Infantry autoguns have been left in the dust

Before the last patch, the general opinion was that the Headhunter guns were pretty mediocre, especially the burst-fire ones, because of the low ammo pool and horrible sway and recoil. A better option for precision-shooting with autoguns was the Agripinaa Infantry gun, which could be used in a kinda-sorta semi-auto mode.

But now, after patch, Infantry guns have almost nothing left. Not that I’m ungrateful for the buffs, but IMO, giving the Headhunter better Flak-armor damage, big magazines and a very large ammo pool makes the Infantry guns feel like they’re flat-out worse. Like imprecise LMGs with unbearably small magazines. It has pushed the Infantry guns into a very small niche : Maniac damage, very close-range shooting, and Horde penetration.

  • For the former, who cares that much about, like, 20% more Maniac damage at close range ? Especially the Veteran, who can dish out so much ranged dps with crit blessings or just by tapping F. The major threat on higher difficulties is the huge number of gunners in big rooms.

  • As for the latter, what kind of Veteran shoots into hordes when the Power Sword exists ? And which Zealots would pick that over the Flamer, or a Headhunter to help kill gunners safely ?

While the Infantry guns aren’t completely terrible because they’re versatile enough and they delete Maniacs, I feel like they could really use a small magazine-size and ammo pool buff or something. Currently, their ammo effectiveness really pales in comparison to the Headhunters.


Mk1 Agripinaa autogun really fading compare to Mk9 Agripinaa HH Agun. Only advantage i can mark is supreme DPS against Muties. All other stuff is below optimal and even Mk8 Agripinaa braced seems more supreme because of damage, mag capacity, reload speed…

So yeah, Infantry autoguns are less fun now, not sure if mag capacity and ammo pull could save it. We need overall balance of bullet damage, cos lasguns are more viable pick.