Connectivity Issues Since the Season 2 Release


Since the Season 2 release, we’re aware some of you have been experiencing connectivity issues.

To help us solve this, we would appreciate it if you could post a description of your connectivity-related woes in addition to your most recent console logs, in the comments below. Please include any information you believe may be helpful for us.

Your console logs can be located using the instructions below:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs

Thank you in advance, and apologies for the inconvenience. :heart:

For issues that are not connection-related (such as crashes), please avoid commenting here and instead create a new post in the Technical Support category.


I have a problem where my loading screen changes from the level loading screen to a black one with a spinning logo in the bottom right, I have posted a topic about it here already, but I’ll post a console log here if it helps to collate any information.

I have included a console log taken today, where I left the game connecting to a random match for several minutes, towards the end of which the game says I lost connection to the host (After 6-7 minutes of black loading screen) and disconnected me.

console-2020-01-29-13.47.56-9bfe6901-a5d7-4513-8f36-95fff6b8e80a.log (386.5 KB)

Here is my console log.
My game aways lose conection after the update.
console-2020-01-29-01.37.06-07881da2-fb44-41f6-b3e3-71f69968b9ef.log (438.6 KB)

Im a xbox 1 user, and have been getting a “cannot connect to server” error for the past few months when I try to connect online. not sure if there are console logs I can send on xbox.

My chat seems to have a massive delay, several minutes so practicly usesless

console-2020-01-28-07.42.13-e5947e6c-2f2e-4655-ba6b-4fb27881368c.log (1.5 MB) console-2020-01-27-19.23.44-4ecb4c6f-3281-4dc5-b085-a023854dfb72.log (4.6 MB)

I was having no trouble yesterday, into last night-- so not sure if I was updated or not, but my Steam is set to automatically update, and my machine has been on.

Trying to play today, I launch, have to wait a very long time to get the launcher to appear, then start the game (official realm), then I have a very, very, very long wait before I get the full/black screen with the spinning V logo. Then I get a message of Server Error. Couldn’t log in.

I am including a bunch of console logs-- some from yesterday (working) and some from today (not working).

I hope this isn’t mod-related, as I haven’t been playing for months since the Halloween event broke my mods and I’ve only just come back in the last week and things seems to be working again.

console-2020-01-30-23.13.59-b0f9cb7a-eaf7-437e-a589-63ac3702feae.log (147.4 KB) console-2020-01-30-22.33.12-9f23c256-d283-4f3c-a919-01a9e0d8f7dc.log (147.5 KB) console-2020-01-30-22.26.34-7d5b1250-a8c7-4596-950a-21474e24b7f8.log (147.5 KB) console-2020-01-30-22.22.01-d73d902b-8dba-4bbb-95c0-45149243535f.log (147.5 KB) console-2020-01-30-01.30.16-f6601560-b217-4a7c-8d18-de9fff4a8b87.log (1.7 MB) console-2020-01-29-22.04.10-aa9975a8-99af-4eda-868d-a054b1859d0a.log (966.7 KB) console-2020-01-29-17.33.58-663107b2-72bf-4413-9800-daebcd877c79.log (502.2 KB)

Well, no explanation, but after rebooting the machine, the game started working again, with all mods enabled.

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May I kindly remind everybody that this post is solely intended for connectivity-related issues. To retain consistency and stay on-topic, I’ll be removing any crash-related comments. Please, raise your crashes or other issues in separate posts, and not in here. Thank you!


Sorry i already created a post but i think it belongs here

console-2020-02-08-23.01.30-542792ac-484e-4b95-af42-972f132226c7.log (2.7 MB)
And your Upload Maximum is too low for my other .log files of REPEATED disconnections in Quick Play. If time+life permits, I’ll start playing till issue occurs and closing game, to produce numerous logs. However my patience wore thin today, so I do not have more than one viable log.

Steps to replicate my playtime w/ “Lost Connection to Host” problem:

  • Quickplay Champion/Legend
  • Join Party in Taal’s Keep
  • Step in portal
  • Play through ~1/5th 1/4th of the level
  • Lose Connection to Host
  • Repeat all night

Steps to circumvent:

  • Open Lobby Browser
  • Filter by your last game map/difficulty
  • Find your Host that clearly is still playing w/ same party
  • Join and play, no issue.

Hello. I have a connection problem since yesterday. I can not join another games with people but only with bots . I am sending the logconsole-2020-02-10-23.02.46-7c1278f7-3421-4a28-92eb-92016636b16f.log (134.0 KB)

Here my last log :
console-2020-02-10-19.43.35-a839ec05-392e-4db0-a474-53c78b5aa90d.log (903.4 KB) ere is one of my last logs.
Unable to join a game, the other players lose the connection or cannot join me and if I manage to join a friend (this happens after ten attempts) I disconnect once the game has started.
I checked the integrity of the files via steam, uninstalled and reinstalled Vermintide on my SSD, tried to disable anti-virus and firewalls, added an exception to the anti-virus for Vermitide, nothing has changed.
I don’t know what to do anymore.
The second PC which is connected to the same internet network has no problem.

console-2020-02-13-15.01.29-e5c9093a-3c3a-4204-8d3f-6ba00b0540f5.log (4.7 MB) console-2020-02-11-22.37.04-2e2bb6e4-a38c-4a8b-acb7-baa7cdfb4b2d.log (105.8 KB) console-2020-02-10-13.37.26-8f055a45-cb51-451c-aca9-4c41f4fa3b61.log (414.4 KB) console-2020-02-05-02.49.01-8aec0a17-7eee-445b-9818-d0ba779670b3.log (4.0 MB) console-2020-02-04-15.46.25-a5f0cdc9-509f-4c03-8590-64d3614dbf18.log (141.6 KB)

i have Screenfreezes all the time, since the new Patches this Year. Sometimes its around 5 seconds!

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console-2020-02-03-16.53.31-6f24dc4d-bc15-4ad3-8971-49409c7dda0d.log (2.6 MB) console-2020-02-01-23.16.40-697a5c5b-8f63-47b7-b0b2-d184f8027da3.log (672.4 KB) console-2020-01-30-13.07.32-51daad56-b450-4bd1-8841-4ef23192fff3.log (2.5 MB) console-2020-01-27-14.33.01-d432a359-b855-48a6-81d7-85ef141902e6.log (3.4 MB) console-2020-01-25-14.08.41-9c644a21-f7d7-4675-a5c1-b4c88719124d.log (1.4 MB) Uploading: console-2020-01-19-17.50.38-4dded4d5-e359-46e0-9312-ef9c00aab7ae.log…

I (and many who I’ve spoken with during play) experience spikes of of lag, from minor to several seconds. The enemies usually continue moving in some manner and the connection is never lost, and also it seems aggro during these periods is mild as I’ve yet to die to it. In some oldet versions the enemies froze when a spike occurred, but not now.

Also I’ve been seeing flying / teleporting / phasing through enemies much much more than ever before.

I have received ”ghost” damage multiple times from an enemy whose attack animation is just barely started.

Load in times to an ongoing game may take anything from a few seconds to 5 minutes.

I can post logs if necessary but the only (to me) out of ordinary is that even as a client I get connections to all players (the line where it states the selected kbps cap per player) and I think this is new.

Doesn’t happen on games where the players are geographically very close and ping under 50ms. Or not as much at least.

One host with who we had bad lag issues later joined another game as a client (we both were) and as soon as he got in it started to lag.

My connection is 250/100 fiber FTTH.

Ok so I’ve come here largely with anecdotal evidence, as (quite frankly) I’ve always forgotten to get the logs.

Firstly, the initial loading time to get into the game can be very long, and whenever it is long I also get more frequent occurances of these issues;

Screen hanging for 1-4 seconds. This often happens when going from a closed area up to a wide area(sav moving from inside to outside) and it almost feels like the game is loading the next section of the map and gets stuck. I die or blow up to this very often due to ghost hits or generally not being able to block/dodge.

Sometimes I simply can’t join a game. I’ll have the chat notifications to say

Search range increased
"<> is joining the game

Then nothing happens and I get those messages again with a new lobby. There is no “connection timed out” errors or “lobby full” etc, just a reconnect to someone else, fail, reconnect to someone else, fail.

I have corrected this by returning to the Main Menu and then rejoining my own keep.

Less frequently I’ve had notifications “So and So has left the game” and they’re still running around bashing things, even when it’s the host only to complete the match, get the chest screen and get “connection broken”

Finally on maybe two occasions in the last month I’ve had a full party and continuous attempts throughout the match for a fifth to join, obviously failing but this suggests the engine thinks there’s a free slot.

My and my three friends all play on Xbox One. Since the latest patch we haven’t been able to play ANY ranked weaves. We get “broken connection” errors as soon as we step into the purple dome. This happens EVERY TIME, regardless of which of us is the host (I have a XB1X, they have regular XB1s).

We’ve had to stick with Quickplay Weaves, but there we get dropped connections much more frequently than before.


Adding to my previous posts since I cannot edit them.
Here are the logs from person number 3. We are 3 always in a group in basically any game.
So I thought this would give you great insight from all 3 perspectives I have.
V2_Logs.rar (3.4 MB)