Normal autoguns... nead buff's or we nead our own way to buff them in crafting system

At most of the part I am sure your not wrong & everything that you said make sense… to the point when you try to take & make those weapons work in nonpredone situation on upper two levels of difficulty… those weapons should work there to[of course to some degree like they still will not do dmg to carpace & alike] but you know the higher difficulty the bigger hp pool have enemy & specials & bosses? yes then tell me that 230-350 max ammo[as sharpshooter even not even want to think how much less ammo it is on like zealot] would last you 1-2 let’s say 3 bigger fights… & then you would be out of ammo for a gun with bullets when using any lasgun from semi to automatic one you would still be at minimum 50% of ammo minimum…

It feels like they done test s only on 1-2 levels… .where they actually could play as you usually see CM play you will see they struggle in everything above half the difficulty :stuck_out_tongue: the same probably went with “testers” if there were any & I dont mean here beta test.

The most annoying IMo is the same as you pointed the Headhunter feels like it was forgotten & left it it’s shape just because no one looked at it… or just thinked it is normal autogun that goes wrrr wrrr… & played it on “baby” difficulty :stuck_out_tongue: where even farting can kill enemy[hmmm but that is reserved for nurgle guys… the stinky aura that does dmg xD].

Like this one that i posted before :stuck_out_tongue: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Peek performance for Headhunter & it's still bad :P & gets outperformed by msot other guns as for now^
It should be good… but it isn’t… you can take it to play with baby scabs on 1-2-3 diff if you want but it will be not much fun :stuck_out_tongue: but mostly disappointment…

Just said i onftenly use it in maximum difficulty, it’s wonderfull tool to erase ranged trash (best gun to do this job i think !), do a big hole in a packed wave, kill easyly with sharpshoot skill any special or unarmored ogrym (aim the head with skill on and you ll blast it in 1sec max !).

Of course ! Its more difficult about bosses, but, it’s maximum difficulty that s normal to have hard ways, and same about armored, would be not fun to have the perfect gun doing all jobs.

Also my man ! You need to have the good autogun with good perks and bless, it’s simple as that, and it s the reallity for a lot of weapons, that a lot of players dont understand.
With mine, and a burst in thoracic region + recoil that makes you onftenly finish in the head, you kill a ranged ennemy in mostely 1 burst.

Ok, now, all of that, is from my sharpshooter experience ! What i say is really different when you play with zealot etc, but it’s not ranged designed class so you cant expect same results on the battlefield.
Also you got other advantages like flamthrower.

On this pic you can see what i mean, ok it’s 512, i v been soooo lucky to roll that, but i have 2/3 around 470 doing the job with similiary perks and results.

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Good that I am a Sharp ;D then I can understand & I main sharp[+200h & probably 2/3 of this is as sharp & I play mainly heresy & damnation sometimes for Melks entertainment I also jump in 2nd & malice :P] & yes I know your point isn’t wrong especially about one gun for everything[dont dont… think about boltgun…no must resist xD think about helbourne… nah… someone…stop the voices! ~digresion we have gun for everything it’s in the game & it works perfect for anything ;D] … that columnus was my toy for Melks missions x] that’s why it isn’t perfect as i dont wan’t to spend plasteel to upgrade a gun that will be for fun only… maybe not now^ but later? yes xD for now i spend my hard earned plasteal on curios upgrades… They feel as best to upgrade things nowadays IMO.

like having a 3 with 20% faster shield regen , & 20%-16+4] & 4th whartever it roll’s… for normal runs.
3x 20% grim resist + 15/20 additional resit to “filth” & 2 other whatever it rolls.
some wound+ with above or ordo +10% if i feel liek i nead money…or want to go for grims :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats where I spend my plasteel mostly …like 70% of it^

Btw. that’s fine MkI Agrip :wink: would only reroll that 2nd & 3rd shoot gets bonus dmg for something else & it’s perfect :slight_smile:

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To be honest i v fast stoped to try to craft trinkets cause it s wast of material, there s so much bonuses that can proc and so much % too …
Better have good blue or purple, and then spend money in top weapons to do the job, it’s my opinion, but like that i quickly be able to play t4-5.
Anyway, play as you want we appreciate things differently, we just need to have fun ^^

But i’m pretty sure, the game isnt designed to have perfect stuff easyly right now, it will be easyer when craft system ll be OP but, in my opinion, the game isnt done to have perfect gear, there s a lot of gear, a lot of stats, a lot of perks, a lot of bless, a lot of way to play the game, and it let the player make choices, just sad (i dont speak about you) to see so many players who dont understand that and yell for nothing serious in this forum :unamused:

Ho and forgot, burst bless allow me to blast 85% of ranged ennemy in t5 with 3 bullets, also, autoguns got big recoil, and, you gain more control n power on it with this bless, for me i’ts a big 1

As you said when it’s fine for you then there is no problem :slight_smile:
I just love having trinkets upgraded ;D as … i already have a lot top notch weapons stocked [dunno like now I got probably something like 60-80 ranged weapons just w8 for theyr rerols or to be striped for blessings or whatever it will be useful on those that have better rolls. like 20 of those are master crafted… & I usually dont upgrade my weapons only those that have like perfect rolls on statlines for stability , dmg , ammo or whatever is important on that model & Mk of it.

That’s why I go for trinkets right now[why I written in post before about “curios” xD damn played DD not long ago xD then]. Also Emperor is trying to dump all those shiny weapons on me … why I nead to spend more on them ;D hehe