Staggering Force (FK), Shields and "unfair damage" taken

Let me do a little premise. I already wrote about Staggering Force into my Foot Knight’s thread… but I used the wrong words and many people have misunderstood.
I would like to explain better that point and deepen the argument.
If this is considered spam, just let community mods to delete it… please, let’s not start a discussion about this.

I would like to see a better synergy between Staggering Force (FK’s talent) and shielded weapons (Sword&Shield, Mace&Shield).

The only advantage this talent gives (I repeat: using a Shield) is the ability to stagger Monks out of their combo… and only for a very brief instant (in fact often they can still attack us before we can continue our combo).
An entire talent for one only enemy.

Since Shields are mostly meant to be used by tanks, it seems to me pretty sad if they can’t have some unique synergies with that talent… moreover this would help FK’s niche, wich is meant to be less resistant than IB but with better staggering abilities.

Some ideas:

  • Chaos Warrior: both using or not Staggering Force, you can stagger CWs except during:

    • Overhead attack;
    • Diagonal sweep from below;

    An idea could be the possibility (using the talent) to stagger a CW out of the Diagonal sweep.

About CW, diagonal sweeps and shields I would like to add one thing, and this is the reason I wrote UNFAIR DAMAGE in the title.

Shields should be the safest weapons but, sometimes, they “can let you to take some unpleasant damage”.

You see a Chaos Warrior that is into a “staggerable” phase. So you attack him. While you are already using the bash attack with your shield (so when it’s too late to stop your attack), the CW can start the diagonal sweep… wich, as said, you can’t stagger it but, unlike the overhead animation, it’s pretty fast… so it just hits you.
Iron Breaker is partially protect thanks Gromril’s curse… while FK is in really danger.

  • Packmaster: another idea could be let FK + Staggering Force + Shield to stop a Packmaster with a push/bash;

  • Monks: as written, you can stagger them but only for a minuscule period… they could be remain staggered for a longer period, in order to let you to chain bash and push more easily.