Veteran weapon nitpicks

What exactly is the point of the Lasgun taking 2 ammo per shot? Why not just make it take 1 and halve the current magazine size?

Why does the charging Lasgun have no attached sight, but the regular Lasgun does? In fact, why can’t I customize my weapon and put whatever sight I want on it? And further, why does the charging Lasgun suck so much? Is it supposed to be a sniper rifle? Without a sight?..?

Why do autoguns have so few rounds per magazine? Why is it 1/3 the size of Lasgun magazines?


I feel your pain. Lucius is such a pain without a sight. In fact, I want at leat sight customization in forge in the future, not just change of rarity or perks of weapon.
@Fatshark_Hedge, at least do that.
P.S.: I even don’t talk about lasguns RECOIL. It’s a big problem, that make burn of Warhammer fan’s ass burn like thuster engine and sanding him straight to the Mars('cause lasguns have no recoil in lore, cmon)…

I can’t talk to the autogun, feedback noted though!

This I can’t agree with though. It’s wrong, and a bit of a meme at this point.


The Braced Autoguns are quite nice, even if limited in range. The other autoguns are all kind of a hassle. I see that today’s update buffed them, but i’m not clear how. I’m not noticing a difference in game.

Having an inaccurate 3 round burst weapon with a ~22 round magazine is crap.
Having ironsights that block the bottom half of the screen is crap (especially with huge recoil of autoguns.)

There are some single shot per click autoguns that hit hard and are basically marksmans rifles without a scope. These it makes sense to only have ~20 some rounds. But there’s no reason to use them over the Bolter or Recon Las. If they had a scope (even if just a red dot with no zoom like a las rifle) then at least there would be some point.

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As someone who has been playing mostly Veteran the lack of sights on over half the weapons is crazy. I really don’t get the obsession with ironsights in this game… when the enemies can shoot you through smoke, darkness, and occassionally walls and here I am stuck lining up my crappy iron sights. You have burst fire weapons with terrible ironsights and strong recoil, or the charge-up lasgun with one of the worst Ironsights of all time.

I’ve been a fan of Warhammer for a long time; and the guns in 40k have so much character that is missing in Darktide. As the game is now the primary factor in picking your ranged weapon is how usable the sight is which is a complete design failure in my opinion.

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The helbore feels like a meme weapon for larping as a Krieger with the bayonet.

I know I’ve looted braced and fullauto autoguns that have like 400 reserve ammo. But the burst autogun has low ammo and has trouble sniping because of the heavy kickback from the first shot, at which point it would be more efficient to just tapfire the automatic one.

I think the plasma gun is a bit too restrictive in its current state. I get that it’s the ultimate damage per shot weapon. But take the bolter, squishy specials die for one more shot, and tanky ones are compensated by going in close with full auto. At that point the plasmas weakness in heat generation feels excessively punishing when the bolter is much more applicable to more situations while being neglibly less effective at special killing. The plasma might be able to kill 2-3 specials before maxing heat while the bolter can kill like 5 lights, and 2 heavies on one mag and be alot better for fighting ranged squads and helping with hordes if necessary .

i would like to see a Sight on the ReconLasgun, but i don’t think thay will :frowning:

This depends on the Lasgun.

The charge lasgun can take up to 13 or something ammo from the magazine of a fully charged shot.

Think of it more as a battery (which it is) rather than a magazine.

There’s also traits that affects this. At least one trait out there gives each shot with lasguns a chance to only cost 1 ammo, dunno how it works with charged shots from the krieger RP lasgun.

If there is a trait, that’s fine, but I still don’t understand why it needs 2 for 1. It’s not a big deal, it’s just not explained and functionally makes no sense. The trait could not cost a “bullet” randomly instead.

Lasgun ammo is more annoying from a readability standpoint of not really knowing how many shots you have left