Community Update #6: Signal Update


In today’s community update, we’ll discuss our first significant content drop for Darktide. Due to a technical issue we found when testing one of our weapons, we’re targeting this update to arrive tomorrow, December 15th. We’ve been reading your comments on Steam, the Fatshark Forums, and Reddit and acknowledge your request for more communication, transparency, and where we’re at. Since launch, we have released a decent amount of updates and improved stability for many players, but we still recognize the need for more clarity in certain areas. Today’s community update will focus on what this drop, and with it, Patch 10.0.20 will contain, as well as give insight into some of the key areas we’re addressing.

For future community updates, we aim to cover specific topics of concern that you all have brought to us to communicate how we intend to move forward with those areas of feedback.


First and foremost, we prioritize stability so you can all play the game uninterrupted. We’ve identified several critical issues and are working on fixing them to get there.

We want to give you a look at what those priorities look like from our end. This is a partial list of every stability issue we are investigating, focusing on the most critical and frequent issues we have found.

Actively investigating

  • GPU-related crashes: This is our number one priority in tracking down and fixing, and we continue to investigate this issue further with multiple teams in the studio. We aim to push fixes for this issue every patch. This upcoming patch should contain some fixes for these crashes, though we continue to monitor any further causes that could relate to this issue.

  • Penances are not updated when users disconnect or crash during missions. We are investigating this, though it may involve a more significant overall fix on how we track and record player penances in-game.

  • Players receive error codes 4008 and 2007. We are still investigating what causes players to meet a 4008 during gameplay, but we’ve begun to deploy some fixes to help players avoid meeting error code 2007 in previous patches.

  • Problems with Twitch drops and account connectivity with Twitch drops. We are still investigating this issue, and our backend team is currently looking into possible causes.

  • Players reporting that no rewards or progression are given after mission completion (XP/Credits). This issue is possibly related to contracts not progressing, though is pending a solve as we keep digging into further potential causes.

Currently fixing

  • Contracts do not progress for some players: We’ve sifted through player-provided logs to help pinpoint this issue and found the root cause. The team is at work to implement fixes with the next update.

  • Various Penances work differently than expected. We’ve made steps towards fixing this in patch 1.0.20 with the “Pick ‘n Mix” penances, but it may require further fixes due to the number of penances in the game.

  • Server crash kicking players: error code 2001. We’ve identified the cause of this issue and are currently working on solves.

  • Stuck in queue position 1. While we are actively monitoring this issue, we’ve noticed players continuing to get stuck in queue position 1. Our networking team is currently working on a solution to help players restart the queue should they find themselves stuck.

The Commodore’s Vestures

In patch 1.0.14, we removed the timer from The Commodore’s Vestures, where players could purchase premium cosmetics via Aquila packs. Our plan for the shop is to give players more time between rotation periods until we reach three screens worth of cosmetic bundles. The timer will remain inactive until the first page is due to be rotated out with 24 hours remaining. It’s important to note that the store is on rotation to give players some variety while at the same time not creating clutter. We feel that unlimited store pages are likely to create confusion and a bad user experience. Rest assured, the cosmetics are not gone forever and will likely reappear.

Content Drop: The Signal

This drop introduces a new map, two new weapons - one for the Zealot, one for the Ogryn, the new Refine option in the crafting menu, the inclusion of private games, and the addition of a new Condition!

  • In Comms-Plex 154/2f, it is up to you and your strike team to gain access to the Comms-plex. Get to the roof of the HL-19-24 Archivum and transmit a message to your allies in the Imperium.
  • Two new weapons:
    • The Indignatus Mk IVe Crusher, a two-handed Power Maul for Zealots
    • The Achlys Mk I Power Maul, a one-handed Power Maul for Ogryns.
  • Private Play is now available when starting a mission from the mission board for Strike Teams of 2 to 4 players.
  • Refine is now available in the Shrine of the Omnissiah.
    • You can now choose to refine a single perk, which will lock other perks.
    • Perks in the item card view will show their Tier through the number of :diamonds: next to the perk ranging from 1 to 4.
    • Each Refine action taken on the perk will see a cost reduction for resources.
  • New condition:
    • Hunting Grounds: Rejects will have to fend off increased numbers of Pox Hounds.

When a patch lands, there will be a short time frame (up to a couple hours) before new weapons/maps/currency packs drop in to their respective systems. If we did it right away, it causes issues for players who are yet to have updated but are still running missions. Instead we shut off the creation of out of date lobbies and coax people out of the game to update their clients. Once we meet a threshold we can switch on those new bits and pieces.

Patch Notes, Patch 1.0.20

[edited on 14 Dec 21:57 CET to correct an incorrect weapon tweak where previously it was noted the Heavy Eciscerator instead of Turtolsky Mk VI, Mk VII & Mk IX Heavy Swords.]
[edited on 15 Dec 11:20 to remove a note about Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxes and Tigrus Mk II Heavy Eviscerators applying the appropriate movement slowdown on light and heavy attacks.]
[edited on 15 Dec 11:26 to add “Fixed an issue in the Psykhanium where equipping weapons would sometime disable weapon perks and blessings.” and “Raytracing is now available on AMD RX 6/7000 cards.”]
[edited on 15 Dec 11:58 Removed references to three new Conditions, one was erroneously added to the notes whilst being live already, the other exhibited issues when run in the live environment and has gone back to the team for fixes.]
[edited on 15 Dec 13:40 to add a dedicated Engine category at the bottom of the notes]

Known Issue

  • On the Microsoft Store / Gamepass release, prices for Aquilas are presented as ?? in the Commodore’s Vestures, however the prices themselves are shown prior to purchase via the Microsoft interface.


  • The chat window is now accessible on all loading screens and during the outro cinematic after a mission. You will also have access to a Strike Team chat channel in the Mourningstar if you invite someone to your Strike Team while in the Mourningstar.
  • The option to merge Strike Teams during the end-of-round screen has been temporarily removed while we improve this functionality.
  • Added 2400 Aquilas pack so cosmetic bundles can be purchased at face value.
  • An option to skip the intro cinematic has been added to the options menu.

Performance & Stability

  • Fixed several cases that would generate GPU crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where clients would get mismatching player loadouts from the server, which could cause a bunch of different crashes.
  • Fixed a bug with fired projectiles VFX crashing the game when the player leaves the game.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a client crash when using weapons while under the influence of various attack speed or reload speed buffs.
  • Fixed various and numerous unspecified crashes.

Contracts & Penances

  • Isolated and resolved a rare issue that could cause Contract progression during a mission to be lost when the mission completes at the end of the round.
  • An issue was detected in the penance “Pick N’ Mix’” where it could in some circumstances not be awarded as expected.


  • New localizations have been added for several UI texts.


  • Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxes and Tigrus Mk II Heavy Eviscerators should now apply the appropriate movement slowdown on light and heavy attacks. [Removed 15 Dec 2022 11:16 CET]
  • Fixed an issue in the Psykhanium where equipping weapons would sometime disable weapon perks and blessings. [added 15 Dec 22 @ 11:26 CET]
  • Ogryn ranged weapons with melee special attacks should now change crosshair when using their special attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where players would stay in ADS while using the bayonet with Lucius pattern Lasguns.
  • Fixed an issue where players would stay in ADS while using special attack with the Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol and Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver.
  • Fixed an issue where the Psyker could not use the Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol weapon special while switching weapons.
  • It should now be possible to cancel a reload by using the weapon special on the Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver.
  • Autoguns should now more reliably interrupt other actions when performing a weapon special attack.
  • Fixed a bug where Weapon Stagger in the Control/Collateral stat didn’t work as intended on weapons like Rippergun.
  • Fixed an issue where players could use the special attack whilst ADSing with the Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol and Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver.
  • Fixed a bug where Flamer and Purgatus Staff secondary attacks would not damage enemies if the attack was too short.
  • Fixed a bug where special attack follow up damage on Catachan Mk3 Combat Blade did not scale with damage stat.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ripper Gun’s reload can be interrupted such that you can fire it without a magazine.
  • Fixed a bug where overheat only dissipated when having a weapon wielded.
  • Tweaked Locke Mk IIb Spearhead Boltgun:
    • Added equip variations and reworked original equip to make the equip animations less repetitive and frustrating,
    • Fixed issues with snapping after un-aiming while shooting
    • Fixed exploit where weapon swapping at the right time would result in a much faster reload
  • Tweaked Munitorum Mk III Power Sword:
    • Tuned down cleave on powered attacks (from infinite to simply very big cleave - 8.5 to 12.5 cleave range, so around 10 enemies)
    • Added damage falloff for targets beyond the third on heavy activated sweeps. scales from 130-260 at targets 1, 2 and 3 down towards 50-100 at target 8+
  • Tweaked Lucius pattern Lasguns:
    • Tuned charging VFX to unblock view of shot.
    • Pushed ADS FOV to 65 to clean up sight a bit.
    • Increased time until forced shot across all marks (from 1 to 2.5 extra seconds after full charge).
    • Decreased ammo consumption on fully charged shot:
      • Mk I: from 9 to 6
      • Mk II: from 6 to 4
      • Mk III: from 12 to 9
    • Reduced charge time ranges until fully charged:
      • Mk I: 1.0-0.5 down to 0.8-0.4
      • Mk II: 0.75-0.35 down to 0.65-0.25
      • Mk III: 1.25-0.65 down to 1.0-0.5
    • Reduced chain time for Mk III bayonet slash, from 0.5 to 0.3 (like a normal melee sweep).
    • Increased damage vs. armored and resistance on low charge near/far: from 40%/50% to 50%/60%.
    • Increased minimum charge scalar for Mk II charged shot from 30% power to 40% power.
    • Reduced suppression sway.
    • Reduced baseline sway.
  • Tweaked M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun:
    • Increased clip size range to 75-150 from 60-100. still one clip in reserve, with matching adjustment.
    • Improved vent durations, both active venting is now 3s, down from 4s and passive venting now 15s, down from 20s.
    • Adjusted vent speed curves over thresholds and lowered the high threshold to 60%, down from 70%.
    • Time scales of venting are now: low: 80% - high: 50% - critical: 25% (was 50% - 100% - 25%).
    • Re-tuned vent damage to a player - it should be in the same ballpark but scale more aggressively, so lower overcharge gives less damage.
    • Allow heavy-charged shots to continue after shooting through geometry. Entry and Exit both create explosions.
  • Tweaked Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver:
    • Increased ammo reserve from 25-40 to 35-70.
    • Increased far range from 23 to 35.
    • Increased high end of base damage range to 200-400, was 200-350.
    • Increased hit scan range to fix issues where no hits would be detected at very long ranges.
  • Tweaked Vraks Mk III & VII and Agripinaa Mk VIII Headhunter Autoguns:
    • Reduced recoil vertical rise on all ‘Headhunter’ autoguns.
    • Increased damage:
      • Vraks Mk III: 70-140 to 80-160.
      • Vraks Mk VII: 80-160 to 100-200.
      • Agripinaa Mk VIII: 75-150 to 90-180.
  • Tweaked Turtolsky Mk VI, Mk VII & Mk IX Heavy Swords:
    • Increased baseline damage armor mod vs. Flak Armour (from 30% to 50%) and Infested (from 75% to 100%) on light attacks.
    • Increased baseline impact armor mod vs. Flak Armour (from 50% to 75%), Maniacs (from 50% to 75%) and Carapace Armour (from 50% to 75%) on light attacks.
    • Increased horizontal light attack damage from 25-50 to 35-70, adjusted target follow to match.
    • Increased diagonal light attack damage from 35-70 to 40-80, adjusted target follow to match.
  • Crucis Mk II Thunder Hammer: (unfortunately these changes slipped through the net and will come in the next update, sorry for the disappointment)
    • Increased light attack baseline armor mod vs Flak Armour (from 75% to 90%) and Carapace Armour (from 1% to 25%).
    • Increased heavy attack baseline armor mod vs Flak Armour (from 75% to 90%) and Carapace Armour (from 20% to 25%).
  • Fixed a bug where Thunderhammer was missing Weapon Special Activate chain from block.
  • Fixed an issue where Lucius Pattern lasguns were ignoring shoot input after getting stunned in ADS.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t initiate weapon special from the push action. Fixed for all Heavy Swords and Tactical Axes.
  • Fixed a bug where animation was snapping when un-aiming right after shooting on Lasguns and Shotgun.
  • Fixed a bug with the Krourk Mk V Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber where primary fire didn’t buffer properly from wield, leaving braced and sliding, etc.


  • Fixed an issue where Zealot Preacher’s ability ‘Chastise the Wicked’ could get interrupted if used while having been pushed by enemy attacks.
  • Fixed issue where Psykinetics “Inner Tranquility” talent caused slower quell speeds.
  • Fixed a bug where being hit while lugging disabled coherency toughness regen for 100 seconds or until hit again.
  • Improved precision smart targeting.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t perform heavy attacks while with the Obscurus Mk II Blaze Force Sword whilst holding sprint. Made sure all attacks and start actions can be used with sprint.
  • Fixed issue where Zealot Preacher would dash through enemies if they were too close
  • Fixed issue where some pickups could not be interacted with due to being inside collision.


  • Fixed some issues where the Pox Hound could launch into the stratosphere.
  • Fixed some Traitor Guard helmets and armours which depicted IV instead of VI.


  • Moved the spawn point of Daemonhost from respawn location in Power Matrix mission.
  • Fixed some Diamantine that couldn’t be picked up in Excise Vault Spireside-13.
  • Fixed an area where players could leave the play area in Enclavum Baross.
  • Fixed a spot on Enclavum Baross where players could stand and be out of reach from melee heretics.
  • Fixed an issue where a Horde could spawn next to the players in the end event in the
  • Consignment Yard HL17-36 mission.
  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck on HL17-36 Smelter Complex.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy units were spawning in plain sight in Consignment Yard HL17-36 end event.
  • Fixed an issue where players could enter a soft-locked state in the prologue.
  • Fixed an issue where the Valkyrie would arrive silently during the end event in Enclavum Baross.
  • Fixed a scripture that couldn’t be picked up in Refinery Delta-17.
  • Fixed an issue where Monstrosities could not reach the players in Refinery Delta-17.
  • Fixed a soft lock that can occur on levels with airlocks should a player join a mission whilst the airlock is closing.
  • Fixed a spot on Enclavum Baross where enemies could walk through walls.
  • Fixed a spot on HL17-36 Smelter Complex where players could respawn behind a dropdown, rendering them unrescuable.
  • Fixed an issue where players joining midway through HL-16-11 Chasm Station could spawn in behind a now closed door.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Grimoires could not be collected on Chasm Logistratium.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Grimoires could not be collected on the HL17-36 Smelter Complex.
  • Fixed a railing on HL17-36 Consignment Yard that was a missing collision.
  • You can now reach the Penance menu by interacting with the newly added interaction spot in the HUB.
  • Fixed a bug in the Psykhanium where unequipping a weapon with a trait/perk makes the other equipped weapons’ traits/perks not work.
  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck on HL-17-36 Power Matrix.
  • Fixed an area where players could be thrown into an inaccessible area by a Mutant on HL17-36 Smelter Complex.
  • Tweaked timing and added a few elites to the end event in Enclavum Baross mission.
  • Fixed an NPC shooting without a gun on the Prologue. :point_right::sunglasses::point_right:


  • Auspex scan targets should no longer remain outlined after completing a scan.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation didn’t match the duration of stun when hitting a target with Thunder Hammer’s special ability.
  • Tightened up animations for the Locke Mk IIb Spearhead Boltgun when aiming after sprinting.
  • Ogryn feet should no longer clip through the floor of the Mourningstar.
  • Fixed some animation issues on the Ripper Gun special attack.
  • Ragdolls created by the Blastoom Mk III Grenadier Gauntlet should feel more satisfying now.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong VFX was being used for torso gibs.
  • Force Sword weapon special now creates a larger visual blast on damaging and killing heretics.
  • Fixed various sound issues on various missions (certain happenings not having sounds, audio imbalances, early cut-offs, missing music, etc.).
  • Fixed cases where dodge sounds were not reliably played for other players (or bots).
  • Fixed excessive camera shake when cleaving through enemies on specific attacks on Tactical Axes, Power Sword and Eviscerator.
  • The Nomanus Mk VI Surge Force Staff has had its VFX buffed to feel more impactful.
  • Fixed a bug where wrong start animation was used on the second right start action on Mk IX Heavy Sword. Now it matches the horizontal right attack.
  • Fixed a bug where sound proximity was based on average position instead of the local players position so enemy units were not making any sound.

Character Customization

  • Fixed various issues with cosmetics (clipping etc).
  • Resolved an issue where selecting blind eye options would remove the information about the Cadia homeworld restriction during the character creation screens.
  • Resolved an issue where the Psyker convict upper body garb for the crime of Misplaced Faith may disappear from the inventory view. It was never removed from your inventory but may have appeared to no longer be present.
  • Resolved an issue where restrictions on items would disappear when viewing an item in the Commodore’s Vestures.
  • Fixed an issue with an Ogryn mustache that only appeared during cutscenes or when observed within kissing distance (note, do not kiss the Ogryn)


  • Added ‘Texture Quality’ settings back to the settings menu.
  • Added ‘Mesh Quality/LOD distance’ slider to the settings menu.
  • Fixed a bug with the control stat not affecting stagger duration on the Ripper Gun.
  • Crosshairs are now consistent across weapon families.
  • Fixed an issue where the outline of one of the Auspex Scan targets in the Hab Dreyko mission.
  • Several UI and UX adjustments have been made surrounding the Weapon Cards, including a hover item inspect in inventory loadouts as well as now showing the item level for curios in loadout and its detail card.
  • Now displaying the cosmetic weapon skins and clothes as Owned when viewing them in the Armoury Exchange.
  • The Ossuary Charm Weapon Trinket has been flipped so it can be seen in the Trinket preview within the weapon customization panel.
  • Weapon traits that require ‘Multiple Hits’ now have clearer descriptions.
  • You can no longer discard multiple items by holding down the Discard key action.
  • Fixed a situation where the taskbar could still appear when switching to Borderless Window.


  • Multiple fixes to prevent GPU Hangs
  • Fixes to address network disconnects
  • Raytracing now works on AMD RX 6/7000 cards.
  • Visual glitches around weapons and in levels for users of AMD cards has been fixed
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened to players after watching a video cutscene

When to expect the patch itself?

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this has to be a joke right?
yet another 1h weapon for ogryn and another 2h hammer for zealot.
Ogryn desperately needs a 2h weapon and not yet another 1h bonk stick.


literally says at the beginning of the post


We the players have been saying just do away with the timer, it is pushing people away from buying, no one wants the store to rotate. Take a look at something like dead by daylights shop and just do something similar, no FOMO, the currency packs let you just buy a set etc. The store is very clean and has hundreds upon hundreds of different cosmetic items.


@Aqshy It seems to me that these “high engagement zones” were already in the game - can this be clarified?

Have I been playing a secret “Hi Intensity Engagement Zone” modifiers for the past 3 weeks lol?

Why would you turn one of the buggiest special spawns into a prominent modifier? This is gonna be so much ‘fun’

You can now choose to refine a single perk, which will lock other perks.

Also no acknowledgement on the universal hate, eh? So the “we know better what you want and you will like what we give ya” game designer mentality back from the Winds of Magic release still persists?


Thank you. I was hoping for a miracle in regards to the crafting system, either in terms of features implemented or changed to give us more agency. Ah well. The communication is always welcome.


In your rush to be first to post you didn’t even read the post.


using cosmetics that still aren’t available to show off the weapon is certainly a bold choice

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Thanks for the update, can’t wait for the patch !


The equipment and crafting system is totally fine and not made much, much harder than it has any reason to be. :^)


Feels like one of those poxwalkers…
A bit barebones on the very needed content side.
And almost no player feedback actually made it in that list (I’ve not seen a single soul ask for emotes)

Everything is still time gated
-Amount of time playing ressource vacuum cleaner
-Leveling new characters

I know those things take time, but some communication would be welcome


Hey, I can check in on the high intensity engagement zone when I’m back in the office in the morning.

Edit: This does indeed seem to be the same thing and it didn’t get caught in the draft before it went up. I’ve removed this to avoid confusion.


nah you dont want communication from fatshark, they say 1 and instead will do 2, 3 and 4.

So as mentioned in the post, each week we’ll be focusing on areas the community has feedbacked on. We wanted to focus on stability first for this one as that’s our priority.


Amazing update!!! Thanks for all your hard work. I 100% love this game. Ignore the entitled whiners from Steam. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks.


Thanks for the patchies, lots of fixes and goods in there. I’m happy with the stuff we’re getting.
Also inb4 angry forums dwellers coming to flame y’all because “patch too small, where promised features!!!” lmao


Stability and performance improvements should be the focus for sure.

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Cool update, appreciate the general buffs
I think thunderhammer need a lot more than that to become a valid option compared to other weapons though