Bug with the Lucius Helbore Rifles not buffering the primary fire correctly

When you are using the Lucius Helbore rifles, there is a noticeable issue with them where the primary fire wont buffer properly causing you to release the fire button (mouse button 1) and re-click the button to begin the charged shot. It happens the most often with the Lucius Helbore Mk III but it does still occur with all of them.

This same issue was apparent on the Heavy Stubber but it was fixed recently in a patch which im thankful for, but the same issue is also happening with the Lucius Helbore rifles. Please look into fixing it as its the #1 issue with them right now as its really noticeable.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip any of the Helbore rifles, but the issue is the most apparent on the Lucius Mk III, probably because of the slower rate of fire
  2. Go into a mission and perform continuous fully charged shots (Ive noticed the issue is more apparent in a mission rather than in the meat grinder)
  3. Notice the charging wont buffer properly causing you to let up on your mouse button 1 and re-click it to start charging the weapon’s shot
  4. It happens when pulling out the weapon and trying to fire, doing follow up shots, aiming in and out, and when getting hit.


Reproduction Rate:
Often (<75%)

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I plus this. Same happens when u use the veteran abilty and try to shoot. The first shot most of the time(70%) wont buffer and not charge.
Even though the animation is finished and u should be able to shoot.

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Crazy that this still hasn’t been patched, this is so annoying it completely kills this weapon for me



Exactly, I completely dropped the weapon all those months ago and am still waiting for it to be fixed

@FatsharkJulia is it possible to get an update on this? if this was made into any sort of bug task

Not sure if it’s related, but it will dump your charge and lock your button press out if you press ability until you repress the mouse button. This is 100% replicable that way.

Yup. One of the reasons I stopped using it a lot. Sometimes it becomes a permanent glitch where you actually have to leave the game and come back.