Lots of "player has left the game" and broken lobbies in weekly

With the twins weekly, and playing it today we got alot of ‘player has left the game’, which causes the lobby to break and the host needing to restart the game and sometimes clients aswell. When the disconnect happens and you complete or fail a mission you get back into lobby with bots. Never had it sooo much on normal quick play, but on weekly we had it like every couple games.

edit; oops just saw this post, sorry. looks like its related to normal qp aswell Getting alot of connection errors

We’re looking in to this - but it would really help us out if you could upload the associated console logs.

Do you mean crash dumps? There isnt any crash or some error code of some sort. It’s just happens and when you wanna rejoin it says ‘timeout’

Nah, console logs please! Console logs are produced regardless of whether a crash occurs. :slight_smile:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs

Ok i’ll try and post them here when it happens again. i didnt know thanks.

I can give you some, had it a lot lately. Also Tzeentchian crashed the last 2 times, at some point during the game (two last logs).
I’d say the disconnects happened during every play session, so i’m just sending you some of the last ones.
console-2020-03-14-15.31.18-3e827422-1c27-4db0-9cf0-b0ef95a78bec.log (1.8 MB) console-2020-03-14-14.56.37-7c32c700-0782-40e0-b2b6-0d92b780c4d6.log (592.6 KB) console-2020-03-14-14.10.18-92e5336a-14a7-4af8-a8d8-bfea87343ae6.log (674.6 KB) console-2020-03-13-20.27.32-3040c096-e331-4ca4-8bc1-fb8a84ff8b21.log (3.5 MB) console-2020-03-17-20.17.10-eb2b4abe-8fe7-4a65-855d-dd999f14f2b2.log (457.8 KB) console-2020-03-17-17.49.09-fff4d735-a509-4d0c-918f-facfc6e2bbab.log (2.2 MB) console-2020-03-16-19.09.49-420c4e6d-df61-483f-8e2b-1bac9225d15f.log (1.6 MB) console-2020-03-16-19.06.46-62cdd593-ce8d-49bc-97eb-8854c21da1d2.log (255.9 KB) console-2020-03-15-20.19.39-180f234a-0863-482a-9197-32974da4a493.log (3.3 MB) console-2020-03-14-19.36.54-61158b5b-b866-45b8-856c-009827df3d85.log (689.9 KB) console-2020-03-14-17.47.36-5225d956-99b1-4623-8c10-1f12255c172c.log (3.8 MB)

If you want more, i have more. I’d say it started with the release of Blood in the Darkness.


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