Connectivity & Ping Issues Since the 3.4 Release

Any, even half thoughts about fixes? Steam beta fix did not work and I really wish to keep enjoying this game.

Also, I can see issues if this is same networking system that will be used in the new game, makes it hard to justify buying.

Still getting 130+ ping with friends I used to get 50 max with. As with everyone who has stated it (including myself if you scroll up to find my original post), it has occurred since you introduced the new Bardin.

Further, every person I play with complains, but instead of seeking solutions, they are just stopping playing the game.

Please please please, make some more concerted efforts to help before this game completely dies. I enjoy hacking down rats but not if I keep getting mad packet loss and lag.

  • I’ve had issues forever with ping in this game.

  • High ping even with players a state over or in the same state

  • Even when someone is hosting within my LAN network I have insane ping; 150-250ms. If I host for someone within my LAN network it’s the same for them.

  • People have mentioned in the past that the ping calculation is no longer just network latency, but computer processing ability as well. This doesn’t make sense for me due to a few factors:

1.) Both of my PCs are able to max the game out and get around 80+ fps in the largest hordes. So there should be no issues with the processing ability.

2.) Ports on the router are open

3.) Ping times to both my pcs and my router are around 1-2ms.

The before mentioned reasons are a big sign that PCs don’t actually host the servers locally contrary to what people have told me before (Not staff). From what i’ve figured out after pinging outside of my home is that PCs are connecting to steams datagram relay. That’s the only explanation for high ping times with local players playing together. They have to send data out to a host across the continent, then that host sends data back to the same house. I could also just be completely ignorant

  • According to my tests there is no reason that I should be getting such high ping times over LAN, or across the state.

console-2021-01-03-00.20.44-1e88f2be-0316-49cc-94dd-2a4028f87b8d.log (3.2 MB)

Region: Utah

Download region: Denver, though I have tried switching to places like Phoenix and Chicago with no change.

Really just looks like there’s not enough servers around the country

FYI: our developers are aware the Steam Beta has been unsuccessful.

Unfortunately those handling this have been away since before Christmas until (I think) tomorrow.

Hopefully we’ll see some movement on this soon.


Jesus guys, a new patch has crashed the game globally and only people able to fix it have been away for a whole month? 2020 was a great year for V2 (i really appreciate all the new content, DLC, events and cosmetics ) apart from december which was a complete tragedy. For over a month this game became borderline unplayable, with terrible ping (before the patch i had ping 20-30 max, now i always have 90-150, which feels more like 2x more), choppy animation, and worst of all, getting disconnected in 2 out of 3 rounds. I cannot recommend this game to anyone now, i can’t even play it. The game is great, but with those bugs it’s just awful.

I already posted console logs a few times, describing the issue, i just wanted to state the opinion, since you guys don’t respond on reddit and on this forum just redirect to this topic.


That is a recent change, there’s a good post a bit further up in this thread about it

Love this game, but this is something they’ve consistently done in the past (see WoM)


As an aside, is it all possible to stop releasing game changing updates right before going on holidays?

I understand it’s a big relief to release the content and take a well deserved break.
The issue comes with consistently breaking the game whenever these big updates occur and there is no one to fix it.

The result is that all your hard work gets outshone by the discontent with the broken system and long term wait for a fix. We love your game but can’t enjoy what we can’t play :confused: .


Basically a lot of people still want to play the game, but they don’t, they can’t play together, ping sucks. I really hope this ping issue gets fixed.
A lot of people I know simply not enjoying playing the game with high latency, some straight up dropped the game because it became unplayable.
I really can’t play with 90%+ of people I used to play with due to bizarre ping.
People in QP still have 120+ ping with me on average.
None of the advice provided in this thread helped anyone I know.


Quick play search range has been screwed since 3.4
Whenever I join someone else through QP the game insists I play with people from Asia or America even though I’m in West EU and there’s dozens of other lobbies close to me which the matchmaking just completely ignores.

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I listed my issues in another thread Julia has addressed… they all apply here.
AS HOST I’ve experienced everything from right angling hookrats/leeches teleporting you into their hooks and sucks from a complete 90 degree angle. Assassins just appearing on players, no pounce or animation. Elites and specials just appearing out of thin air mid attack animation then sometimes just vanishing. Severe issues when twitch is integrated on the higher diffs.
Getting high ping, like 200+… AS HOST!
Backstab audio not working and getting stabbed through block on all sides with daggers/flaming dagger- with 30% block angle on etc. Ghost hits frequently. Minos crashing game. Beastmen back to their balling out of your bum and having seemingly infinite range both forward and periferally on their melee tricks. Silent patrols. Executioners teleporting about whilst they swing their axes… we had one take a strike from me, disappear and instantly glitch into existence mid swing in front of the poor dwarf. Always a dead-in-one with no ability to block cos the swing is inside you as you were moving when it decided to exist in your spot.
Hope this helps. Good luck FS folks.

Region: UK. - here’s my last buncha logs.

console-2021-01-12-13.29.42-1943db2c-cb31-4689-89a3-b786dc33f136.log (1.1 MB) console-2021-01-12-09.21.34-3247b79a-5ac3-4526-9301-415393ffba34.log (1.9 MB) console-2021-01-12-02.03.23-32fb8b9a-a563-415d-8d84-c69100018c4b.log (2.3 MB) console-2021-01-12-00.25.44-c1e3e4c0-2551-43d2-a92b-00cd4e40a999.log (1.7 MB) console-2021-01-11-23.47.27-ebf43edc-8e74-46b9-bf8b-50a022e68a11.log (594.9 KB) console-2021-01-11-20.49.25-cfae34be-a5bb-4d44-a134-4962c51a2aa9.log (618.3 KB) console-2021-01-11-19.51.45-6597bb8d-ca77-471a-abca-980ee930fe21.log (293.6 KB) console-2021-01-11-01.54.33-4bc60de2-df3c-4d0f-8384-c5dc5643276e.log (1.1 MB) console-2021-01-11-01.43.05-b36035ce-7ce5-41e9-95a0-994199d9f05e.log (435.9 KB)


yeah… this was the worst patch in vt2 history! that means something… and there have been a LOT of bad patches before lets call it by the name ! its a total farce ! we can live with some bugs/issues they always reintroduce withh allmoost every patch but this awfull egineer update just broke the entire gameplay/mechanics only ( like most patches before did ) it make the game almost unplayable because of the broken connections.
its the only game with this kind of issue and im pretty sure its not a steam issue! if this were the case,
valve would have taken care of it and fix it long ago and immediately…

whatever… im not here to blame :wink: im here to get an answer from a dev or somebody… !
when i go into task manager and open the resource monitor and watch the network activity
is see unusual amount of entrys just from vermintide2_dx12.exe

and i wouldn’t be suprised if that’s part of the problem!

sry for umgak english

i hope anyone can explain what happens here…

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this excactly descrbe what actualy happen with this game since enginerr update :ok_hand:

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