Autoguns: Feel better, but where ammo?

So far I have used a few different variants of the Autoguns on my level 11 Veteran. So far I do think they feel better than they did pre-buff, but their use seems so trivial or F Tier when compared to other weapons at the Veterans disposal. I actually love the sound and feel of the Autoguns but even at their current buffed state the damage seems to PALE in comparison to all the other weapons and the DMR Style single shot one having no sort of optic feels off. But that’s not even where I would lay my major criticism of the weapon down; that is reserved for the ammo capacity. Most Autoguns have a high rate of fire with a dismal mag size, but to pour salt into that wound. They have an abysmal level of ammo reserves even on a Sharpshooter. I love the feel, and sound of these guns and maybe a slight bit more in terms of Magazine Size and Ammo Reserves could make these things feel more useable as horde softeners.

EDIT: I forgot to mention maybe tone back the muzzle rise a smidge too?


As a lvl 20 Veteran I prefer the autoguns as well. So satisfying.

Ammo isn’t where I would like either. Just had a match where a player continuously hoovered ammo. I did a lot of meleeing.

I don’t believe any one would hold a gun like the long guns in DT, the sight of the gun is so close to your face any recoil would break your nose. Veteran needs a feat, and I would sacrifice any of them, to add a scope or pull the gun away a bit. When sniping the recoil of any of the guns will will block the view of the enemy and cause you to lose the target.

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100% agree, the slower the Rate of Fire (RoF) the less rounds a magazine should hold and the less overall ammo the guns should have.

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Ammo gone. veteran used to have 75%+ bonus ammo pool, neutered to 40% because Fatshark hates us.