Are you using autoguns? autopistols? Why?

I like the idea of these. I mostly play vet, but I cant find room for the braced autogun, or other autoguns or pistols in my loadout. They simply don’t have the ammo capacity to be especially useful. For those of you who are using these can you share some examples of why?


I like both on zealot. think of them as higher DPS alternatives to the las weapons, trading ammo for dps.

On zealot, most of the time i’ll be in melee range and only use my gun to kill specials or ranged enemies that are hard to reach, meaning I don’t really feel the lack of ammo.

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I guess that makes sense. I’d love to try it on vet but I cant really find the balance since your expected to snipe at range no?

Give it a go, the autoguns can actually be surprisingly accurate if you tapfire them. At least the ones with ironsights are lol.

I have an autogun and it has plenty of ammo, you can manually fire in bursts with it, also its accuracy is not bad

I had a different kind of autogun previously which had terrible accuracy though, pretty much useless

I’ve got two braced autoguns, each with a different reticle. One of them (the one which appears to have more of a horizontal spread) is WAY more useful than the other (which has a more traditional circular spread).

I love the former. It seems to do everything reasonably well with respectable ammo efficiency and is absolutely amazing for hipfire run-and-gun play. The latter I haven’t managed to find a use for.

i was running an Infantry auto/force sword on my psyker. Only thing better is a recon las. The damage is excellent and was head tapping gunner mooks.

Ammo efficiency is horrible on a lot of weapons because refills are based off of your max ammo pool.

A revolver pickup will get you 5 ammo, but deny a teammate a full clip of bolter shots. Same with autoguns and shotguns. It’s a MASSIVE waste of team resources on difficulty 4 and 5. You are dooming your team not using efficient weapons like the bolter, flamer, and lasers.

Either ammo reserves should be increased, or refills should replenish multiple clips for the low ammo pool weapons.

But even if ammo efficiency was balanced, the meta weapons are still leagues better.

I do and I’m a big fan of the braced versions.
I run it on my zealot and my veteran - it has decent ammo, decent damage and it is accurate enough midrange. One clip is enough to kill a couple of zerkers or an ogryn gunner.

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Vet now basicly is the specialist killer in the team and I think that’s a common sense.
Autoguns don’t have enough ttk and range to fulfill this duty. They can’t counter back the gunners, can’t chase and kill bombers and can’t quickly kill Ogryns.
Bolter is op now, But compared with other semi-auto like prisma or revolver they are still like NERF waterguns.
Reco las is an exception for its no recoil and high accuracy.

I find the burst fire one (headhunter I think it’s called) to be quite useful. You can kill most base enemies with a single burst, especially if at least one of the 3 shots hits the head. It’s also very controllable. Not as murderous as a bolter, but you can spam bullets on a horde without feeling guilty :stuck_out_tongue:

before getting flamethrower i use brace autogun more often, i think it’s better and stronger autopistols. auto-tracking even allows you to effectively shoot shooters behind obstacles from quite a distance, so is not bad. Bad in 4-5lvl, even on 3 diff lvl flamethrower is more effective

I might be imagining it, but I get the impression that ballistic weapons in this game are more effective against armor and boss energy shields. I can easily take down maulers and armored ragers with the braced autogun, and quickly deplete the shield of an assassination target.

The trade-off of course is having to reload mid-combat, but the damage output for those examples and clumps of enemies is chefs kiss.

Braced autogun and burst autogun on veteran are insane if you know your targets. I prefer them to most of the lasgun options. Braced autogun through sheer DPS destroys any target. Burst autoguns are pretty fun for picking off specials and elites alike. Both are fairly good at quick horde clearing (braced is better at that ofc). I like them because I can quickly switch between them and melee and make an impact. Unlike most lasguns which are painfully slow. Also the gunplay itself is fun, as you actually have to learn the weapon kick a bit.

I find myself playing the ranged pickoff role though, what do you do for snipers / bombers etc if you don’t have a psyker or the like,.

Well, I haven’t tried difficulty 4 and 5 yet (levelling multiple chars), but up to 3 I had no problem picking off further away targets with the burst rifle. Even the braced gun can kill a further away sniper, they are fairly squishy.

Another thing that made me choose autoguns: I really love lasguns (VId in particular) but while ADSing you see absolutely nothing. Bottom half is covered with your gun, where you’re shooting at is obscured by the flashes. The enemies real hard to detect as is without added lasgun difficulty.

I chose the agripinaa braced autogun (mk VIII).

Slower rate of fire than the other two braced autoguns means it chews through ammo slower and allows you to control ammo usage easier. It also has stopping power instead of collateral as a stat. I believe this means it staggers and pierces armor better than the others, which send enemies into cover more ofter/faster. This (should) mean(s) it puts enemies down faster due both to the fact it hits harder and allows enemies to stand their ground longer before they run off to cover.

I find that tap firing single to 2 round bursts can hit enemies at mid to long range (usually) reasonably accurately. it comes down to voume rather than precision simply due to the lack of ADS. However, as a Veteran, the class skill gives a small zoom, which helps with more accurate shots at longer range. I can semi-reliably counter snipe sniper npcs. It only takes 1-2 hits to kill them, its just a matter of firing 5-10 shots to hit them if you are unlucky with the spread (while tap firing).

I posted in another thread, but at malice (3/5 difficulty) in psycharium, at mid range against a flak armored Rager, I tested the recon lasgun (full auto), the carbine lasgun (kantrael mk 4), the semi auto autogun and the agripinaa braced. All guns were fired at the chest (armored) area.

  • Took approx 50 out of 93 rounds with the recon lasgun [312-ish rating]
  • Took approx 20-25 out of 100 rounds with the Mk 4 lasgun [280-ish rating]
  • Took approx 10 out of 20 rounds with the semi-auto autogun (precision/sniper?) [300-ish rating]
  • Took approx 11 out of 32 rounds with the agripinaa braced autogun [230-ish rating]
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awesome data thanks for sharing dusk I’ll give it a go