Low amounts of stagger reset fallen enemies

Issue Summary: When enemies are knocked to the ground by a large amount of stagger (such as Foot Knight’s charge), if left alone they will take several seconds to stand back up. However, hitting the enemies while they are laying on the ground with any attack or push will cause them to switch animations to the lower amount of stagger from the new attack - that is, they will instantly go from laying flat on the ground to standing up and only lightly staggering. This not only looks bad because the enemies glitch from one animation to another, but it also reduces the effectiveness of heavy stagger attacks since you can’t follow them up with anything without risking getting hit.

An interesting note is that this does not apply to Chaos Warriors - if you knock them down with FK charge or similar, they will complete their slow get-up animation regardless of what attacks or pushes hit them. This is of course how it should be for all enemies. A staggered enemy should always finish out their stagger animation unless hit by an equal-or-greater stagger effect, in which case they will stagger appropriately.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Be foot knight
  2. Charge into a horde
  3. Hit or push an enemy that is laying on the ground
  4. Observe

Reproduction Rate: Constant (100%)

Additional Information: This has been mentioned many times around the forum, but usually in the middle of another thread. I have never seen an actual bug report about it, so here you go!

[Attach a Screenshot and/or Video Evidence]
This is a very easy bug to reproduce, but if you need me to just let me know and I’ll set up my recording software again and whip up a video.

Not attaching log and all that because I’m not on my gaming computer, and this is a very widely known thing/not computer specific.

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Its kinda the same stuff when they ingnore all stagger they get during climbing or jumping animation, so they hit you as soon as they land regardless your pushes or slices etc…
Also teleporting berserkers are still a thing, so i dont expect any fix…

If I remember correctly CW used to stand up immediately just like any other mobs and FS fixed them unlike the rest.


Not really a bug though, enemies can’t be interrupted while climbing and that’s intended behavior. They are already completely vulnerable while climbing, you can do a lot of damage, so them not staggering is a way to balance it out (my guess). Could also potentially be a performance / animation glitch issue, hard to say.

So… did you put in an actual bug report about that? Sounds like lag or other connectivity issues to me.

Reported several times, i wont bother doing it anymore, wont fix it… And its not lag, its happening below 50 ping and even when hosting…
When you shoot the charging zerks they play the stagger animation while running (thats intended), but then they immediately skip into the running animation afterwards which result in a “teleport”.
Same as your standup issue, except its from ranged stagger, and a specific enemy.


Hum, when I shoot zerker they play they stagger animation, except zerker stagger animation is supposed to be played while they run, so they keep moving forward. I haven’t seen them teleporting, but indeed staggering them with ranged won’t prevent them to move, merely slow them.

About the stagger stuff, I imagine the game doesn’t compare well enough the intensity of the current stagger with the “new stagger”, so it only apply the new one. CW, being already extremely resistant to stagger, can’t be affected by new “light staggers” because they wouldn’t have been affected in the first place. But with a conc pot, you can actually make CW “glitch animation” by double charging them if I remember correctly ^^


CW also aren’t affected by new heavy-ish staggers that would normally stagger them, like shield bash.

try shooting a “staggered” charging zerk and see what happens :wink:
(with longbow or something that has stagger but wont kill them)

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