[Rework] Footknight, like an AVALANCHE! Is this really so?

Strategically… ye, I admit it, I have a plan to sabotage the forum :expressionless:

You haven’t understood my speech. I said that Valian Charge, often, can stagger only the first elite FK meets (since one armored enemy stops the charge and since the very small stagger AoF).

So I would like to see a larger AoF at the impact OR the ability to go through armored enemies.

The bug is another speech. In theory Valiant Charge can knock down a Chaos Warrior. But, because of that bug, many times you can barely make them tremble. I think another player can overwrite Valiant Charge’s stagger with another weaker.

Me too. In fact people focus themself on this point… but, as written in the first topic, it’s an advanced speech. Imho the priority is another.

Honestly I think that IB’s invincibility (wich is a passive, so you haven’t yo give up none advantage) is stronger since it can protect you from sudden attacks, wich are the most dangerous ones.

FK’s inv can protect you from certain situations, like a gas rat or a stormer, but it’s much more situational… because it’s not always active.

Moreover, when you use Valiant Charge, you stagger the enemies… so they can’t attack you. I mean, those 3 seconds are precious to make the ult safer (as it should be)… but they aren’t 3 seconds during which you absorb a huge amount of damage.

Moreover you have to remember that IB has +80% damage reduction (in addition to the base +30%) for 15 seconds.

The problem of FK’s attack speed is that it’s useful mainly when you play an aggressive version of FK… wich is IMHO a weaker Merc.
With a shield, for example, it can be deleterious… because, using the combo bash + push with too much attack speed, you lose too much stamina (while the stagger is more or less the same).

Anyway you are right… start the speech “FK vs IB” is not a useful thing.

We explained each other our point of view… I think it’s nice :slight_smile:

Good question… but honestly I can’t answer. I would not know how. I only feel that it can’t be like WS’ regen, wich has an infinite radius, but it should be larger than now… since the game, mainly during bad situations, forces you to take some distance from your one only enemy.

I’m totally sure: I tested it more times.

The only advantage Stagger Force brings is the ability to stagger Monks out of their combo. Wich is useful, no doubts, but you can’t use an entire talent only for one enemy.

Using the shield, IB and FK can stagger CWs in the same way… rather IB can do it more safely since even if he makes an error ther is Gromril’s protection and since the higher stamina regen.

FK has the ult, sure, but for this reason I would like to see its bug fixed (the bug that doesn’t let you to knock down CWs) and I would like to see the possibility to stagger more CWs at time (for example with a bigger stagger AoF at the impact).

Even because we must not forget that IB can make harmless for 15 seconds an infinite quantity of CWs.

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Thanks for answering. That range is pretty far, it does help for players that are cut off from their team or when a team is all over the place, it’s a matter of finding a sweet spot but i think it’s fine currently, but maybe fs will look into it a bit more after reading this.

Talents making passives work differently is already in the game. Example: whc tag dmg increase talent. It increases the passive tag dmg. You are right about aura’s having alot of things that could be done with them, like adding a trait which increases an aura by a bit or talents which can add something but lose something, there could be some good ideas in that if it gets implemented and thought out well enough and ofcourse well balanced.

I don’t really have an issue with giving him invincibilty, it’s just if we add it right now with the current ult talents, i think it would be a bit too good, but thats a personal balance opinion. Adding it with reworked ult talents i wouldnt have a problem with, depending on those reworked talents.

I’m not sure I see the game as the dev team does. But the diablo side which they tried to implement is currently, in my opinion, the weak point of the game overall. So as I see fit to rework the properties, I also want to see more varied builds (like very strong on their core focus point and kinda weak on the others). So to me, an “infinite range aura bringer” does not seem cheated. Nether an infinite arrow elf, or a master duplicate bomber.
It’s all a matter of keeping current difficulty and adding varied builds.

General thoughts on OP’s post and the thread in general. The aura is definitely too small. Doesn’t need to be massive but does need to be bigger than it is currently.

@souI23 I don’t think you have a great grasp on stagger breakpoints. No, staggering force on its own doesn’t hit many useful stagger breakpoints for most weapons. However, comboing it with things like opportunist, Taal’s champion, power vs properties etc. let’s FK hit a bunch of stagger breakpoints nobody else can eg staggering a Chaos warrior out of any attack with SnS heavy/push (admittedly heavy investment to reach this), or reliably staggering any type of berserker with 2H Hammer light or heavy attacks (my personal favourite stagger breakpoints for him). There’s heaps more but hopefully you get the point.

You can’t just look at all these talents in isolation when it’s the possibilities when combined that defines the class’ strength. You don’t take Taal’s Champion to be a weaker Merc, you pick it reach stagger breakpoints Merc can’t while still being tankier and putting out passable damage.

All that said as well as auras there’s a few things I’d like to see tweaked with him. Attack speed on push should last about a second longer IMO to be much use with a number of his weapons. I would like to see counter punch get its previous duration back but I’m not too fussed on that. It’s Hero Time I’d love to see changed to something like 20%-30% MS when you’re the last man standing (activating upon last team mate going down, not when they actually die). This would at least be a strong clutch talent, albeit still situational.

To be clear, I think he’s good overall and in a better spot than probably ever before. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t benefit from a few tweaks here and there.

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I agree.

As written in the thread, I was talking about Shields. I would like to see a better synergy between Staggering Force and them (even because shields are mostly meant to be used by FK and IB). I don’t like and I don’t want to talk again about FK vs IB… but, since the dwarf has much more toughness, I would like to see FK capable to staggers, just a little be better, CWs with Shield’s push/bash.

Honestly here I simply don’t agree… there isn’t too much to say.

I agree.

I agree.

Honestly I don’t like that talent… but if it must exist, I would prefer a flat +10% movement speed. Just to fit a little be better with the mobile tank FK’s style.

Ye, I agree… I mean, the point “weaker Merc” (true or false) is totally secondary. The aggressive talents, for me, can also remain. Imho the priority should be some aspects to refine (like the ult that can be very bugged).

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I did some deeper tests about Valiant Charge stagger’s bug. You can find them here.

Sadly I don’t know how report a video, but the test is pretty easy to repeat.

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Valiatn charge should be like a bestigors charge, Steer it round corners and everything goes flying into the air or knocked out of the way. EVERYTHING.


I love this comment.

That bug hits the Foot Knight hard, especially if you rely on push attacks. e.g., I hit a CW with Valiant Charge, he is on his knees, I then push attack with my Greatsword (because that’s the attack with the most armored damage) but pushing him makes him stand up again immediately. This messes with my stagger damage bonus especially since I use the Mainstay talent.



It’s hero time should just instantly give you your ult cooldown when a party member goes down, can only trigger once per minute or something like that.


Best freaking idea I’ve heard about that talent, the more I think about it the more I like it. Yes.


I would love it.

This change would be a good start. However (if I’m understanding correctly) it would only be useful if you’re ult was off cooldown. Perhaps instead it could act like a conc pot for 5 seconds, or long enough to give three charges? This would be powerful, but if its limited to once every minute (or whatever time is most balanced) then it balances out.


Or instantly charge Ult + give the Ult a bigger stagger radius for 5 seconds? Would make it feel like it’s bloody hero time :slight_smile:

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I like this idea. I tend to use Merc more than FK when I want to add more party support to members that fall. Doesn’t make sense seeing as FK should be more influential at supporting downed teammates.

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This I don’t dig so much. The idea is to enable Footknight to be a big damn hero and just charge into whoever disabled your friend. Making the ult go off cooldown is good enough for that. If it wasn’t on cooldown, then you didn’t need the buff so it’s fine.

Like, I think this version of the talent would be powerful enough, even with a cooldown, that it can afford to be redundant every once in a while.
Let’s be fair here, in most situations where a teammate is disabled, he either got hit by a special, or was knee deep in trouble. In situation A, having the ult doesn’t matter. In situation B, most likely everyone is knee deep in trouble and you’ve probably used your ult recently anyway.

Should a Foot Knight not always have their ult ready for that type of scenario? I think it would be more effective if it enabled Foot Knight to save players that they would not normally be able to, and being able to charge twice isn’t going to scale that well into bad/extreme situations like that. Increasing revive speed for the duration of the effect is another idea I’ve seen mentioned in the forums.

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Revive Speed is a waste of a Talent on anyone with the ability to charge, or push, since you can make revives 100% safe that way. If the situation is too screwed up for that, the gentleman you revived will go down in a matter of seconds again.

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That’s why I’d personally prefer a more proactive rather than reactive talent. Increasing the damage reduction for nearby players that are low on health could work, but it could also stack too well with some of the other damage reductions.
The main issue is the underlying idea of the talent relies on someone or the team as a whole messing up (this kind of extends to Foot Knight’s overall design as well). I can’t think of anything that can change that without making it into something else entirely. That wouldn’t bother me, but some people like the way FK works now, so idk. I don’t think that should be taken away from them, but other playstyles should be possible. If the other two talents on that row were good It’s Hero Time would be to easier to ignore (for me at least).
Here’s some ideas:

  • Staggering enemies gives free pushes for 1.5 seconds. Can only activate every 1.5 seconds. Encourages an aggressive bruiser like playstyle, which is healthy for a team.
  • That’s Bloody Teamwork could Instead be 10% per nearby ally, but only stacks up to 20%. That would be more consistent, since having your entire team at the front line is unrealistic, but having two isn’t.
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