Game needs to rebalance accuracy drop off / ADS time / Equip time etc (Revolver rant)

Many qualms about the revolver would be fixed if they gave it accuracy drop off. It would be a high damage medium range choice. The fact that it has less sway than my vraks7 is a joke.

I get it’s a video game, but maybe have accuracy drop off / equip time / ADS time mean more?

Not many people have the freedom/luxury to shoot IRL guns but MOA is a thing and this game simulates it poorly across the ranged weapons.

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if it doesn’t have a stock, it shouln’t be pin point accurate.

I see your stock, and raise you one Robocop stance for perfect accuracy!


We dont need hyper realistic mechanics in our warhammer 40k game where we slide under bullets, block attacks from 15 enemies all at once and shout at our teamates to magically get them off the ground. Fun engaging game mechanics are way better then hyper realistic gun play. Not even considering that this gun is nearly 40 thousand years more advanced then our guns. Why should it preform the same? There are games with hyper realistic gunplay based on our current time if that is what you are more interested in.


oh boy, the whataboutism warriors are onto me…
40k (also more like 28k years since the first crusade) years and its still uses a pinfire mechanism and has ironsights ontop. the gyro stabilisation is btw so the bolt flies straight, wich wouldn’t help you at all if you couldn’t align the barrel in the first place…

also Hyper relalistic? its basic common sense that a constant linkage between shoulder, head and the gun is directly benefiting accruracy…

Nothing “hyper realistic” about guns with longer barrels having more accuracy.

The best sniper rifle is a side arm. How cute.

This game could have benefited from a sidearm slot. Like L4D2.

I have my milsims if I want guns with realistic ballistic models. If I’m able to click the head it should hit the head.

The new revolver is a PoS because it can miss regardless of player input with its stupid bloom.

I’d be down for a MK VII buff though. That weapon has no purpose.

the thing is, its not about player input at all, its about how stable the iron sight is.
if the sight is on an enemy it should hit the enemy we agree, but that aint the argument in the first place.

As annoying as sway is it tends to not mess up flick shots same can’t said for random bloom. That being said in a movement based game I’d rather have almost entirely arcade/arena style shooting that means removing sway.

Recoil would have to stay since some guns would be busted without it, but sway is dumb in any game that isn’t a full on tactical shooter.

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