Ironsight Woes

I created an account just to post this.

For the love of all that’s good and beautiful FS, please I beg of you, add proper glow sights to all ironsight weapons! If you’re never going to add the ability to properly mod weapons to have reflex/laser sights and/or scopes, at least add tritium sights to existing models.

Most stages are dark, more often than not I find myself just defaulting to hip fire even for long range shots since at times it can actually be harder to hit anything in a lot of the darker areas with irons. This is especially egregious in weapons like the bolter, helbore lasguns, and most marksman rifles.


helbore lasgun’s sights are practically invisible and you expect people to take long range shot with it?!


This is the worst. Its also self evident that its the consequence of an unfinished sights system that ended up as cut content. The Lucius pattern Lasgun is the worst offender. A front blade sight with no rear sights at all. Just staring down the channel of the piccitiny rail. Which is ludicrous. They already have the holo-lenz model and function. Just jam it on top of the Lucius and call it a day. Or at least harvest the rear sights from the braced autogun and stick them on the model. I know it is harder than that but the art team didn’t all loose their jobs (i hope, your work is excellent!), spend a few cycles on this. Its intolerable.

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