Headhunter Autoguns desperately need a damage buff to be worth using

Headhunter autoguns having less damage than the basic Mk I Infantry autogun is a little depressing and also confusing. They’re called headhunters, feels like they should have around 180-200 damage minimum per shot? Especially considering their ammo counts. The MG Ia and XII lasguns just do their jobs better in every way currently. Please consider buffing the Headhunters.


All autoguns deserve a buff. Even the braced autoguns fall off compared to lasguns (except for the lucius one which is also hot garbage). No discussion there. They have the data that shows so now it’s just a guessing game if they care enough to balance the game or not.

Edit: I made a 20 minute rant just to show the colossal difference between the two


I suspect they will “balance” the game but it will be very piecemeal and kind of random in priorities. We’ve seen them fiddle with toughness for a month, dodge nerfs, and feat nerfs with little in the way of buffs for anything that needs it. Not super excited to see what they touch on next tbh