Infantry Autogun needs an ammo buff

Simple topic per the title. I feel like the magazine size and the ammo pool should be sitting more closely to the braced autogun and not so similarly to say the vraks headhunter. It has a very small ammo pool for a fully automatic weapon. Right now it sits in an interesting niche of a more precision focused/lower damage braced autogun that is better at landing long range/headshots, but it doesn’t have the ammo to keep it viable.


I agree with this whole heartedly. I love the infantry Autogun’s, but currently they are just too inefficient. I would love to see them get a similar buff as the headhunters got.

It is madness that the infantry autoguns have such a small ammo pool that they a lot of the time feel less ammo efficient than braced autoguns.

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All autoguns need 100+ bullets to be remotely in line with other meta options. The bolt gun is currently more ammo efficient than any autogun, lol.


Shotguns desperately need one as well, especially the Kantrael.


And especially in comparing to an autopistol that has like double the amount of ammo, and with pinning fire does more damage and shoots faster (sure the long range accuracy isn’t there, but that isn’t a huge limitation really).


I disagree. If anything the braced autoguns need an ammo buff and a base damage buff. They’re explicitly designed to spray and pray and have almost the same amount of ammo as infantry autoguns, and by the time you get an effective spray into a horde or a couple of specialists, you’re already out of ammo. Since they can’t reliably hit weakspots, their base damage should be higher but their weakspot multiplier should be lowered to compensate.

While I can’t speak for the Columnus iAG (infantry autogun), the Agripinaa iAG is incredibly versatile and has become one of my mainline guns on veteran especially for T5/hi-int/shock troop. It has a good rate of fire, good burst accuracy, and single shot is capable of counter-sniping snipers. It has good base stats overall. This is all because of the buffs it got a couple months ago.

The Graia is sadly a weaker variant that I don’t see myself using at all after rolling a pretty decent one. I’d need to use it more to give a proper opinion on it, though. So far it’s been “meh.”

Braced autoguns being inefficient makes perfect sense to me, and currently they are more ammo efficient than infantry autoguns doing both more damage and having more ammo. Currently most of the braced guns have around double the potential damage output of their infantry autogun equivalents.

With the exception of the flamer and maybe the heavy stubber Hoard clearing with ranged weapons is rarely efficient, and I always know there will be a lot of wasted ammo when I see a veteran with a braced autogun or auto pistol.

I agree the Agripinaa mk 1 is pretty decent already, I should have probably pointed that out, but the other two are pretty weak. Even so the agripinaa mk 1 is still a bit behind on efficiency.
I wasn’t aware that they buffed the Mk 1, I thought it was just the headhunter autoguns that were buffed.

Infantry autoguns

These 3 need an ammo buff


Wait, what? Agrip braced is extremely strong on Zealot, probably the best pick at the moment.