Mauler Skips Getting Up Animation and Strikes Back

One of many good things in VT2 is its consistency. Mauler used to skip their animations back when we were young and they still do it.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play someone capable of doing heavy stagger (preferably FK).
  2. Drop some maulers on the ground and watch.

Here’s the video:


I think it happened when you over wrote the first stagger effect.
I.E you do big stagger (they stagger) you hit them again with a smaller stagger (they not as staggered) and the code cant handle it, and instantly put them where the game thinks they should be based on the new, weaker stagger.


Exactly this. FK charge knocks them over but if at the same time something else does a lesser stagger it overrides the heavy stagger. Chaos Warriors regularly snap back their feet and boop you.


Truly the bane of FK. I really hope this is something FS gets round to dealing with before V2 is abandoned.


Really old bug. Has been reported multiple times too:


My favorite topic to rant about!

Imagine having a career that has one gimmick it is supposed to pull value from, which is knocking enemies to the ground and making them waste their lives by standing up again. Now imagine that gimmick being broken and ignored for YEARS, because the knockdown gets overridden by even light attacks!

Top it off by releasing a monster modifier that makes it impossible to yeet monsters into the abyss.

Bloody Battering Ram? Bone Shattering Disappointment fits much better.

If stagger overrides cant get fixed, or whatever “cant” wants to be translated in corporate lingua, rework the career skill. Meanwhile, reword Valliant Charge to what it actually does:

“Press F to knock enemies down, but don’t touch them, or let them be touched by your teammates. They will teleport into stand up, or even attack animations immediately!”


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