Boltgun ammo rework - magazine clip

Boltgun is fine, and it’s ok that it does have limited ammo, but can we actually inverse one thing?

Like instead to have 15/80 (in this case Zealot)

make it like 20/75

there’s no either nerf or buff, it’s simply inversed.

both will have 95 ammo in total if my math is right, it’s just imo boltgun should be able to quick fire a lot
15 is very too low imo
it should be either 20 or 25 in the magazine clip

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Nah, it is fine where it is. The gun is powerful and having even more ammunition to fire without suffering the reload time would make it too good. I’d rather have less and stronger shots. It isn’t something you should be spraying with all the time.

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it’s not that having 20 in the clip instead of 15 make a huge difference

you are gonna reload still…
plus 15 is too low that makes you just want to aim only instead to shot without aiming

because if you shot without aiming can shot full auto, and 15 goes away faster than shooting manually holding aim

i don’t think it’s good just for the ammo clip, did you try it in Damnation games?
damage wise, the fact has low ammo it’s fine to me

but not having 15 ammo in the clip
at least 20 and then adjusting the total amount of mag
which wouldnt make it either a nerf or a buff


Adding bullets to the clip is a buff. Even if they drop total ammo by the same amount lol.


but also a nerf, since you decrease the total ammo.

plus in the lore normal magazine clip such this can reach to 20 at very most

my question remains, you probably didn’t try a boltgun in damnation games?
you would find out that you can’t one shot stuff anymore like in Malice

also, another thing as i said, and you also said, no one uses it as full auto (shooting without aiming)
cause it’s not precise and kinda pointless when aiming can do the same with better accuracy

so, it kinda kills the fullauto due to the low amount in the magazine clip the bullets that can carry

and as i said, reload time, recoil, the fact it does have less total ammo it’s utterly fine
expect the total bullets that can carry a magazine
which is 15 for zealot at least
20 would be nice
5 bullets that you wont feel huge difference but can help for full auto mode

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Trading 5 total ammo to increase clip size by 5 is not the same.

That’s a 25% increase in magazine size lmao, that’s a HUGE buff.

Also I don’t really get what you mean when you say you would get less total ammo. 15 + 80 and 20 +75 are both 95.

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adding just 5 bullets more in the magazine clip really? 25%? what?

15 is the bullets you can shot before to reload
80 is the total amount

i hoped for something like 20 the bullets you can shot before to reload and total amount 75,
so 95 like 15+80 the default one

or either more in the clip but ammo mag decreased

is not that something would change
you have like extra 5 bullets to shot

it gives more meaning to shot full auto randomly just to supress also, since it is also a mechanic in this game shooting enemies so that they cover back and your team can progress

also no one is a game designer here. you don’t know as I
so you can give just your opinion
if you agree or disagree it’s ok, but it’s pointless to laugh out of other’s considerations

Sorry I was thinking of it the wrong way around, it’s actually a 33% increase to magazine size, so even larger.

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Gun is fine for what its designed to do, the problem imo is the weapon swap animation of pulling the bolt to the rear every time you swap, that is infuriatingly obscene… Common sense would infer that after a reload you would need to charge the weapon. That should be that part of the animation to align with the longer load values. Swapping to the weapon is so painful because the need to pull the charging handle to the rear…why? You loaded it, then charged it maybe fired it a few times then went back to melee what happened in the meantime to facilitate the requirement to charge the bolt to the rear every time you swap to it?

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i think its fine where it is, Gotta remember these are normal humans using the Bolt gun, its heavy and the recoil should be uncontrollable almost, if it was a space marine then yeah bugger gun more ammo per Mag, but given the story its works where it is though id say the burst should probably go, ainto no way a guards man is holding a bolter 3 burst, especially with no stock

I mean in theory there should actually be almost no recoil since bolters are gyrojet guns.

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I think the in lore bolters has 30 round mag for space marines and 15 for human sized bolters.

FS has to make some concessions to gamesworkshop and lore could be part of their fair use terms as gamesworkshop is EXTREMELY picky when others use their IP.

Maybe tweak the reload time to make it a little better?

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I love it when people suggest a 33% buff to a weapon’s core stat, and then say it’s barely going to affect the weapon’s balance.

If you think 15/80 is the same balance as 20/75, you need to sign yourself up for some logical / critical thinking classes. 33% buff to mag size, -6% nerf to total ammo, LOL. Yeah, totally not a huge buff.

Thats why i was suggesting a reload time buff bc you can adjust to the second how long it takes instead of allowing someone to kill 5 more guys before reloading.

It’s 33.3%, when you go up from 15 to 20 and that means 33.3% more damage done with single mag. That is indeed a buff, when you unload on some large enemy you just can’t miss, like a monster or ogryn elite. You will deal 33.3% more damage to it, before you go into the intentionally long reload animation … I don’t see the devs doing this tbh.

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Nah, gun is fine where it is. Just need to get rid of the cocking every time you draw. And also when you use the veteran gunner ability. Like why does he need to boltpull it again ffs.

The long draw time is probably for balance, crappy autoguns have no delay. The delay should stay.

Vet ultimate should skip the animation tho, its not fair to take up part of his very short ult time.

Well i requested 20/100 :wink:

Nah, gun is fine where it is. Just need to get rid of the cocking every time you draw. And also when you use the veteran gunner ability. Like why does he need to boltpull it again ffs.

You might like this post then :grinning:

It drives me crazy too (and quite a few others apparently) and I want to see it changed.