moment and enjoy the clutch

the real problem is no one grabs ammo. its out there in abundance. there’s even 2 crates with 4 full resupplies each in every game instance waiting to be found. none of any of this is engaged by players anymore as they rip directly across an area and ignore all side rooms. then I pick up one of the 12 ammos before a drop and a Veteran comes over comms scolding me for touching it. seriously maps like baross are the worst for it, did you know that like 30% of the map’s items are right after that bridge? I never see anyone do anything beyond descend the staircase into that giant room, cut directly over to the right up the other and leave. I honestly think the issue is that people were too conditioned by free ammo to ever consider looting it, and still approach the game without the impetus to loot the resources it provides.



It’s the reason I run knife on my spammy Vet & GunPsyker builds, to quickly scour far away places people never bother to explore.

It’s also ironic that the only Vets constantly crying about ammo are the ones that always blow their load in the first few minuts of a map and expect that they’ve the right to every subsequent pack in the entire run.

If I don’t see you picking elite and special kills from the distance faster than me or the rest of the team I consider ammo wasted on you. Simple as. Especially in Auiric Maelstrom and HISTG
More often than not I’ve seen Auric runs where people willingly marked ammo for other players despite being red themselves if the player was performing well. I do the same since it makes sense to me.

Below match for reference.

Those two Ogryn always marked ammo for me when I was in orange or red, despite themselves going low. And I tried to be as efficient as possible, marking stuff for them in turn as well.
The Vet was a late join halfway but didn’t exactly perform well either, but still never ran out of ammo.

Another example

Pretty much everyone spammed their guns in this one. If anyone was in the red he kept using melee and prioritized the Vet and myself for ammo. No one whined about not getting any, because whoever had ammo put it to good use.

It isn’t. At least not in the times and zones I play (EU - 9 to 11pm). I very rarely see someone hogging and wasting all the ammo.


Here’s a little joke for ya!

What do you get when you demand nerfs for other classes?
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The 90% gotta stop.
It aint hard maining a ranged weapon if you already know what Zealot or Psyker does.
Only gotta worry about reload time and aim at that point.

90% of all players gotta stop.

I see knife zealots pushing too far and dies

I see ogryns just dont bothering to play with team

I see psykers blowing up themselfs

I see veterans that never use melee weapon or grenade.

This is not class or build, its players bad.


Salt is bad for your blood pressure.

All that Survivalist screeching is getting monotonous at this point. It has been weeks, the ammo is not a problem, unless someone purposefully sabotages the game. The kick option is there for a reason. Use it.


Level 300 vet here btw, Mr “Us vs them” conspiracy


I don’t get it.


Gun Ogryn is insane when it comes to raw damage output and can decimate just about everything with a good build. But if they keep the left click pressed all match there will be problems. It’s not about stopping, it’s about measuring.


Of course you’ll have Vets that do the same thing and it can be just as bad. The only things to consider is that Vets give back some of that ammo if they have the passive (now it’s very little since the passive is sh*t) and also it’s the class with the most ammo affinity.
As much as I hate the AVERAGE gun Psyker or gun Zealot it’s not only a class problem.


It’s the only way to ensure you have ammo for when things are tough yeah.


Yeah this gets my blood boiling, when a guy is like 20 meters away from a big ammo bag that’s been pinged even with an eye marker and they refuse to go get it and keep on shooting their ass off. This is the same for all resource wasting. On par with this is the guy that is 30% health and we’re close to a health station but refuses to heal.

I have no class under level 200 and play all of them regularly. I main Psyker btw.
The passive was too good, period.

I’m still of the opinion they went too far with it. It had to be toned down but it was a bit too much. And yes we’re more than fine if there’s no degenerate behaviour in the match. In fact when everyone is playing well we’re mostly in the white all the time. The point is that the old passive was a good cuscion against sh*t like this, but now it’s not enough.


I play scryer and what i need on maelstorm game depends on gun im use:

Columnus - 1 or 2 small ammo packs. Extreme ammo efficiency

Recon lasgun 7a - 2 big ammo packs. Good ammo efficiency.

Laspistols - 1 or 2 charges of ammobox. Poor ammo efficiency, but more faster and dmg version of lasweapons.

All weapons gold from 548 to 550

Lasweapons - dumdum + infernus

Columnus - dumdum + deathspitter

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I dunno if I can entirely blame game balance for gunkers and brauto zealots forgetting their build is really strong at melee too. It’s not like either of those NEEDS to eat ammo for every meal to be effective. I dunno in coordinated teams there are occasions where you probably want to actively feed 1-2 party members with most of the ammo, so any mechanic ideas to incentivise sharing ammo more would probably also encourage non optimal play in some teams.

Same with any other player input issue, what can you really do besides make gentle suggestions or block away. I’d be happy to see Vet get more ammo regen for themself but I don’t think returning to large amounts of team wide ammo regen is the sensible path here.


Any class that can be built as a ranged focus should have supporting ammo sustain options, and shouldn’t be reliant to this degree on a single vet passive, in the same vain as melee builds shouldn’t be reliant on one specific passive of, for example, an ogryn aura that is particularly powerful

either all auras are small buffs, that are useful but mostly not too noticeable, or all auras are game changers (in the sense that they alter your approach)

I prefer the second approach, let everyone bring a substantial aura that REALLY changes how you can play.
However, vet passive was the most useful by far amongst all the mid and bad auras at everyone’s disposal


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