Headhunter Autogun does... what exactly?

I genuinely do not understand why headhunter autoguns are in the game. their damage is pitifully low, they have virtually 0 armor penetration, ammo both max and in mag are both terrible, sights are nearly identical to fully automatic auto guns… I just don’t get it? Like at least give it a scope or something that way it does even 1 thing better than other guns but I genuinely feel like using a headhunter autogun in it’s current state is asking to lose the run. my power rating 338 Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol out damages my power rating 437 Vraks Mk VII Headhunter Autogun at all ranges on all targets. Headhunter Autoguns need a rework so bad its not even funny.


Yeah, i dont get it either, it seems like its suppose to fill in a DMR kind of role, but it has neither the scoped option you would normally see on weapons like this or the fire power.

Its just one of those guns i just ignore.

Maybe lower its fire rate but bump its damage up a few notches, add a scope or some kind of clean looking optic with a bit of zoom, and give it a less jittery recoil pattern.
I think that would make it a lot better and give it some more identity than simply being another semi auto spam cannon that does mediocre damage at best.


Yeah they should have scopes and have a much slower but higher damage fire pattern. They could essentially be the ballistic version of the charged lasgun (which also needs a scope)


Nailed it. That’s exactly what I thought it was gonna be and what I wanted it to be.

This was one of the ballistic weapons I was most looking forward to utilizing, alas, its implementation in this game is so thoroughly, laughably bad that I cannot bring myself to even equip the thing after testing it once in the training room.

How the development team even thought giving it a lower ammunition count than the Mk.12 Lasgun and LESS DAMAGE THAN SAID LASGUN it is meant to be competing with is so utterly brain damaged that I am forced to believe that they are pulling their staff from the ranks of a local mental asylum, and taking everything they say as gospel.

Increase the damage by at least 5 times, add an optional scope mount to it (You know, the weapon customization that you promised to provide your customers with?), increase the overall ammunition capacity x1.5, and we’ll be in business.

Also, stop recruiting development power from your local insane asylums. Not doing you any favors, there.


Aye, this is a very bad gun indeed. The heavy recoil pattern on it makes actual “headhunting” quite difficult, since it doesn’t kill on the first shot it the head on heresy and damnation, and aiming at the chest gives you a chance to completely miss the second shot to the head.

Sure, if the enemy is standing in that magical sweet spot maybe 10-20 meters from you, you’ll be able to kill 'em with one burst, but that’s not really something I can count on - and as a veteran sharpshooter I really probably shouldn’t be that close to begin with. The guns have okay hipfire, but the excruciatingly slow fire rate makes it really annoying to use, and practically guarantees it to be a bad choice in any frantic situation.


The burst fire pattern is the only one passable in damage per trigger pull, but it’s not ammo efficient enough to make a part of your regular loadout. If they could stack a decent amount of weakpoint damage maybe they’d be worth something, but so far I can’t see them as a better option than lasguns.

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Agreed. This gun is one of the worst. Its a shame cus burst fire guns are fun to get good at if they perform well. This gun like you said needs a scope buff damage buff and SIGNIFICANT ammo buff. Or just mix and match 2 of those buffs and it would still probably work.