FK Valian Charge: its stagger effect can be overwritten and and "canceled" by another source of stagger

Another source of stagger can overwrite and cancel FK Valiant Charge’s stagger.
The other “source” can come from another player (ult, weapon, etc etc) or from FK himself.

This can be easily tested.

Pick up FK + a shielded weapon (just to make the test easier, but this happens with every source of stagger) and fight a Chaos Warrior:

  • if you use Valiant Charge against the CW you knock down him at the ground for some seconds;


  • if you stagger the CW with a shield’s bash and THEN you use Valiant Charge (while he’s still staggered) you only make him barely tremble;

  • the same thing happens during the opposite case: when you use Valiant Charge for first and someone else applies another source of stagger to the same enemy.

It’s a bug that really cuts off a great part of FK’s potential.


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