Have bullet eating guns have more spare ammo, or a higher ammo capacity

Not much to say here. A yellow lasgun holds its own much better then a high RoF autogun cause autoguns cant be used the way they’re meamt to be used: as a bullet hose.

An alternative is to increase its power and have it be an inaccurate powerhouse but i doubt thats gonna happen


This is going to be a big problem with the game. Nobody likes to play a game where you are constantly out of ammo.


Completely agree, some of the weapons feel good, but are almost immediately out of ammo which leaves it so unsatisfying to use!

Even on Veteran, with his 40% larger reserve ammo pool, you run out of bullets the moment you pull the trigger. Autopistol absolutely needs requires some tweaking.

There is no reason, apart from giving it a try, to pick that thing over any of the Lasguns, or the Revolver.

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I found the braced autogun to have great ammo/performance rating. Though it can’t snipe, at all.

This. I absolutely adore the Columnus Mk II Braced Autogun. Sure, you can only brace it like it says in the name - no ADS - but by the Emperor does it rip through hordes and elites at close to medium range. And it basically has a bottomless ammo pool. Just try not to make friends with a Sniper.