Weapon Ammo Capacity


Just wanted to pop on and say I am having a blast so far, but one thing that has been bugging me since the start is the numbers used for weapon ammunition capacity. Why, for Emperor’s sake, does a 3 round burst-fire weapon NOT have a magazine that is a multiple of 3? And similarly why is a weapon’s ammunition reserve NOT a direct multiple of the magazine size? It makes no sense to give a 3 round burst weapon a 17 round magazine and an ammo reserve of 83. (My Ogryn’s current rippergun.)
18 shots in the magazine and 72 or a 90 round reserve would make more sense and would lead to smoother gameplay in my opinion and from what little I have played of the other classes, this would hold true there too. You go into battle lugging magazines of ammunition for your weapon, not individual bullets.

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I think they are by default (seeing as the buff to atorifle increased their ammo to 8 time their magazine) but as weapon stats are rolled magazine and global ammo capacity can change from one weapon to the next and that’s when multiplier aren’t taken in account.

More than anything, lasguns that does not have a variable charge really should have their shots equal 1 bullet.

It makes no sense to have them use 2-3 per shot, when the magazine/total capacity could just be divided by 2 or 3 respectively.

But yeah, having magazine capacities multiplied in a sensible way would also be nice.

A burst weapon should have a magazine capacity that is a multiple of it’s burst rate. Issuing a gun with magazines that make it’s last burst less efficient makes no sense.

And most bullet based weapons really should have magazines in multiples of 5s. Smaller increments than that really doesn’t add much and doesn’t really make any in-universe sense either.

In general, unless there’s additional additives/multipliers, singular increments are more of a nuisance than anything. Since nothing increases magazine capacity by X%, magazines shouldn’t really be odd numbers.

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Slightly off topic but please, Fatshark, don’t ever add ‘magazine size’ buffs. Every time I look at something that says it holds 40 rounds but looks like it should hold 20 max my internal monologue can be summed up as [incoherent screaming].

Other than that I can agree. Magazines, at least, need to reflect the burst of the weapon. Rippers can be a bit difficult because (at least on the Mk II) there’s a different burst length for unaimed vs aimed, but there’s no reason any other weapon should do this.

Reserve ammo is a bit iffy because of Veteran’s 40% increase, but since DT isn’t a game that tracks individual magazines it doesn’t bother me.

On the lasgun ammo consumption, it could go both ways. The Helbore guns consume 3x the charge on a fully-charged shot, and on others the charge it consumes per shot is roughly analogous to the damage it deals (The Accatran Recon lasguns usually consume 1 charge, except for the slower-firing variant that consumes 2 and deals roughly 2x damage)
It’d be good to know how many shots you actually get out of the magazine/reserve though.

“Reserve ammo is a bit iffy because of Veteran’s 40% increase, but since DT isn’t a game that tracks individual magazines it doesn’t bother me.”

For that, I’m okay to just live and let live. Balancing any kind of rounding to match magazine capacity would be a nightmare.

will point out, there’s a lore reason why the las guns are using 2-3 ammo pershot. See, in Lore, lasgun batteries are so efficient at charging, that you can charge them by so many different means. one of the more common ways though, is sticking them into a fire, which slowly destroys the efficiency of the battery. That being said, it’s still so efficient that even the lowered efficiency on the las is way good.

Not really anything to do with method of charging, more so that almost every small-arms laser weapon in the Imperium is designed to use the same standard power pack. A Kantrael will use the same power pack as a Helbore, and the latter will drain it faster because it has a higher power consumption.