Zarona Revolver Ammo Confusion

Is it possible to find a Zarona revolver with ammo as a stat? I have 7 across the 3 characters with access to the weapon and I only see Damage, Mobility, Penetration, Reload Speed and Critical Bonus. Everyone has ammo reserve of 5/52 (was 5/32 pre update, I also noticed that small ammos give you 8 ammo instead of 5 now).

Really wondering where this ammo range revolver is at…unless that’s the ammo stat of a perfect Zarona we can’t obtain anyway? Why dangle 13 bullets in front of me like that.

The ammo visible is the ammo stat. The fact they all have the same ammo to you seems very unlucky, or lucky…

The ammo count doesn’t change across different versions, it is set like the Kickback/Bolter. So this update note is extremely strange, telling me we could have had 10 round ammo refills and another 13 rounds. Its not like you don’t need to magdump or walk up to whatever you hit and melee it to death, and shooters are horrible.