Valiant Charge

Never seen this problem and fk Kruber is my favorite

It’s pretty rare for me. It mainly happens when someone else staggers the enemy I charged (Chaos Warriors usually work for me though).

I don’t know what problem here? That they stand up immediately ? Its stagger problem not charge one.

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It’s when their stagger from valiant charge gets overwritten by another stagger ‘input’, either from yourself or other players. It’s technically a stagger issue, but it breaks valiant charge. I’m not sure if stagger gets overwritten by normally pushing, like shield bash stagger gets overwritten by a normal push. If that’s the case then it’s even more broken. But otherwise it’s a valiant charge issue.

To op: they probably don’t know how to fix this as i can’t imagine they havent tried to find a solution in all this time.


I think it’s smth. with the status of an enemy unit. This problems only occurs while they are in falling animation, if an enemy is already on the ground it’s not happening afaik?!

I did have it before that a cw was on the ground and it stood up instantly. I was client so it might of not been fully on the ground for a millisecond.

It happens when the CW hit the ground with his full body aswell. He will either teleport into stand up lightly staggered animation, or full attack animation, like in the first gif.

Probably true.

Edit: no, all wrong what I said. It just looks to override the stagger thats it.

Still… This kind of nonsense shouldn’t happen in PvE.

The more Elites there are, the more noticeable it gets. If I would have let the recording run there would have been a total of seven of those clips on one map.
I would not call that “rare”, especially since this not only renders Valiant Charge a roll with a very real chance of getting your killed.

I would love to see what Shades would do if seven times a map they would stab themselves, or a team mate instead of killing the elite. Find it rather silly to even debate about this being okay in any way. It literally kills people without being able to do anything about it, but to just not use your career skill.

I believe you may have misread what I typed, as I was referring solely to my own experiences. I almost exclusively play Cata FoW where there are stacks of elites. It may be that I don’t see this occur very often because I usually play Foot Knight in teams with low stagger comps (DD/Longbow Shade, BH, etc).

I agree it’s a problem and it needs to be fixed. Foot Knight’s charge should override any other stagger in the game and not be overwridden by any.

I have been recently playing FK and have come to notice that as well. They are staggered for a split second and then nothing. I have also come to see fully knocking down a mauler and it coming right back immediately without it going through the normal movements of slowly getting back up. After seeing it a few times though, I realized that it wasn’t as random as it may seem. It seemed as if another instance of stagger resets the current stagger.

I think it is bad game play that a lesser stagger can override, reset, and trump a stronger stagger in its animation. That is something that should be fixed.

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After watching those clips, this is occurring because your dwarf was swinging his hammer at the target you were charging at and since hammer staggers on hit, it resets the stagger and applies his instead. I don’t think it’s a bug but rather an unintentional mechanic that is in the game.

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For the people who think this cant happen to completly knockdown targets.

Aaand a second time a minute after:

And here we have the “how to kill your team” scenario:

Just incase a fellow reader want to raise the “rare” flag again. This is, again, on the same map, the same run, and all those clips happen in between of 3 minutes.

I did a thread as well, time ago. This bug happens both when someone (even FK himself) overwrites Valiant Charge’s stagger… and when you use the charge vs an enemy already staggered.


Yeah inconsistency like this is definitely not what FK needs. I REALLY hope FS does something about this in the near future. Besides the obvious gameplay issue it brings, it’s just really jarring and immersion breaking to see enemies behave like this while staggered.

I always block cancel my valiant charges, so idk. But does someone know if it also happens without block cancelling? It should right?

Also this has been in the game from like launch so rip fk mains :frowning:


@Fatshark_Hedge I know you guys don’t like to weigh in too much, but any idea if this issue is currently on the dev team’s radar?

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He is gonna say ‘yes’.

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The bugs have developed stealth tech and also seem to use the ground clutter to their advantage.

This (meaning stagger overwriting) at least has been on their desks at some point as there seems to be a check for any on-going stagger before applying a new one. Funny enough, if the check comes as false, no stagger yet, the next few bits do pretty much what is seen in the videos here. Guess the flying kind of stagger is not noticed by that, or something, doesn’t count. If it is like that then it sounds like an easy fix, but probably still isn’t.

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