Ranged weapon sight options

Are we going to see some weapon attachment options for different ranged weapons? In the early gameplay trailers we saw lasguns with and without sights, would be handy to have the option to add a sight on a few weapons that have “Less than optimal” iron sights (lookin’ at you Lucius lasgun and headhunter autogun). Even just giving us the option to take the Kantrael pattern sight and slap it on other rails, which we can clearly see on a number of different weapons in the game already.

Not even like extensive customization with stat adjustments or balancing properties because most weapons feel fine from a gameplay standpoint, but just something to help with the problematic iron sights on a handful of weapons.


I agree with you, some weapons tagged as being “precition weapons” using some really ugly iron sights dont really allow you to use the weapon to its full potential. Also, scab snipers use scoped lasguns so why not we?


That’s just the thing. We’ve got gun-oriented combat, but we can’t see what we’re aiming at and we, or I at the very least, can’t tell if the gun is even correctly aimed until after the weapon is fired.


yea that was my thinking as well, and you can see in the first gameplay trailer how some weapons switch between having scopes and no scopes.

now i’m also not a game dev so I have no idea how hard that might be to implement lol

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Absolutely needs to be customization options for sights.

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its so weird they would add picatinny rails to pretty much every gun and then not let us have the option to add sights to different weapons. The Lucius pattern lasgun even has rails you use as a sighting gate. Even if its just the same sight thats on the Kantrael lasguns that would be a huge upgrade to most of the autoguns

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+1 for more weapon sight options to improve the play experience. Happy for dev time to be spent on it as I really dislike some of the iron sights on otherwise awesome weapons.