Beastmen stagger problem + beastemen elite, special

My friends and I experience it on a daily basis. Today was the most noticable one. On engines of war we stood on the wooden bridge, heading to the first grimoire. I told them to wait for the beasties on the bridge, only 2 ways they can attack from. I played as footknight, tried to get temphp, but when i charged into them nothing happened. they did not fell to the groung or knocked back. nothing. they totally ignore shield bash as well sometimes and of course hits as well. maybe it’s a timing isse in their attack animation and the hit they take, i dont know. If i host or i am a client (no lag, 40-50 ping constantly) it happenes from the very first days since they infested the game.
How to reproduce it? Stand in a place where they only can reach you from only one, or maximum 2 ways. they will stack up, the ungors WILL stab through from the 3rd line into the players, and the mass they have will add and the stagger mechanic will die. BUT single gors do this too. do they have more mass than a CW or a stormvermin? this is why they cannot be staggered correctly? I dont know whats wrong with them, but i cannot believe that if i can stagger a chaos warrior with shield bash in his attack animation with no crit, then why a single gor hits me when i shield bash it in the face with a crit? after it happens, the gor wont be staggered, it keeps hitting me.

I think there was a patch where the multiple bestigor charges pn the same player was fixed (the same player cannot be targeted by multiple bestigors’ charges in a line, fixing the stunlock they hold the player in). Nowadays they do it again. I heard a bestigor charging on me (the sound goes different), i charged on it (footknight) and in the same time i hit the F i heard another bestigor charging on me while the first kept running towards me. after a few seconds another. That counts 3. I saw during that match that my sister was kept in a stunlock by 2 bestigors as well.

Multiple banners on top of each other. 3 was the maximum number i encountered, but 2 is usual.

The issues i wrote here was on legend diff today and yesterday.

Specials have twins nowadays. i shot one, then the killfeed said that i killed 2 gunners. they overlap each other like there was only one. happenes to hooks, gasrats, everyting. elites are in one hitbox, if they die, you know what hit you for more than 120 hp. 2 stormvermins overheading exactly in the same hitbox, the same animation and exactly the same time. they die, and they fell 2 different directions.

Lots of us would like to see the fixes what pains us. the things what i wrote in this report are sooo annoying to have, beastmen were always bugged, broken. dont nerf them, make them behave/work properly. the stagger issue i mentioned is not a feature i hope. the attack range the gors have is another. beastmen always “hit in”, no matter what you do, how well you dodge during horde, how hard you push or stagger (try to stagger at least) them. I like the new fraction, but untill these stuff happenes i keep the dlc disabled, telling my friend to disable if they are not satisfied and telling others not to buy it who ask me about it, because it gives only pain.

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I’m not 100% on this, but FK charge has felt weird to me for a while. I frequently get hit immediately at the end of it from enemies that should have been staggered by it (or maybe they’re doing insta running attacks from just outside its range as soon as it finishes, hard to tell).

Oh and I forgot this. I experienced this too. The staggered enemies hit instantly


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