Connectivity Issues Since the Season 2 Release

I constantly can disconnected from host as well as others disconnect from me. It started hapenning after I purchased DLC back to uberisk and winds of magic. Can It be fixed? idk how people play with it

I just bought this game, for PS4 and after playing the prologue and few rounds on line , i received a conection error message . Now everytime I try to conect I receive the same error. I restarted ps4, router countless time, even excluded and reinstalled the ganme, but keep receiving the same messsage. I am just able to play off line.

I just played V2 for the first time in months the other day. Now EVERY TIME I am logged into steam, it says V2 is open and running when it isn’t. I can’t stop it. There is nothing in my task manager saying it is open and it won’t even let me uninstall. help!

Here are my console logs of today.
My game had a back end error at the end of a mission and afterwards almost directly after starting the game.
console-2020-08-31-12.40.04-d814c29d-d4ab-44c6-be9f-569d1b92d727.log (245.2 KB)
console-2020-08-31-12.58.10-a25f467a-ef81-44f8-831f-a03dc26218ce.log (2.8 MB)
console-2020-08-31-15.21.48-9f0bdbc5-4be8-4968-ab22-0ce813b9e1a5.log (229.1 KB)
console-2020-08-31-15.30.43-bb84fdf5-4f95-40e4-87f3-2ef22876ed2f.log (47.2 KB)
console-2020-08-31-15.33.06-964142d8-c93a-48fe-a7b5-1429e5612cc9.log (47.6 KB)
console-2020-08-31-15.35.32-996aa831-3196-48de-9b95-511ccd10825b.log (47.2 KB)

I’m having problems at staying connected to the game. I’m constantly being signed out by the system.

console-2020-09-01-19.11.04-bdb5a64d-0e73-4e89-b796-7cc1f7942212.log (47.4 KB) console-2020-09-01-19.37.34-a02873b0-ba0c-4661-bed0-eaac6bc2fbdc.log (47.9 KB) console-2020-09-01-22.27.01-8bc34953-55a1-4130-92d1-4bbf9f32e59b.log (47.4 KB) console-2020-09-01-23.02.50-c2661a2b-9c81-47e4-b552-60c09a224948.log (551.8 KB) console-2020-09-01-23.42.24-966e9c5d-3f4b-449d-90c2-63b879db7cb8.log (181.7 KB)

Since last Update i’m getting “connection to server lost” errors while playing. Doesn’t matter if I play with DSL connection or with LTE Internet. My ping seems fine, at least it’s green if i press tab. Distance to servers is also not crucial. I’m from Germany. Doesn’t matter if I play with friends from Russia, Greece, Spain or Germany. Played this game for years. Since the new update something seems wrong. console-2020-09-07-16.50.50-509a61e4-7917-4eb3-a959-010b542beef9.log (1.5 MB)

4 times in two days
Are there any connection problems?

Ty !

I get an error (disconnect) in the END of the match, just after entering the portal to exit the map and get xp and loot.

It means I can’t level up and receive any loot…

console-2020-09-23-17.11.26-c697a903-49f4-4324-a424-27dd9e7e5306.log (1.0 MB) console-2020-09-23-17.49.43-fac10f5c-d253-43b4-b6ea-fee2061f5b20.log (1.5 MB)

console-2020-09-24-15.02.39-66e23e41-ae96-41f1-a366-b303571e2c51.log (1.8 MB)

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