New revolver is so bad

So you made weaker version of original one.
Left the same mag size.
And on top of that gave it this exceptional crosshair in aiming state.

In exchange for… 100 ms faster reload ang fire rate.
Any braced sprayer better than this joke.
Even bolter is better.

Who playtested that and decided “yeah, that’s good, it is so fun, man”?

Constructive part:

Nobody is expecting you being original.
Gamers just want cool things.
Just make 100% copy of last word and everybody will be happy. I know you wanna prove yourself and your colleagues that you are original.


Just be a professional. Please


i love the new revolver but i would also like to see a sliglty bigger mag, like 6 shots and maybe like you said a little faster loading.

Damage wise, i wouldnt mind a little boost there aswell but i guess the trade of with the faster firing rate is the 150 less damage per shot which i am okej with.

The Smith & Wesson got me movin’ like an invasive species

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Outside of sh*tty crosshair and accuracy, it’s not too bad imo. If they buff anything else it might become too strong.

Zarona is on broken tier so shouldn’t bother comparing Agrip to it.


The only thing I expect from 5 bullet mag is either acuracy or huge damage.
Nothing of it on the table.

And if I have to spray distant gunner to kill it, then make ammo reserve compared to braced autoguns.

With this weapon you get just bolter without ads and without 10 bullets in a mag.

I know there are always be trash weapons, but to make new ones this bad is something highly counterintuitive


Should probably cleave a little (1.5 hitmass like a spammy autogun or machine pistol when the Zarona has the same 6.5 hitmass as the friggin Kickback?) but the accuracy is actually good. Definitely fun regardless. I swap the crosshair to a dot (like everything else in Darktide) and its pretty damn reliable at landing headshots across the map. Just a single poxwalker Mr President’ing your shot or a braindead Ogg friendly is enough to completely end your enjoyment though.


The biggest problem is that it doesn’t cleave. Make it cleave at least 1 of any human sized (non carapace) enemy type.

Second problem would be the small mag. I think there is a post about it already - 6 bullets at least but ideally 8. If it had 8 bullet mag then the current reload time would be absolutely fine. For 6 bullets might want a bit faster.

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Hmm, the damage isn’t even that bad from my experience. It 1-2 shot most elite specialist with head/bodyshot and 3 crit headshot against crusher, with handcannon ofc.

Also it wreck anything with Unyielding armor incuding boss.

Most of the problem with its accuracy seem to come from the weird crosshair jerk when you try to brace which seem like a bug, it can be fix with thing like deadshot or dance of death talent since it seem to cause by weapon sway.

They really need to fix it tho.

Edit: Now that I take a look at it, the weird jerk actually seem to cause by deadshot talent itself when trying to brace while out of stamina…guess I’ll just report it as a bug.

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When is there ever one elite? There is a flamer, two grenadiers, a trapper, and a mutant you just dodged. Time to reload three times to deal with those while new stuff swarms in. The maulers in your face you already ignore and hope your mates deal with.

Ofcourse you only get away with three reloads if the targets are nice enough to stay in your less than nice range. Otherwise, the 1 or 2 bullets required for a grenadier quickly turn into a whole bullet spitting contest, because of the Revolver’s fall off and inaccuracy.

Other guns either have a higher capacity, damage, or cleave to deal with those situations. All the Pina Revolver has is a great swap speed, total ammo count, and a cool factor that tends to hurt weapons more than it helps them.

If that thing would have nice close range damage, and a bit of cleave, the medium to long range performance could be forgiven, but right now all you have is a gun that isnt particularly great in close combat and terrible beyond that range.

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Eh…you want it to kill like 10 elites with 5 ammos or something?

but well, it’s personal opinion anyway. If you think it suck that’s ok but I hardly feel like I underperform with it.

If it had 6 shots like 0.5s less reload time and 3.0 hitmass it would be near the top of the weapon list imo. Right now you have to 2 tap mostly everything important you’d use a high power weapon on, so literally 1 extra bullet would go so far. And the cleave, because stopping for hitting a teammate’s shoulder is just barf.

There are many weapons that really need cleave. This weapon is at the very top.

Good god does it need it. Also, why is hitting your own teammates even a mechanic where you have a class such as ogryn?


What class are you playing? Vet with marksman makes this gun one of the most fun to use. It might need some penetration on poxwalkers but the burst dps of this weapon is simply unreal.

Also yes teammate blocking bullets is a dumb design choice, ogryn or not. This mechanic alone is the reason why a ton of weapons are made even worse than theyre. Headhunters, brautos, helbore etc all suffer from this. Believe it or not though there are people who believe this is good for the game, when meta weapons literally arent affected by this.

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People are spewing garbage about helbore constantly that isn’t true cuz they don’t use the gun. It does cleave teammates and trash shooters and poxwalkers.


It does what it’s designed to do, and it does it well. It’s for quickly doing damage at close to mid range. It’s not a precision revolver.

Then any other weapon does it better.
Columnus for example, or even bolter.

It has really solid armor pen

Well mods are solution ofc, but what the hell?
Why UI in this game have to be this stupid???

It’s one of those weapons that has a really specific niche, that atm is probably just a little too inconsistent. Despite my love for it, I don’t think last word style performance would suit it, largely because the last word was just a neat hand cannon and since the Zarona already does that it would get pretty redundant.

It really shines in those moments when you need rounds on target NOW not after a second to equip. Puts down just about anything within about 7m or almost 9 with run n gun. Thing is, those moments aren’t super common and when they are it’s usually cuz there’s more than one target… which unless you take time to get really proficient with it, it isn’t gonna cut it.

Personally I stand on the side of a first shot and moving accuracy increase, as movement really ruins your chances beyond 5m and landing that first headshot (ghost shots not withstanding) is really crucial to certain kills like gunners and would help with multi target by allowing you to confidently nail the first target before moving on.

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5 - 7 m is the shotgun distance with same equip speed, higher damage and magazine + stagger.

It would be great weapon for mid range if not this moronic crosshair and this beggar ammo issues.