Enemies changing to much shorter stagger state if hit mid-air after Kruber charge

Upon request by @Mentis, I looked at the stagger interactions for Kruber’s charge and a weapon. Essentially, if you hit an enemy while they’re flying from Kruber’s charge, they will get a shortened stagger state and be on their feet instead. Doing it with a melee weapon was extremely difficult but I was able to reliably reproduce the result with a ranged weapon. The following video demonstrates this bug and interaction with numerous enemies(armored enemies are much easier to replicate the bug with because they stop him from charging past them):

Chaos Warriors can also be given a significantly shorter stagger state if you charge them almost immediately after you hit them with a weapon that can stagger them. The results aren’t that difficult to reproduce. I tried using non-stagger weapons to do the same but was not successful in reproducing it in those tests. The following video demonstrates roughly what the window should be in order to shorten their stagger as well as the bug in action:


I wonder if it applies to all ult-stagger effects though, not just Kruber’s. I would like to ask the devs to look into more of it on other characters.

It seems like you can, but the difference is so minor that it probably goes unnoticed when it does happen:

Foot Knight has the most powerful stagger in the game with his active. It’s the only move that knocks a Chaos Warrior and other enemies on their butts for for a while. Other characters have weak to moderate level stagger for their actives, similar to this:


This is a really big issue for FK vs elites.

1st thing is stagger overwriting. Weak stagger (animation) overwrites the powerful stagger (animation) from FK charge (which should not happen). It’s not limited to enemies flying, the overwriting can happen in any moment. I’m sure if you were to shoot, say, a stormvermin later, while he tries to get up, he’ll skip current animation to play a brief flinch instead.

2nd thing is stagger overwriting not happening (when it should). Its probably only about Chaos Warriors. When they play stagger from weak source (2h hammer), or medium source (frag bomb, pyro ult, conflagration staff…), then during that FK ult won’t do anything to them.


@OenKrad thanks to have shown that.

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