[PC] Vermintide 2 - 4.6.4 Patch Notes


Patch 4.6.4 is out to crush a bunch of the issues introduced in 4.6 last week.

If you aren’t up to speed on the fixes so far, or the changes in patch 4.6, you can see all of those in the 4.6 Patch Notes announcement.

4.6.4 Patch Notes


  • Fixed a crash client-side players could sometimes encounter when switching characters while striking an emotive pose.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players went to salvage a new and unseen item in their inventory before hovering over it.
  • Fixed a crash client-side players could encounter when dying and respawning under the AoE of a Cursing Grugde Marked boss.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when completing a Weave with at least one player ‘waiting to be rescued.’
  • Fixed other various, unspecifiable crashes.


  • Battle Wizard’s fire trail combined with ‘Lingering Flames’ left a dot dealing the same damage as the fire trail. This has been reverted to only applying the smaller lasting dot from the explosion part of the ability, while the trail damage is dealt only when the enemy stands in it.
  • Sienna’s DoTs applied from different sources now again apply separate DoTs.
  • Battle Wizard’s ‘Famished Flames’ should now deal increased DoT damage.
  • Unchained should no longer be able to die instantly when exploding from overstepping max overcharge, rather than being downed.
  • Dual-wield weapons should no longer consume Shade’s ‘Shimmer Strike’ when striking something that does not die from her ‘Infiltrate’ strike.
  • Handmaiden should no longer be able to dash into invisibility permanently when using ‘Gift of Ladrielle’.


  • Troll axe should no longer being dealing extra damage when hitting players through block.
  • Fixed shielded enemies keeping their guard up when knocked into the ground.
  • Players should now be able to stagger enemies as expected.
    • Explosion stagger now overrides all staggers.
    • Pushes can override explosion staggers.
    • All other staggers override each other.
    • Enemies are no longer unstaggerable when staggered during climb animation.
  • The ‘Warchief’ Grudge Mark should now spawn less enemies less frequently.


  • Fixed UI on upgrade shrines in the Chaos Wastes.
  • Fixed the cursor staying active when changing a setting that requires a soft restart.
  • Fixed various hitmarkers and crosshair indicators to display correctly.
  • Fixed text overflow in the inventory talents page.
  • Writing E or Q in Twitch mode in Chaos Wastes should no longer swap tabs in the interface.
  • Fixed a UI alignment issue in the map area selection menu.
  • Tweaked bot career selection icon to be more unique based on feedback.
  • Fixed the ‘careers equipped on’ tooltip segment appearing for items it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed sliders in the settings menu sometimes displaying an incorrect value (the correct value would still be saved).
  • Fixed the crosshair HUD being visible in the ‘Act on Instinct’ (no HUD) mutator.
  • Store marker should now only show when there are unclaimed rewards.
  • An error dialog will now be displayed when a cosmetic purchase fails.
  • Fixed Fortunes of War displaying as ‘Weekly Event’ in Steam Rich Presence.


  • Character SFX should now trigger appropriately for client-side players.
  • Fixed Warrior Priest’s and Sister of the Thorn’s career abilities still having ‘melee camera movement’ when disabled.
  • Huntsman should now only play his ‘end ability’ sound when his ability…well, ends.


  • Non-melee attacks can no longer proc the ‘Frenzy’ Grudge Mark buff.
  • The camera should now trigger ‘photomode’ when a player holds ‘X’ while performing an emote.
  • Mousewheel zoom sensitivity in ‘photomode’ should now be lessened for ease of control.
  • Player outlines should now be disabled when players enter ‘photomode’ with the HUD UI hidden.
  • Changing weapon illusions on your secondary weapon should no longer equip the same weapon in both slots.
  • Reverted some unintended changes to the Chaos Wastes ecomony (less coin caches and some cheaper boons etc). The economy should now be what you all are familiar with.
  • Players should no longer be locked out of their weapons when giving teammates an item.
  • Fixed Unchained’s passive not exploding when pushing her overcharge over the limit while emoting.

Is this the end of the 4.6 patches or are there still some fixes in the pipeline? Seems like the most problematic issues are solved for the moment.

Is this the end of the 4.6 patches or are there still some fixes in the pipeline? Seems like the most problematic issues are solved for the moment.

Too early to say honestly! See how this one goes.

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Fire bomb DoTs still not working as in pre-4.6.

Pretty good looking hotfix. I’m very glad you guys were able to push it out in just over a week even with all of the other more critical, crash related hotfixes.

That being said, I’m having real trouble understanding this logic though. Unless this is a compromise solution due to technical issues.

I would not label these sorts of results as ‘expected.’

For the record, that build cannot stagger Cataclysm monks with normal pushes. It falls short of that breakpoint due to lacking Opportunist, Staggering Force, and about 20% Power vs Skaven/Berserkers.


Apparently, the stagger overwrite bug is back. This was fixed in Patch 4.6:

After Patch 4.6.4, if you push an enemy knocked to the ground by the Foot Knight ult, they will immediately stand back up:

Source: Peanutchoc comments on Did Large Fish revert the best change this patch?

I prefer Patch 4.6 behavior where pushing them won’t make them stand up.

Linking the old stagger overwrite bug reports for reference:


Low amounts of stagger reset fallen enemies
Enemies changing to much shorter stagger state if hit mid-air after Kruber charge
FK Valian Charge: its stagger effect can be overwritten and and "canceled" by another source of stagger
State of Knight
Several bugs - knocked over northmen frothers, Bret longsword riposte locking, Saltz red crossbow illusion, HM half a stamina shield bug
Valiant Charge
Enemies can have their stagger cancelled on uneven ground
PS4 Footknight ult knockdown is ignored by enemies occasionally
Mauler Skips Getting Up Animation and Strikes Back


@BongoSkaggs @hollerbach So they attempted to fix this multiple year old bug, their fix caused further issues so they gave up and reverted the fix? That’s what I’m hearing from all this, but that sure is NOT clearly communicated in these patch notes.

Fat Shark, my disappointment is immeasurable.

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At the very least chaos warriors still stay on their backs after FK charge. Out of the enemies I tested immediately after the patch they were the only things that didn’t pop back up.

Of course, the other thing I instantly noticed with FK charge and chaos warriors is that you can’t chain stun them anymore. If they’re on the ground or getting back up they just won’t move for nothing. So purple potions on FK still aren’t terrible useful for controlling them.

Edit: Finished testing the rest of the elites and wargors. CW are the only ones that seem to 100% remain on their backs if pushed while knocked down. Everything else pops up and does their push stagger animation.

So yeah, don’t push things that are knocked down. Attack them instead, that at least seems to be working perfectly.


Damn, I was so happy about that fix :frowning:

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I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the hotfix or the main patch, but persistent ammo counter doesn’t show me my ammo, just my friends’.


If you are referring to the missing persistent ammo counter, that´s on Fatshark´s end and only they can do something about it. Which might come out along with the new CW patch if we are lucky, otherwise it might be 6 months later…if lucky then.