Stagger Proof Headbutt

Recently I’ve encountered a starnge thing. One of the gors decided to ignore the fact that I was pushing him and headbutted me.
I honestly don’t know how to reproduce it, so here’s the video:

Was I simply too far to push gor? But I clearly heard the push sound.
Is it another hidden feature of beastmen infantry to make life harder for players? But it was just champion.
Would be great if someone could provide an explanation.
Also, bots and stormfiend act inadequate when tornado is around.

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Some attacks have higher threshold to be interrupted by stagger, that is probably the reason. Honestly, the problem is with that stupid attack that is too fast, very hard to spot, and impossible to block or dodge with almost any ping higher than 40-50. It one of the beastmans problem and was discussed several times.

Funnily if you slow the clip down to 0,25 speed you can see that you actually shoved the ungor behind the gor.

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I was bored and wanted to test anyway, as Beastmen still annoy the heck out of me with their inconsistancies shown in the OP.

They don’t seem to have any stagger resitance at all.
The issue seems to be they just straight up get to ignore player attacks/pushes sometimes (even without banner buffs).

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