Chaos Spawn is too resistant to stagger

Out of all the bosses, the Chaos Spawn is absurdly resistant to stagger. Not just that, but its recovery time after being staggered is insane. It’d be nice if the recovery time wasn’t as fast and it got pushed at least a tiny bit further.


Wow I thought they felt like they recovered too quick!

Side note, does the +35% stagger power talent affect his Ult?

I don’t know. I think Footknight’s active just staggers the same regardless(which should be always). The distance the Chaos Spawn will move is really small though whether you use a bomb or anything else, when you compare all the bosses. It also has incredibly fast stagger recovery time compared to the rest of the bosses.


Messing around on BW, I noticed you can ULT them, then bomb them and they go flying back and seem to get staggered a bit longer. I think this puts them in the max stagger position for max damage. Because a WHC running forward with BoP and doing his ULT chunked his HP so damn fast. I’m guessing his ULT kept up the stagger as well. Never seen a boss die so fast.

I agree with the OP.

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