Normal autoguns... nead buff's or we nead our own way to buff them in crafting system

Like : Most of those issues come from ammo count for the weapon & later dmg output or the things that you can & can’t damage with those.

COLUMNUS : great accuracy & really good DPS but it nead more ammo ; really even playing as sharpshooter it is running out of ammo on Malice not to mention if someone want to try it on higher difficulties xD I use it for book runs on lower difficulties & there it is fun to use but later it is exhausting ammo to fast[compared to taking braced autogun with 3x the dmg output or lasgun with 3x dmg & “never runs of ammo” :stuck_out_tongue:

HEADHUNTER : why the hell it’s dmg is so low with ammo count that is so low even with 80% it’s like do those rounds are so heave & devastating that you can only take so small amount of them?? No ? Upgrade the dmg to be like 300 with the same ammo count or give it smaller boost to dmg like maybe 200 but increased at least the ammo count then to be like 30% more… But IMO it would be for better to increase the dmg as if you increase the ammo count it will be nothing else than single shooting autogun not filling it’s role in game as per the naming of it goes.

Where other autoguns nead at least a small dmg increase & increase of ammo you can take at least by 25%. They’re almost unplayable by other classes than sharpshooter & unreliable to chose for any higher difficulty than lv3 by simply looking on statlines on compare.

Braced variants are mainly ok… especially the Agrippa that is Imo in meta for lv4/lv5 difficulty with Bolter & MKXII Lasgun.

Maybe it will change if we will get the options to make adjustments in crafting station but for now that’s what i feel about those.

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One of the weirdest things about the headhunters is they do less damage at long range than in close range, which seems counter intuitive.

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Most autoguns are serviceable at least. The infantry autoguns are terrible though.

Yes… & they just dont do the job even with scope it would be laughable dmg as it is now… like you usually can’t even 1 tap scab shooter if he have flak helmet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It dont have also something like better crit performance modifier & if you shoot like 2-3 shoots in braced [secondary mode] the gun goes like you would shoot a anti material rifle or bolt gun… .all up… this gun kicks like it would do more…but it isn’t doing more :stuck_out_tongue: & that’s what is strange for it^^

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Yeah… You know what?! let’s give them to the scabs !! let’s just dump a lot of those for them for free & maybe they will do less dmg then than with those lasguns ]xD

Aggripna mk 1 and braced MKVIII autoguns are amazing (great hard hitting and weakspot multipliers). The former for long range, the later for close to medium.

Havent really worked out what good any of the Headhunters are. I feel like they are meant to be the DMR to the assault rifle…but do less at pretty much everything??? I almost feel they should be single shot, not 2 round burst, and do double damage…and a scope/optics

I can see differences in the other braced autoguns. but compared to the MK VIII braced, I don’t see why you’d want to use them.

but hey just cos certain weapons dont speak to me doesnt mean they dont speak to someone else.

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Here look at this one :

  • Master crafted
  • solid statline [for sharpshooter with his bonus ammo count]
  • Good Blessings that synergise for sniping.

But no scope on it & still if you dont crit you dont kill scab with helmets [like 50% of time]on one shot even if you have 20% more dmg perk. Only semi good when the Voley fire is active for shooters highlighted.

that’s what I mean…If I was home Id post a picture of my Agripna Mk1 that can hit as high as 450 on certain weakspot hits. (while being automatic and having more ammo)

I don’t get what headhunters are for.

I don’t remember which pattern is which off the top of my head, but the single shot autogun doesn’t do enough damage to be worth it. The three round burst fires one too many bullets to be ammo efficient. The two round burst, on the other hand, feels okay. Not great, but okay.

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Even a blue Agri braced autogun is better than this Headhunter one :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they meant to be scoped or something later in Omnisaiah thingy or even they maybe wanted to balance some weapons but later had no time for it as many things happened when they released the game …khm khm… not finished & not polished :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the beta was to late & Even if it was I think they still didn’t have enough time to do all stuff^

The Braced Autoguns are fun to use, but they definitely struggle more than they should. Just a little bit more ammo and mag size would help them, especially the lighter variants.
The Infantry and especially the Headhunter autoguns need more of everything, they’re absolutely pathetic when compared by shot, magazine, or ammo pool in effective damage. That goes double for the single-fire Headhunter and the lighter Infantry variants.
The fact that the Headhunter has a worse headshot multiplier than the lightest lasgun in the game is just… Well, it’d be funny if it weren’t so sad!


Try this one :

It’s in my humble opinion best not braced autogun line in the game as for now.

  • Very precise.
  • impressive DPS/but not much per bullet value.
  • attached torchlight[for “in the dark mission” it’s perfect]
  • cool looking xD & goes wrrrrr.wrrrr whenever you pull a trigger!
  • not losing dps at long range with it’s accuracy :wink:

I don’t think I’ve seen any of those in my shop. I buy any good version of weapon (even if it seems pointless) in anticipation it will have a place later.

Will be hunting it now

Just a little advice : buy everything that have good blessings[even if they’r level is I , II , III] .
Later we will be able to get them from those weapons[the weapon will be lost in the process]
& you can re-attach those later or improve their rarity first by mixing the same type ones in better one.

You know ordo dockets is not a problem… i just spend 160k on helmet that I thinked it was reskin for my helmet ;D to make it look paramilitary xD but it was not … but whatever ;D that’s like 5/6 damnation missions only x)

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already on it :slight_smile:

mass hoarding since my first mission lol, kept it all in anticipation of crafting/breaking down into crafting parts and blessings

figure its only a matter of time.

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these are my beauties

This is why Aggripna mk1 rocks…look at those modifiers!!!

many others of course, just my fav autoguns

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I use that on my Zealot sometimes. It’s really good for spraying enemies with bullets when you’re moving around outside of melee range.

Uhh that autogun MkI have really nice numbers for crit WS_Shoots.
& autopistol rolled really nice synergy for blessings :slight_smile: [imo still probably would extract them xD especially that raking fire one for that sweet bonus dmg from “backstab dmg lv3” ;D]

My Best Braced Agrippa for now… from Emperor of Mankind himself[as it was gifted] xD

…still didn’t make it gold… but how better it will be …not much & thats a lot of platinium :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The only autogun that should be up is the semi automatic designed as “sniper”, cause you have less ammo, less ammo in the mag, you are restricted in semi auto that you can anyway do with any full, and you do same dammage as the full slow and strong autogun. So … ??? Why such weak semi auto ?

Other ones are really good and versatil depending of how you want to play, hipe slow or fast shooting to control waves, aiming slow or fast auto too.
You want fast shooting you deal less damages, you want slow powerfull gun you got it too.

All the rest, is about crafting, atm let s say it, about chance. But to play oftenly autoguns into t5 they, really, do, the job. I prefer so fare the slower 1full auto you can aim with cause it deal maximum damages.

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scrap my auto pistol!!! my baby!!! nevvvvaaaaaa!!!..welll…not until i get a better stat roll anyway :stuck_out_tongue: